Lost Ogle Show: Oklahoma State Schools Superintendent Joy Hofmeister!

Marisa and I were happy to welcome Joy Hofmeister – Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Schools – to the digital streaming realm for a recent episode of The Lost Ogle Show!

We talked with Mrs. Hofmeister a lot about the pandemic, how it will affect education in the state, and what our state and school districts are doing to respond. We also chatted about Epic Charter schools, asked some reader-submitted questions, and asked whether or not she’s going to run for Governor in 2022!

Give it a listen and take notes!

This episode of The Lost Ogle Show was brought to you by Oklahoma Contemporary’s Live Stream Reading of The Odyssey.

The Lost Ogle Show can be found wherever fine free podcasts are bought, sold and traded. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised!

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3 Responses

  1. Interesting podcast. Now I understand why the Governor wanted that position to be appointed as opposed to being elected. He stacks the board with his stooges, but the chairperson of that board is elected by the voters, and doesn’t necessarily go along with the Oklahoma Standard.

    Perhaps over time by paying attention to the candidates and bringing state questions we can turn this corrupt state around. Not totally of course, but perhaps enough to make this state livable. Hope Ms Hofmeister will continue the good fight, and remember she works for the voters, not the Governor.

  2. oh lord patrick and the akward laughing lady. No thanks.

  3. Great sidekick you have here! We love Marisa! Just happened on to the show, loved it!

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