Angry ‘Unite Norman’ Supporter Throws Brick at Teenagers

Last night, a video of Unite Norman co-founder Sassan Moghadam – along with the help and support of his comrades – accosting a group of teens with a brick outside a Unite Norman meeting made the rounds on Facebook.

From what I can piece together via always reliable Internet comments, the teens had just picked up carry out from a nearby restaurant, and either intentionally or inadvertently, slowly drove by a Unite Norman meeting while playing “F*ck Trump” from their car, which, naturally, set off the semi-deranged, paranoid folks at the meeting.

Here’s video of the encounter:

Man, times sure are changing. When I was a teen, my friends and I did whatever was possible to avoid angry old conservative men. There’s nothing they hate more than teenagers and rap music! But nowadays, teens are seeking out the old geezers and even taunting them! Who said today’s kids don’t know how to have fun?

Anyway, ever since I fell for the “January 2019 Lincoln Memorial confrontation” video, I try my best not to rush to judgment, or rage, when I see viral video clips and snippets presented without any context, as they rarely tell the whole story. For example, why were the teens there? What happened leading up to the video? Did they really run over Moghadam’s foot like he was Jerry Adams in an old car commercial??

Fortunately, the older sister of one of the teens in the car was there to objectively and clearly explain what happened:

My teenaged sister and a group of her friends just got accosted and threatened by a group of middle aged “Unite Norman” assholes outside of El Toro Chino and I’m livid. These imbeciles leaned inside their car to scream in their faces and then threw a brick at them as they drove away. Wtf Norman?

Feel free to make these assholes famous by sharing.

Edit: I would like to clarify that anything coming from the Unite Norman group in an attempt to justify their actions is an outright lie (including someone getting run over). These kids were there only to pick up food from a restaurant for a birthday party. They were playing a song from their car that these assholes didn’t like, and they took it upon themselves to let the teenagers know by threatening them with a brick. If your primary concern is trying to find out what the teenagers did to “deserve this,” you need to do some soul searching.

Okay, I’m not saying the teenagers “deserve this,” but – whether it was intentional or not – they did drive by a right-wing circle jerk playing a song called “Fuck Trump.” If you’re going to poke a dog with a stick, you can’t get too mad when it growls… or I guess throws a brick at you.

The propagandists with Unite Norman were quick to share their own Facebook post about the incident, and try to make themselves look like victims. They’re claiming that everyone’s favorite boogieman – “They” – was out to get them, and that teens ran over the foot of the guy that was accosting them. Like most stuff shared online by Trump supporters, it’s littered with sensational claims, hypocritical accusations and other lies for which no evidence is given (or exists):

Yeah, that’s it. It’s the Norman Mayor and City Council that’s out threatening, intimidating and doxxing citizens. The Unite Norman folks – an angry collection of authoritarian Trump supporters who have openly harassed, bullied and doxxed the mayor and city council, which may have lead to a rape – are the real innocent victims here. Good to know.

Anyway, I guess we’ll continue to follow this story and share any additional information when / if it comes through. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

Update: We’ve been alerted to this second, clearer video where Moghadam claims he’s making a citizen’s arrest, and proceeds to call the teenagers “Fucking Assholes.”

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69 Responses

  1. Unite Norman seems pathetic, a bunch of liars and racists who are all caught up in the culture wars.

    It’s fine if you’re mad at the mayor and council-people. Find some good candidates to challenge them—fund and organize some winning campaigns.

    But if all you’re doing is cycling a petition (that’s based on lies) and making scenes at Council meetings…then it doesn’t seem like you’re actually trying to “unite” anything.

    Screw ‘em. Adults acting like children, throwing bricks at literal children. That’s not acceptable behavior.

    1. One of the dumbest parts of this recall is that even if successful it can’t get on the ballot until December, and those same odd-number wards are already up for election two months later in February.

      1. In fairness, even though the election is February, those people won’t be seated until early July. The next budget must be approved by June 30. If the recall vote is successful, the recalled are not involved in the next budget and they’d be ineligible to run in February. Also the Mayor has a couple years left on her term. The proponents of recall are placing a lot of faith in the even-numbered Ward representatives as they will be appointing the replacements until the newly elected are seated in July.

        1. Xenophobe Yes?

    2. The protestors’“ringleader” that pressed the Norman City Council to defund the Norman Police Department during a Council meeting on June 16 and 17 is NOT a resident of Norman.

      According to his Facebook page, Tasneem Ahmad Al-Michael, who led the protesters throughout the meeting was none other than Mayor Breea Clark’s campaign manager leading up to her eventual election in 2019. And yet, neither Al-Michael or Mayor Clark disclosed that relationship at any time during the aforementioned Council meeting.

      Moreover, during a televised interview following the Council meeting during which it was decided to defund the Department, Mayor Clark stated to KOCO 5 that the protestors had an impact on her and the Council members decision to do so. And yet Mayor Clark never mentioned to the KOCO 5 or any other news media covering the issue that the ringleader of those protesters was her former campaign manager- critical information that would have raised concerns regarding a potential conflict of interest in light of the ongoing defunding debate.

      According to public records, Al-Michael’s name shows up on the Mayor Clark’s campaign committee as having been paid $1,250 for “political consulting services.” Yet not once during the Council meeting did Mayor Clark disclose that she had a financial relationship with Al-Michael.

      Additionally, Al-Michael portrayed himself to the Council members as well as the local citizenry and news media as a “concerned Norman resident”; this despite the fact that his online bios and Facebook account state that he resides in Oklahoma City. Indeed, according to his own bio, Al-Michael is a self-described “community organizer” based out of Oklahoma City (Source: Moreover, Al-Michael’s Facebook account likewise indicates that he lives in Oklahoma City (Source:

      From the above, it appears that the citizens of Norman as well as our great State not to mention the news media were duped by Mayor Clark and Al-Michael. This was nothing more than a pre-planned event in which Mayor Clark is complicit.

      1. Heh, as if the need to defund the police and invest in better social services instead of expecting the police to do everything under the sun and only get trained for violence isn’t a national problem.

        1. Yep. Then do it the right way.

          Don’t have your former campaign manager appear before your Council and portray himself – indeed lie about being a Norman resident to push the Council’s liberal agenda. By allowing this to happen then remaining silent , Mayor Clark has revealed her true self and cannot he trusted.

          BTW, Unite Norman met the requisite signature threshold for having Mayor Clark recalled, the documentation of which was delivered to the Norman City Clerk today.

          1. Heh. Think you guys can forge signatures that well, eh?

            1. Evidence please…

          2. You act as though getting the signatures removes someone from office, it does not. The signatures must first be verified first then there is the actual election. Congrats on step one of three. Oh, and did they get the required signatures for all council members they were attempting to recall?

            #[email protected]

  2. “Authoritarian Aggression. When I say authoritarian followers are aggressive
    I don’t mean they stride into bars and start fights. First of all, high RWAs (right-wing authoritarians) go to church enormously more often than they go to bars. Secondly, they usually avoid anything
    approaching a fair fight. Instead they aggress when they believe right and might are
    on their side. “Right” for them means, more than anything else, that their hostility is
    (in their minds) endorsed by established authority, or supports such authority. “Might”
    means they have a huge physical advantage over their target, in weaponry say, or in
    numbers, as in a lynch mob. It’s striking how often authoritarian aggression happens
    in dark and cowardly ways, in the dark, by cowards who later will do everything they
    possibly can to avoid responsibility for what they did. Women, children, and others
    unable to defend themselves are typical victims. Even more striking, the attackers
    typically feel morally superior to the people they are assaulting in an unfair fight. We
    shall see research evidence in the next chapter that this self-righteousness plays a huge
    role in high RWAs’ hostility.” – Bob Altemeyer

    1. You can use this exact same description to describe Antifa. Extremes on both sides are dangerous.

      1. If you really think antifascists are a serious problem, it speaks to what side of history you want to be on.

      2. Ok??…

        No one is talking about “Antifa” though.
        This so-called, “Antifa,” isn’t in this video and has nothing to do with the RWA featured within.

        1. Staci Hensley, do you even know what Antifa is shorthand for? Anti-fascism. That means against (anti) fascists and fascism. If you are against Antifa, does that mean you are FOR the United States being run by a fascist government?

          Antifa is not even a true organization; it is a MOVEMENT to campaign and demonstrate against allowing fascists from eliminating the checks and balances that were put into place by the Founding Fathers that normally prevent one person, for example, the governor *COUGH* or President *COUGH, COUGH* -regardless of political affiliation-to make unilateral and unconstitutional decisions to his/her own benefit and that are detrimental to the masses. Basically, anyone who protests against the marginalization of any given group whose basic human rights are being denied qualifies as an anti-fascist. I proudly state that I support the Antifa Movement. That doesn’t mean that I go wreak havoc at demonstrations and destroy property. Frankly, the majority of those who support this movement do not behave in destruction manners.

          1. Sorry for the grammatical gaff. I meant to say, FROM MAKING unilateral and unconstitutional decisions to his/her own benefit and that are detrimental to the masses, not to make.

  3. Looks like that asshole with the brick needs charges brought against him. That was blatant assault.

    And Fuck Trump!

    1. Mysteriously Norman PD has refused to allow charges to be filed. Sounds a lot like crooked cops on the take.

  4. Link to the song please?

    1. Yes. What is this glorious song, capable of removing all reason and personal responsibility from grown man-babies, and inciting such rage?
      I am eager to put it on a constant loop in my backyard for my Trump-Humping neighbors.

    2. The song is called ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ by Y.G. You can find it on YouTube.

      1. That song is two years old. My eighth graders were always trying to get me to play it when I taught in OKC. (And there is no clean version) This ole’ boy hadn’t heard it until just this weekend?

        1. We’re talking Oklahoma conservatives, Ojo. They avoid rap music like they avoid cloth masks.

          Oh, and technically, the song is four years old. Nipsey Hussle was on the track with Y.G., and he was murdered while Westbrook was still in OKC with the Thunder.

          Brodie had a 20-point, 20-rebound, 20-assist game in Hussle’s honor after his death to honor him. The three 20’s add up to 60. Hussle was a member of the Rolling 60’s Crips.

  5. When I was about four, my mother told me never to stand near a moving car, lest it run over my foot or some other part of me. Blocking a car from leaving an angry mob scene using a brick or a body – is that false imprisonment?

    Throwing that brick was criminal assault – no doubt about that.

    Will Trump be sending cammo-wearing feds to Norman to bring this ugly mob under control? Will the DA bring charges for this obvious case of assault with a dangerous weapon? Will a unicorn poop chocolate kisses onto your lawn? Maybe.

    The kids in the car hadn’t even knelt on anyone’s neck unto death, or riddled an innocent person with bullets while she was sleeping in her own home. But how dare they have different political views?

    This is Trump’s vision of America, and that of his hard-core fanboys. “Great,” isn’t it?

    Fuck Trump. And fuck his violent fanboys.

  6. You have to admit the meeting of Unit Norman was mostly peaceful.

    1. Except for the brick-throwing? That wasn’t so peaceful.

      1. Whoosh. Haha No shit. That’s the joke. You know how they call the riots that have cause 30+ murders, millions in property damage, hundred of shootings, and federal buildings being literally bombed “mostly peaceful”. I think 1 brick toss that didn’t hit anything fits the “mostly peaceful” description using those terms.

  7. Let me point out, the brick-throwing dude might want to reconsider his tryout as a pitcher in Major League Baseball.

    No heat, if you get what I mean. Just sayin’.

    1. He definitely wouldn’t make the political extremist brick throwing all-star team that’s for sure. Way to many extremist groups out there putting in the work every single day. I mean these left wing nut jobs have a LOT more practice with confronting innocent people in cars to intimidate and assault them, participating in acts of violence, and property destruction so it would make sense they would be better. But there is no doubt if this new upstart of fiery political wacko’s known as “Unite Norman” put in the days and hours to hone their craft like the left wing nutters have, they will be smashing up hospice cars and throwing bricks at windows with the best insurrectionists Portland has to offer. Dream big Unite Norman. You can be the next big all star caliber group of insane assholes yelling slogans and assaulting regular people as any on the main stage today. It just takes the dedication to put the work in every single day.

      1. Maybe if the American right weren’t using cars as weapons like they’re ISIS terrorists in a German Christmas market, they wouldn’t have so much practice.

        1. Or in Charlottesville by “Unite the Right”. Why does that group sound similar ?

        2. You realize that’s exactly the same recuse this asshole in Norman used right? Lol just make up that they are trying to hit you and claim to be the victim after you confront people on a car. ‘Member down in Austin when a food delivery driver was trying to earn a living and a mob tried to surround his car? They didn’t have bricks, they had AK-47’s. Unite Norman needs to step their game up. They already have started copying their false victim narrative now they just need to upgrade to assault weapons.

          1. So, basically, your solution is to tell Vanilla ISIS to be more like Sharia ISIS?

    2. Maybe he should apply for a job at the CDC? He has a Fauci delivery.

  8. These big-money developers in Norman have capitalized on the “rage-culture” of the right (mask-order and all), in order to garner signatures to recall the mayor and most of the city council. They have paid big money for an outside consultant, who specializes in removing sitting local government-officials, to come in and help them oust the local government.
    These developers and their faux-rage about the imaginary police-budget cuts & progressive policies is a front for their plans to place developer-friendly people in those positions. The brick-guy wanted to put an indoor shooting range…in his house. He’s a fucking big-game hunter. He is not worried about there not being police around to protect him. He and his cronies just want someone to hook them up with TIF’s so they don’t have to pay taxes.

    Their name is a sham; There is nothing “uniting” about these right-wing bigots…Norman so divided.
    And look at that “But we are VICTIMS!” cry-baby post in the above article. Boo-fucking-hoo. 😂
    The same people that glorify Trump—who won’t condemn the actions of white supremacists or Russia interfering with our elections, are seriously begging the mayor to condemn the actions of like 3 people?

    The same folks that don’t like big government, regulation or intervention!? Unsurprisingly congruent with their hypocrisy, they only like the kind…that directly benefits them and the god they worship: money.

    1. ^ This just hit the nail on the head.

    2. I wish I could “like” that post 1,000 x infinity.

    3. Wait a second. You are upset about a political group of people trying capitalizing on partisan rage culture to garner support in order to oust sitting government officials. Uhhhhhh… hmmmm. I’m not sure you know what a hypocrite is when you use the that term, but it sounds like you can find one in the mirror.

      1. Todd….I’m sorry but you are a moron. Trump made his bed and is now having to lie in it. The dems are simply benefiting from his unfathomably horrible leadership.

  9. Why would you stop in the first place. Filthy language doesn’t help descalate the issue. The guy throws the brick should be arrested. That is assault. Scary times, don’t put yourself in bad condition’s. Trump has nothing to do with it. Democrats are the division in America.

    1. Nope…it’s still “you people” and biting my tongue when referring to your kind as “people”!

    2. Why would you stop for someone standing in the road while you’re driving?

      Oh, I dunno because it’s required by law? And the ethical thing to do if you’re not a fucking sociopath?

    3. The guy that threw the brick is a huge A hole the reason behind him getting no charges his son in law is a big time attorney in Norman .. I quit a job to go to work for this Jerk he is the most arrogant smart but FILTHY RICH ASS I’ve ever been around I walked out on him and his prissy daughter … I honestly think he is a woman hater

  10. Forget “arrested”. Sassan needs a severe ass whoopin.

    1. Wonder if Big Tough Moghadam would have been So Big And Tough if it was the OU O-line in the car?

    2. You absolutely nailed that one he’s one arrogant MF I worked for him for about two months after he called and cussed me out because he and the two old granny snitches he had working for him watched me on a camera all day it had been snowing all day so I was sweeping the snow from my entry door so customers could get in I left the door open to hear the phone ring it rings I run to answer it well guess who .. he began yelling at me why in the fuck is the door open I told him I’ve been sweeping walkway his reply I don’t give a god damn what you’re doing but I’m paying the fucking electric bill so shut the god damn door he’s one rude jerk karma came down he got bit one of his old grannies Marlene ended up embezzling from him .. I’ve seen him once since walking out on him he’s such a big ole boy I hardly recognized him he notices me and jerks his head turned we were in line at a subway as I said before his son in law is a well know attorney here in Norman .. he’s a women hater for sure

  11. They got their proper “blessing” when they came here. West side assholes that can’t afford Edmond. 91 days their savior Trump is GONE!!!

    1. I wish it was only 91 days. They can’t remove Trump from the White House until January 20.

      At noon that day the Secret Service can give him the bum’s rush that he deserves, making room for the new CIC.

      1. I’m hoping for the FBI doing the bum rush with handcuffs for the FAT ORANGE TRAITORS perp walk down Pennsylvania Ave! He’ll wish he took the dementia way out before the REAL shitstorm comes down on his TREASONOUS ass!!


  13. ‘Okay, I’m not saying the teenagers “deserve this,” but – whether it was intentional or not – they did drive by a right-wing circle jerk playing a song called “Fuck Trump.” If you’re going to poke a dog with a stick, you can’t get too mad when it growls… or I guess throws a brick at you.’

    Umm… what? I’d redo this as this still sounds like pretty victim blamey here

  14. What is this ‘Facebook’ thing you speak of??
    C’mon people, FB is SO freakin’ 2010!

  15. Just wondering how the hell an IRANIAN defector made it to co-head an Oklahoma racist WHITE gang? Didn’t think the FAT ORANGE TRAITOR let “those”immigrants into his country. Guess he was a behind the scenes contestant on the stupid ass farce show apprentice, so he started kissing orange ass long ago!


    2. Xenophobe Yes?

    3. You’re a Xenophobe.

  16. I wonder if they’re just angry due to poor diet? Can any of those fat asses see their own feet? You really want to piss these guys off!? Start deporting the undocumented sex workers in the massage parlors of Norman.

    1. They can’t see their penises either. But that was true before they got fat as well.

      1. Well there you go. Now we know why they are they are so angry.

  17. As an emerging middle aged fart, I ‘d like to remind other middle aged farts that this is a real good way to get your ass beat.

  18. per NewsOK:

    Police Chief Kevin Foster said both parties refused to file municipal charges.

    1. That’s too darn bad. The brick-thrower could definitely benefit from a short time in the cooler and a criminal record for violent assault.

      No way the Untie Norman crowd would file charges against the kids. For what? Driving on a public street? Playing loud rap music? Telling the guy to get the fuck out of his car? Disliking the Dear Leader?

      I can’t blame the kids for not wanting to file charges. No one needs to provoke a brick through the window or death threats in the middle of the night from insane people – and that’s clearly what this Untie Norman bunch is… insane.

      Too bad.

    2. Oh really? Because I know one of those kids’ mom, and when they went to go report it, NPD refused to take their statement.

      1. This is the real corruption in Norman. I hope that the parents stir up a huge stink over this, if they are so inclined.

      2. They said that a “brick isn’t a weapon”. NPD is super corrupt and hateful.

        1. God, that’s incompetent, even by police standards…

  19. Nobody even questioning why these teens are driving a Toyota minivan??? WTH? Dorks!!

  20. Sassan is very powerful and well connected in Norman.

  21. “Fortunately, the older sister of one of the teens in the car was there to objectively and clearly explain what happened…”


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