Epic Charter Schools fined $500,000 for frivolous lawsuit…

We finally have some semi-good news to report about Epic Charter Schools!

The embattled, probably-a-scam-of-a-school-district that’s made millionaires out of its fucknut founders was ordered to pay a $500,000 fine + legal fees as a result of a ridiculous libel and slander lawsuit it filed against Shawnee State Rep. Ron Sharp.

Via The Oklahoman:

An Oklahoma County district judge leveled a $500,000 fine against the nonprofit overseeing Epic Charter Schools on Wednesday.

Judge Cindy Troung sanctioned Community Strategies Inc. for filing a libel and slander lawsuit against state Sen. Ron Sharp last year. Truong dismissed the lawsuit in February. On Wednesday, she ruled the case was an attempt to censor Sharp’s free speech.

The judge decided the nonprofit was subject to a fine under Oklahoma Citizens Participation Act, a law that sanctions plaintiffs who file meritless lawsuits intended to silence critics.

Troung also awarded Sharp $35,912 to cover all of his legal fees. A news release from Sharp said the senator is “very pleased” with the judge’s decision.

That’s pretty cool! As one who’s been the target of a frivolous lawsuit or two, I’d like to welcome Mr. Sharp to the “Successfully Defend Your First Amendment Rights From Those Trying To Censor You Through The Legal System And Then Be Reimbursed For Your Attorneys Fees Club.” It’s a fun, and in the case of our attorneys, apparently lucrative club to be in. Will Epic start a Go Fund Me to help cover the costs?

If so, they’ll need a lot of donors because they were also fined $500,000! I guess that’s the really big news here! Although that may sound like a lot of money – especially to cash-strapped educators, teachers and public school students – it’s only 1% of the $50-million the company has shielded from taxpayer scrutiny. It would be like fining David Stanley $350,000 for deceptive advertising. They won’t feel a thing.

Epic’s Ministry of Propaganda issued this statement:

Epic will appeal the ruling, said Shelly Hickman, assistant superintendent of communications.

“There are multiple reasons why the judge’s rulings are erroneous legally,” Hickman said in a statement. “Mr. Sharp has already admitted he lied. We will appeal.”

Sharp has not admitted to lying. Rather, he said in a court affidavit that he believed his public statements about Epic were true based on information he learned from other state officials and media reports.

Yeah, that’s it. The judge’s ruling is erroneous, says the school district that’s ripping off taxpayers, filed a frivolous lawsuit against a State Senator, and is making millionaires out if its founders.

Anyway, The Frontier has published a lot of good stuff about Epic, as has The Tulsa World. If you want to read more libelous statements about Epic Charter Schools, click here.

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7 Responses

  1. Considering the money Epic has sucked out of the State of Oklahoma Judge Truong fined them a week’s worth of office donut money.

    1. Wish we could ALL file frivolous lawsuit against those who file on us unjustly. That would be the heights of joy as well as curb those who jam the judicial system with foolishness from the gold diggers that want something for nothing. My mom died and my manipulative sister and brothers got all the money, used it to sue ME trying to take from me all I had ever worked for in my life in an attempt to scare me out of claiming my inheritance and share of funds my mother wanted me to have. They wanted the plot of land she left me in the will, it was HORRIBLE that the judge allowed their torment upon me. It cost me over $25,000 in attorney fees to defend myself from their slander and lies, attacks upon my good name, mother would have rolled over in her grave. I have never recovered from the finances they plundered from me to get what they wanted. I think ALL liars that file fraudulent claims in court should be treated as criminals and made to pay for the damages they do to the victims of it.

  2. It’s too bad that the judge fined the “not for profit” arm of Epic instead of going after its related for-profit “management company.”

    You will recall that Epic’s sleazeball owners are fighting desperately to shield the management company’s finances from disclosure to the State Auditor. (I wonder why they are so afraid of such disclosure…)

    Fining the non-profit arm might actually reduce the resources available to the kids, because management fees gotta come first… right?

    Even worse, Oklahoma taxpayers may wind up paying the fine. Maybe it’s a reimbursable expense under Epic’s stupid contract with the State.

  3. Ron Sharp is a State Senator not a Representative.

  4. Ben and David are corrupt to the core; they have never had to face any consequences for their actions-both personal and business. Ever. They are literally above the law, and they know it.

  5. If anyone would be able to spot a fraudulent school, it’s Ron Sharp.
    For many years, Sharp was notorious for being extremely zealous in making sure he was referred to as Dr. Sharp. In the white pages, his listing was Ron Sharp PhD.

    Sharp’s doctorate is from Kensington University. A notorious scam school. In the state of Texas, it’s illegal to use a Kensington University degree as a credential.

    1. He’ll just change it to Trump University and they’ll love him even more.

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