The REAL COVID-19 numbers Oklahoma should be worried about

Some days it’s difficult to grasp how Oklahoma is handling the COVID-19 pandemic. On the one hand, you have a governor who apparently believes that we have 5,000 hospital beds and the curve is remaining flat along with a state-wide COVID-19 Alert System published by the State Department of Health that places even the worst Oklahoma counties for COVID-19 in the “moderate zone” for outbreak levels. On the other hand, you have the White House Coronavirus Task Force calling Stitt out for reportedly ignoring evidenced-based guidelines for preventing the spread of the virus, Dr. Brix coming to town to tell us how bad we’re doing, and cases rising in this state by thousands each week for the last two months.

Every politician, media personality, and Facebook acquaintance seems to have an opinion on how Oklahoma is handling the pandemic. But it’s hard to argue with data (most of the time). So here are the REAL COVID-19 numbers Oklahomans should be worried about!


The number of Oklahomans who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 as of August 5th. Despite our esteemed governor giving himself a pat on the back on live TV for the bang-up job he believes he doing leading Oklahomans through the pandemic, our state has had about 18% more cases over the last week than New York, a state which has nearly 5x Oklahoma’s population.


The number of shelter-in-place and mask mandates that have been handed down by Governor Stitt, even though Oklahoma’s rates are still rising and he himself contracted COVID-19


The approximate number of Oklahomans who filed for unemployment the last week of July. Along with cases increasing by the thousands every week and deaths creeping skyward, Oklahoma’s standard of living seems to have gone down since the advent of the pandemic. For example, the previous record for unemployment in Oklahoma was set in 1991 at 9,788 claims. That record has been shattered multiple times since March of this year, with a peak in June when over 180,000 Oklahomans filed for unemployment.



According to the Oklahoma Department of Health, the number of Oklahomans who have supposedly, “recovered” from COVID-19 as of August 5th.


The number of weeks post-positive COVID-19 test that the state of Oklahoma dictates you are “recovered” enough to be reflected in their success statistics. As long as you aren’t dead, that is. It seems really lazy to apply the 2 week benchmark to all these cases because…



The approximate number of weeks the World Health Organization suggests it takes severe and critical cases to recover from COVID-19. To be fair, the WHO states that mild to moderate cases usually recover within 2 weeks. But the problem is, Oklahoma seems to be applying the 2 week standard to all cases, which is problematic.

Through the Ogle Mole Network, we interviewed an Oklahoma-based epidemiologist and asked her opinions on the state’s classification of who is considered to be “recovered from COVID-19. This was her response.

“The way the recovered cases are reported implies the case is 100% back to normal, which is misleading. COVID-19 patients are no longer infectious when they are noted to be “recovered” according to CDC definition – but to call them recovered is a load of crap. Many of these “recovered” patients may still be acutely ill. Some “recovered” cases end up readmitted to the hospital, and some even end up dying.

Many continue to report symptoms weeks after their so called “recovery” and many continue to test positive. If it were up to me, I’d notate patients as “non-infectious” which is helpful for disease modeling but does not imply these cases are back to normal.”



The weekly average number of hours a nurse we interviewed through the Ogle Mole Network says she and her coworkers are working in the COVID-19 unit of a large metro hospital. She also gave us insight on how severe this illness can be.

“A big problem is they are not feeling SHOB (shortness of breath) when they have oxygen saturations in the 80% [reference range is 90-100% for an adequate O2 saturation], so they don’t always realize how sick they are until their condition is severe. They have lately been coming to us more and more sick. It’s hitting vulnerable populations hard… Even younger people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s are coming in more sick.

Young people thinking it’s okay for them not to wear a mask because they won’t get sick doesn’t mean they won’t give COVID to their parents and grandparents. Also, young adults are not guaranteed to not end up on a ventilator themselves. And we’re keeping more and more sick people on non-acute care floors with short staff because our ICUs and step-downs are too full to take them.”



The number of Oklahomans who have sadly lost their lives to COVID-19.



The number of f*cks Oklahoma’s most powerful are giving about Oklahoma’s most vulnerable.


Even though our State Department of Health’s website considers even the most hard-hit counties to be in the “moderate” zone for COVID-19 risk and rates, data from The Harvard Global Health Institute shows many Oklahoma counties to be in the highest risk for COVID-19 outbreaks. From active COVID-19 rates to hospital capacity, it’s beginning to look like our state government is working with the wrong data set.

Because our esteemed leaders are not taking the initiative needed to put mandates in place that would ACTUALLY sink the curve of this virus, the pandemic is wreaking havoc on Oklahoma’s economy, health, and livelihood. By failing to promptly connect struggling Oklahomans with unemployment benefits and apparently bragging about the imaginary hospital capacity that Oklahoma just doesn’t have, our government seems to be more concerned with looking good than doing good.

@KOCODillon does a great job reported COVID-19 updates and dissing trolls on Twitter. Follow Hayley on Twitter @squirrellygeek

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56 Responses

  1. Me and the Old Lady finally found how to keep the kids and grandkids from coming over and infecting us, we spent their inheritance. Now the little bastards won’t even call when they need a jumpstart for the car.

  2. Thank you. The truth in GOPlahoma is so hard to find, but refreshing when actually located….& you won’t find the truth anywhere near the Statehouse!

  3. There has NEVER been an instance in this state that ANY repubtard has proven they’re capable of leadership! They’re all getting these elected positions by smoke and mirrors and outright lying, and the sad part is uneducated and gullible naive Okies are voting for this proven incompetence, ignorance and greed!
    Anybody who believes that bullstitt ever had covid is just as stupid as gov. alfalfa himself. He’s proven he’s willing to lie about these numbers, so why shouldn’t he lie about being sick just to pull the wool over his gullible voter base. I’m betting the FAT ORANGE TRAITOR is ass deep in creating this fraud trying to prove his “policies” are working and this virus is just a mild cold!! Suck ass stitt was more than happy to go along with these lies to prove his loyalty to the supreme moron and corrupt criminal!!

    1. Maybe Dr Birx will tell the leaders how coronavirus should be addressed. It’s clear that OKC is pretending it isn’t a problem. Bars enticing groups to sit close without masks just because it’s “outside.” Large apartment buildings filled with hundreds of different households, not required to wear masks because it’s not “public.” Sure hope she directs action.

  4. from

    40,564 cases to date of which:
    33,383 recovered
    583 deaths
    664,730 – total tests of which:
    624,166 negative tests
    645 currently hospitalized; none currently on ventilator

    for comparison, Oklahoma averages close to 700 auto fatalities annually.
    Over 10,000 die in Oklahoma from heart disease annually (latest figure I could find anyway).
    Pneumonia and normal flu account for over 800 deaths annually in Oklahoma.

    I believe much of the unemployment is due to the bottom falling out of oil and gas coupled with the stay-at-home directive. Sometimes the decision boils down to: do I stay at home and risk not having a business, or do I take safety precautions and re-open business knowing that I am increasing the risk of spreading the disease?

    its a no-win game no matter how you look at it.

    1. Well put. This is a no-win issue. But we can’t hide in a hole forever, fire a mask on and keep moving!

    2. 85 deaths from influenza since last September.

    3. Accident and flu deaths are annualized. COVID is over the last three months. “Recovered” simply means non-Infectious, not healthy, or even out of the hospital. Some will never be the same. Not quite apples-to-apples. I think this disease needs to be viewed with some alarm.

    4. Except the deaths and injuries for wrecks and other diseases occur with normal the normal economy.

      The pandemic is happening at this rate despite the special measures in the economy, social distancing and masks wearing.

    5. Auto accidents and heart disease don’t multiply exponentially.
      If I remember Sttttttttttt was telling us we had nothing to worry about when we only had one or two cases? You remember. donald was selling the same line of crap.

  5. Maybe if we had a mandate we could be doing as well as California?

    (oh wait)

  6. I have been suffering the long term effects of the virus since March 26, over 4 months now, including heart palpitations and heavy menstruation for 127 straight days. Fuck this 2 weeks shit!

  7. “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Mark Twain. In your comparison of Oklahoma to New York, I would like to point out that whatever your stance on COVID-19, every person can data mine to prove their point. For Instance, State of Oklahoma testing rate is 17,000 per 100,000 residents, while State of New York is 16,000 per 100,000. So Oklahoma is testing a larger percentage of population than NY.

    Cases of COVID-19 in OK is 1,025/100K, while NY is 2,174/100K. Deaths in OK 15/100K, while NY is 167/100K.

    Summation: Oklahoma is testing more patients than NY, and has a lower rate of infection and lower death rate. In fact, only 12 state fare better than Oklahoma on death rates. Comparatively speaking, “Oklahoma is OK”. For virtually every statistic touted on the evening news, the data is presented in such a way as to present the side of the media, usually a liberal perspective. There is no more objective reporting nationally (liberal or conservative).

    If Oklahoma officials are truly concerned about public health, and using that to initiate mask mandates, then I think the same officials should mandate vaccinations, which also are proven to prevent illness and save lives.

    Go ahead and blast away. I will follow your comments, but probably not respond.

    1. Maybe so but if we’d just quit testing we’d quit getting sick and the numbers would start going down. It’s just so simple I’m staggered our Governor doesn’t see it? It’s obvious to all in the GOP.

    2. sorry dude, you’re comparing NY cumulative numbers back to the wave that hit NY in Feb – May. Okla is just now getting into peak of this. We still don’t have adequate testing, tracing and quarantine. And we won’t until the rates come down. Obviously NY is now testing fewer folks since the pandemic there has diminished.

      Yeah, your statistics are damnable and misleading.

      BTW- Trump just said that Biden is against God.

  8. The problem with the situation is everything we hear about the pandemic is an opinion. America is pretty much flying in unchartered territory, and don’t know what to do. Maybe what was done for the 1917 Influenza Pandemic will mitigate the situation, maybe it won’t.

    But, as I said so much is opinion, and this too is an opinion, people, and especially politicians have lost track of what is important, to mitigate this pandemic. Everyone wants to be “right” or have some magical thing that will make it all go away. So far it has not, and based on that history it isn’t going to go away if we ignore it.

    While it sounds corny, we are Americans and we need to start acting like a community, as opposed to wanting our opinion to be the correct one. Nobody, or I don’t think anyone wants to shut down everything, as without jobs things just got worse. We also kind of tried that and evidently the virus didn’t understand that it should be dead because restaurants were closed, a certain number of days, and spectators can’t go to sporting events.

    Since we are in a situation where there isn’t a right and wrong, or we won’t find out until years later, it is best to try a lot of things and hope something will make the situation better. Politics aside, Stitt is not a true leader, but is one to a group that will follow him off of a cliff because of their trust. We all know he doesn’t believe in masks, and then everyone can’t figure out why the city of Edmond has a mask mandate, but it doesn’t take effect for 30 days. It appears the Mayor, much like Stitt must believe the Pandemic is a hoax, a political ploy or a conspiracy, and it will all be over in 30 days so it can be eliminated before it is even implemented.

    Stitt is such a maskaphobe he didn’t even wear a mask when he had Covid. Now it is more of a neck and chin mask. One would think when you know you are infected, you would do anything to keep from being a spreader.

    I’m not a fan of the mask, also not a fan of open carry. It does appear to be a correlation between the ones who feel it is their right to open carry also feel it is their right not to wear a mask. Now legally without mask ordinances they are correct.

    Legally you can always be an asshole, but since there are a lot of people who believe the masks are beneficial, why not show them the same courtesy they show you when you open carry. Yes, I know picking a fight with some of the open carry people would come under the same reason you don’t antagonize a drunk biker looking type individual. But the point I am trying to make is why can’t we just compromise a little.

    If we can’t compromise by wearing a mask when we are in close quarters with people in a store, how can we fix greater problems such as mistrust in the police, educating our children, or even living in a civilized society? Also life is fluid, and sometimes opinions and what the public wants changes, something most Oklahoma politicians don’t seem to understand. With the recent state questions it appears they are very very far off what the majority of the public seem to want.

    Bottom line, we are in trouble with the Pandemic, but the fearless elected officials are making it far worse with their inaction. While nobody has all the correct answers, more energy should be put into the solution than figuring out statistics to prove there isn’t a problem, and I am looking at you Governor Stitt.

    You have to wonder how many more Washington officials are going to have to come in and explain how much of a problem the country is in, and things that would mitigate the problem. Perhaps if everyone wore face masks when they were out at kids sporting events and shopping, maybe cases would decline because of fewer cases instead of the metric that is monitored is changed to show things are all good. Upside is the hassle of a mask is a small price to pay for not having to close everything down again.

    Unfortunately the only way we will know if masks work is if everyone tries, which evidently is not part of the Oklahoma Standard. But, hey, as I said this is all opinion, some or all might be right, and some or all might be wrong, but worth a try as we really are pretty much out of other options so might give compromise and masks a try even without a law.

    1. I’m almost positive we don’t need to experiment with masks in relation to slowing the virus spread? Certainly somewhere on this planet there is a computer with those sacred mask effectiveness statistics.
      Masks might get us booted out of the top 5 in everything that’s bad column.

    2. “The problem with the situation is everything we hear about the pandemic is an opinion. America is pretty much flying in unchartered territory, and don’t know what to do. Maybe what was done for the 1917 Influenza Pandemic will mitigate the situation, maybe it won’t.”

      This is alarmingly false. We know that masks help to curb the spread if enough people wear them. This is fact. We have the entire world to learn from on how to get a handle on the virus and many countries are doing a great job. I read a quote a few weeks ago from a professor in St. Louis that was something like, “My fear is that America will treat COVID like gun violence where we pretend there is no solution to a problem that most of the world has been able to solve.”

      If anyone wondered what the fall of an empire looks like, you’ve got front row seats.

      1. Soooo. about the “fact” comment. I hear a TON about how “masks are effective” and “masks prevent the spread”. Anyone care to give me some medical studies on that? There are a few from *reputable* medical studies that show that masks are not really effective and that you lower the required oxygen intake of a human from 20.95% O2 to 16%-19% O2 which has health ramifications.

        Fear and pseudo-science is running rampant in the “liberal” media and the “conservative media. let me clue you in. The media is a corporate enterprise, regardless of their “bent”. The only thing you’re going to hear from the media, is corporate opinion. IE propaganda.
        The numbers don’t back the need for a mask or quarantine for anyone other than people with health issues and the elderly (65+). Granted, due to Herr Trump and the gang, we don’t have a real idea of whom is infected and whom isn’t…”screw the WHO’s test offer, we’re Murika!” Let’s all bring things back to an adult, albeit scientific, conversation. I know science was hard for some people, but FFS…next thing you know we’ll be believing that the earth is flat and flies spontaneously generate on meat. I’m all for effective preventative measures, but not if they’re coming from chicken little and his religious flock. Maybe we should start bleeding people to remove the demon-like Covid. What do you think?

        1. First and foremost among the “health issues” you mention is obesity. It is the second biggest risk factor if you catch the virus. Not COPD. Not being black nor Hispanic nor having diabetes or compromised immune systems or anything else. Obesity.
          Soooo, since the majority of everybody I see at Walmart and Lowes and pretty much everywhere around OKC is obese or morbidly obese, I guess those numbers do back the need for masks, huh?

          1. So, about my earlier post. Have any data to back your claim? While I agree that obesity is a serious epidemic, and costs those of us who aren’t obese more in health insurance, I’ve not seen a single data set that shows a correlation to Covid-19 killing the obese more than the elderly or severely immuno-compromised. In addition, I’ve not seen a single data set that reports anything about the weight of those that have succumbed to Coivd-19. Until we get data that provides us an opportunity to make real analytical observations, people are making “educated” guesses as to preventative measures and risk.

            1. Geesh, Sir, just google “obesity and covid”, and you’ll see all sorts of studies.
              Here’s one:
              But, seriously, it surely shouldn’t be a stretch to see this. Obesity is a primary risk factor in just plain old flu, and in fact in just about any respiratory ailment.
              But I didn’t say it is more of a risk factor than age. I was responding to the way you phrased it, “other than people with health issues and the elderly”. Age is still the main factor.

    3. Dead on!


    1) Be Republican

    2) Mention “business” or be a “business person” or insert nose into ass of “business people” with greater net worth than yourself. The business of Oklahoma IS business, and we should mind our own business when it comes to worshiping (what else?) BUSINESS! Praise the Lard! And pass the money.

    3) Recite mantra: Guv’mint BAD! Business GOOD! BUT: if we can run the guv’mint like a BIDNESS—happy days are here again, you betcha!!!!!

    4) Insist on talking about Jesus, a guy who, if he came back to earth, would be shot on sight by his “followers” because of his obvious physical resemblance to them Middle-Eastern terrorists, and his socialist or even communist views, and wanting good stuff for the poor, and not speakin’ English, and what-not. Do not bother to question the obvious disconnected cluster-fuck mentality of “worshiping” a guy who if you actually met him, you’d want to kill immediately. And, to be fair, who would want to kick you in your alleged balls, assuming he could actually detect them.

    5) Shove these ingredients down the wide-open throats of people who don’t reckon they NEED no fancy book-learnin’.

    Result: electification! Congratulations! You are now a member of an organization you claim to hate: government. Praise the Lard.

    And don’t forget to pass the money.

    1. Yes, it is known that one can milk sheep by passing the collection plate. “Keeping the populous stupid since November, 1907AA”

    2. + a really big number.

    3. Shouldn’t your name be Lard Skiffington the Turd? Asking for a friend.

      1. That was our family name, but they changed it at Ellis Island when my ancestors immigrated from Sumatra in 1235 AD.

        But I’ll answer to either one.

    4. Trump just said that Biden is against God. This from a guy that acted like he knew the two Corinthians. And I just wonder why a guy that was Presbyterian doesn’t recite the Apostle’s Creed when at service.

      So you Trump folks, tell me why.

      1. There were also 12,000+ people at the COVID Corral in Tulsa according to donald.

  10. 10

    Number of cases my Dad’s assisted living facility is either not reporting or the State website is writing off. The more the virus rages the less reliable info we get. All the stat’s are complete & utter bullshit IMO.

    I’m also getting the dead catfish smell coming from the whole Stitt had the virus and spanked it drama.

    1. Does Oklahoma report deaths classified as COVID if the deceased had a prior illness such as cancer or do they classify the death as cancer?
      I’m hearing the latter.

      1. Purely anecdotal evidence: There seems to be about a one-fourth to one-third increase in the number of obituaries in our weekly shopper over the past four months.

        Experts tell us that COVID-19 deaths are likely under-reported. (Undiagnosed deaths are not tested.)

        There is also a corollary to the pandemic in that people with other medical issues are staying away from health care because of their fear of the virus. The coronavirus has been much deadlier than even the 160,000 documented deaths as of 8-7-20.

    2. Here’s a post that will most probably earn me the hatred of just about everyone here:
      Back when my father was slowly dying of Alzheimers in a ward dedicated to that malady, back when I would stand outside that room next to a “person” who, rigid and unmoving in his wheelchair with a shunt directly into his stomach into which a staff member would come by with something that looked like a turkey baster and shoot nutrients directly into his stomach, back when I would listen to the howling of a poor woman who knew her mind was gone but who could not recover it, I would have thanked God, if I believed in God, if something like COVID had swept through that ward.
      When my wife’s grandmother had also been moved to a ward for dementia, the staff there were restricting her access to high fat foods, because her cholesterol was too high. Why? What fate were they saving her for?
      It used to be said that pneumonia was the old man’s friend, because a lot of the alternatives were way more awful.
      I loved my father beyond all measure. We tried to keep him at home for as long as possible. With statins, and blood pressure medicine, and all the other medical advances, we can keep many more of the elderly alive for much longer. How, as a society, do we want them to die? As lumps of meat with bedsores? Hundreds of thousands, even millions, spent on each patient. Facilities whose whole reason for existing is to keep the hearts of these former humans beating as long as possible, so that insurance can be billed, and families broken by the financial and emotional strain. What is the point?
      Just asking. Just asking.
      My father used to say that if he thought he was losing his mind he would put a bullet in his brain. Of course, when he started suffering, he wasn’t aware what was going on, and we children removed the gun from the house. He got to experience shitting his pants without realizing it, and then becoming aware, and moaning in embarrassment and pain at the thought of it.
      Just asking. Just asking.

      1. I understand Nice Day. My mother was a nurse for 40 years and took care of people dying terrible deaths that shook her to her core. People who died of terrifying disabling cancer, car accidents, burns, etc etc. Then she became one of those people herself, dying of Parkinson’s, dementia and other maladies. She spent at least the last ten years of her life in misery and agony along with losing her mind. Terrible irony of life. My dad has hung on after 30 years of crippling arthritis, and strokes. He told me after mom died four years ago “we both have lived to long”.

        I know what it’s like to hear those other people down the hall screaming in terror, not knowing where they’re at or why they’re there or who they are. I know what it’s like to go see your parents in the nursing home every week and going home hating yourself because you think you should be doing more but you know you can’t take care of them yourself. I know what it’s like to have to end your career and move 1000 miles back to Oklahoma to be near them. Nursing homes try, but you have to be there constantly watching whats going on and making sure their care is adequate.

        It’s hard to watch a man, my father- who in his day could take a car apart and put it back together- piss his depends and have trouble figuring out the TV remote. But he still keeps kicking – and it keeps me up nights as it has for about the last 10 years since they both had to give up their home and begin the ultimate series of losses which is old age. I get what you’re saying about what’s the point. My folks used to say back in the day “if we ever get to where we can’t take care of ourselves just take us out to the pasture and shoot us”. Well I couldn’t do that so I’m doing the most I can by making sure the best care is provided.

        There are a lot of us having to face these horrible scenarios with our parents and God love us all. The thing that haunts me is I may be one of those folks in a bed at the mercy of a short staffed nursing “home” and I hope someone’s looking out for my interest. Meanwhile back at the ranch I’ll keep trying to get to the bottom of who’s under reporting the total cases at the facility and trying to stay on top of it. If dad ends up dying from Covid or whatever, it won’t make a difference, he’ll be dead. It’s just that I’ve got to do SOMETHING to say on top of it because I can’t be there to be with him. So don’t feel bad, because I don’t think there’s a question that you’re asking or point you’re making that others, including myself, haven’t pondered. Stay well.

        1. Thanks, man. That was a great reply. What a journey you’ve been on.

  11. Just a note to remind everyone that jury trials are set to begin in Oklahoma County in 11 days. Word on the street is that about 1200 jury summons were sent out. In addition to those folks being at the courthouse, there will be all of the witnesses and family members/interested parties. The defendants will be coming from the jail where there is currently an outbreak and likely 600 or so in quarantine. This is fine.

  12. Good article in the NYT today about how and why America messed up dealing with the virus. We have more than five times as many confirmed cases as in all of Europe, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Australia… combined.

    The USA’s experience is more like that of the world’s poorer countries, and not so much like the rich and powerful ones in whose company we like to imagine ourselves.

    This is an Oklahoma-focused website, so Hayley logically discusses how Oklahoma is doing. In fact, we aren’t much better or worse off than any other state. It’s a national problem. With all the states left on their own and acting inconsistently, we wind up playing whack-a-mole with virus hotspots.

    The nations that have done best locked down hard in the beginning before the virus got a strong toehold, and followed with aggressive testing and contact tracing. That allowed their economies to reopen sooner instead of limping along like ours.

    America had a half-assed early response, thinking we could do an effective job on the virus while keeping the money flowing. We were mistaken. That, and our having no uniform strategy let virus-deniers (looking at you, Stitt) create hotspots to spread to other places.

    And somehow, the simple responsibility of wearing a mask (or not) has become a political statement. Sad.

    I told lots of people months ago that based on what I was seeing, we would all catch the virus eventually – unless we could avoid it until we could get an effective vaccine. I hate to have been right.

    1. New York Times Article – that’s all you need to say. That ceased being a news source long ago.

      “I told lots of people months ago that based on what I was seeing, we would all catch the virus eventually – unless we could avoid it until we could get an effective vaccine. I hate to have been right.”

      “having no uniform strategy let virus-deniers (looking at you, Stitt) create hotspots to spread to other places.”

      So was that before or after you said this?

      Graychin – Feb 6th
      “The latest FluView surveillance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that as of January 18, 2020, there have been 15 million cases of flu, 140,000 hospitalizations, and 8200 deaths in the US this influenza season.
      That’s just in the USA!
      And everyone is freaking out about the Chinese virus? I don’t have any idea why. The common flu that arrives every winter is much more dangerous – and it’s already among us.
      Did you get your flu shot this year? Why not?
      If Oral was still around, he would have driven any sickness out of that lad with good old-fashioned prayer. Does ORU quarantine students who catch the flu?”

      That’s pretty ballsy. You’re gonna get whiplash making all those 180’s. You’ve (along with most here) have lost any credibility in the debate. When you label a few dozen protesters, traveling to the capital, in their separate vehicles, to protest shutting down businesses as “covidiots”, yet when mobs of BLM protestors stand shoulder to shoulder, it’s crickets.

      “The virus doesn’t care about your politics!”… long as we agree with your political position.

      1. Fox new is far better. Why people who watch Fox almost know as many facts as idiots who watch or read nothing at all!
        Stick with Fox, listen to the donald and drink your Clorox and you’ll be just fine.

      2. Guess I was wrong… on February 6. But I’m not afraid to change my mind when I have newer and better information. In fact I look forward to it. You should try it!

        The virus got serious in Oklahoma just about the time we ate our last restaurant meal… in mid-March, about six weeks later. By then I was definitely worried about the new virus, and thinking that we were all likely to catch it eventually.

        Intuition that the virus would “disappear like magic,” as the flu does when the weather gets warm, wasn’t so off-base back in February. Anyone still saying that now is pathetic.

        You make yourself look really bad when you dismiss NYT work without reading it or hearing it. It’s a sign of a tightly closed mind with cobwebs inside. The NYT may no longer be a news source for you, but you ignore it at your peril. It isn’t “fake” at all, much as you might like to believe that.

        As little regard as I have for Fox News, I’m at least willing to hear what their version of the facts is. (Their opinions are consistently insane.)

        1. If Lumpy hannity said it, it’s true. Full stop.

      3. Bam! I tried to like but it wouldn’t register.

    2. Again, lies, damn lies, and statistics… I looked at Johns Hopkins University data just now. The top 9 European countries have had 160,936 deaths. US as of today is at 159,936. Europe alone has more deaths than the US. If you want to include Canada (9,011), Japan (1,034), South Korea (302) per the statistics you have referenced, the US is at least 11,000 deaths below that total (I didn’t look up Australia, I suspect not many deaths though).

      I encourage everyone to look to data themselves, and not just rely on the media presentation. Just sayin.

      1. So we’ve almost lost as many people as the entire planet and that’s a good thing?
        I suppose you can find what your looking for if you look hard enough.
        Might check on our population as a % of the planet.

      2. As of this week. The EU has a population 1/3 larger than the US yet the US has roughly 8 times as many new cases per day right now. Yep pretty much a toss-up

  13. Hayley I’ve been reading the Lost Ogle for many years and I think this is one of its best postings. Not humorous, obviously, but full of valuable information and a strong indictment of our politicians’ inaction. I hope it gets disseminated beyond just the Lost Ogle community. Good work!

  14. If anyone expected any kind of proper response from the idiots that populate 23rd and Lincoln, they’re sorely mistaken. The only kind of action that’s been taken on anything has been by petition. Unless, of course, you count voting on the official steak of Oklahoma. Steak is good, legislature and governor, bad. Very, Very bad.

  15. Five states have half the total mortality in USA. NY, NJ, Mass, Conn and RI. Backward Oklahoma has one of the lowest mortality rates. Hospital occupancy is almost back to preChina virus normals. Laid off health care workers are back on the job at almost normal levels.

    1. Dude, you’re looking into review mirror. Those five states for now have knocked down the infection curve and Okla is just now getting it. Now that our stupid governor has caught the disease, folks are wearing masks and distancing again again- that should help. OTOH bars and eateries are still open and we’re getting hit harder every day.

      With folks wearing masks and staying home, I hope the rate comes down. But there are still enough reckless folks to make it worse.

      1. The Lawton Ranger Rodeo is in full swing this weekend, hoping to have the biggest one ever. How many county fairs will we have this month?

        It’s almost like some people subconsciously feel “left out” of the action, that they, too, want to be part of the pandemic catastrophe. I can’t think of any better explanation for their deliberate irresponsibility.

    2. Just quit with the “China Virus” bullshit, you racist fuck, every single person knows now that you’re a reality/science/fact-denying asshole with your head so far up Agent Orange’s ass you can make his tongue move.

  16. Last Sat went to restaurant for 1st time since March 10, with outside dining. 7 tables total. All servers had masks on and out of the 7 tables only 2 tables had masks in use.

    While it was outside and somewhat safer my opinion is that as long as over half won’t wear a mask to protect servers and others we will probably be in this situation for months. If the schools reopen I believe all bets are off – we will have a disaster. (I would love to be wrong.)

    When we decide to get smart and actually deal with Covid we can make progress but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    1. Looks like holding our breath might be our only option.

  17. Hi

  18. Stitt was up here in Enid last week. I’m sure he felt at home because the moronic city council here has voted down a mask ordinance TWICE. They also voted to NOT adopt the state department of health color coded guidelines for covid. Private businesses have had to adopt their own mask requirements, but there is a sizeable minority that refuses to adhere to these

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