We had Spencer Hicks on The Lost Ogle Show!

Marisa and I were happy to welcome our good friend Spencer “Ginger Lightning” Hicks – Democratic candidate for Oklahoma County Commissioner (District 2) – to the digital media realm for a recent episode of The Lost Ogle Show presented by Fire Leaf!

In case you didn’t know, Spencer is a well-known OKC standup comic and political consultant who may have been a regular Lost Ogle contributor, trivia host and henchman for half of the last decade.

We spent a good chunk of the podcast talking about the duties of a county commissioner, why Spencer wants to be one, and some of the current issues facing Oklahoma County. We also popped some memberberries and talked about his days writing for TLO, and how it hasn’t ruined his political career… yet.

Give it a listen:

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4 Responses

  1. These are the people who swing the biggest political bat in the state. Perhaps a comedian can relate better to the actions of State government.

  2. I wish I lived in Spencer’s district. He’s gonna do the work the job demands.

  3. Back in ’81, there were 125 commissioners across the state
    that faced fraudulent charges, mostly kickbacks from suppliers.

    I remember thinking back then- it was national news- that if 125
    got busted, then what about the rest of the state office holders
    having positions that would determine how the taxpayers’ money is spent. It’s a depressing thought.

    And after hearing the podcast, that’s a whole lot of money yearly that’s left to the decision making of a select few.

    The voters have hardly any way of determining where the money should go. It’s just too complex and time consuming in every instance for the common man to be determining such things fairly.

    However, the voters can certainly be whistleblowers if they have strong suspicion fowl play is involved in some manner.
    Nobody cares for a snitch but this is more like carrying out your civic duty as a taxpayer and if you care for progress for this state.

    ‘Course you’d have to pay a staff their salaries to receive the reports and investigate them as to their authenticity and you’d have to make the public well aware through advertising of some sort that there is such a program in place.

    Still, having an investigative branch of state government is bound to cheaper in the long run than the continuing graft through the years that the current system lends itself to, all too well.
    Politicians might clean-up their act if they suspected there’s a strong chance of getting caught for fraudulent undertakings of some kind.

    People are people and hardly anyone is so noble that they can’t succumb to greed if the stakes are high enough with little to no chance of getting caught.

  4. Okay, I’m sure there is some goodwill that he wants to “serve his state and citizens” and other feel good notions, but let’s get down to the truth of this.

    This is a position that pays $100k or more per year for a guaranteed four years in it with minimal actual work, plus all major holidays off.

    Who wouldn’t want to be elected for this?

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