Moore rapper Barbie Doll reveals pregnancy in new music video

You can take the rapper out of Moore, but you can’t take the Moore out of the rapper.

Earlier this week, 2020 revealed more flaws in the simulation when beloved Moore rapper Barbie Doll released a new music video announcing her exquisite, pregnant return to the 405 rap scene.

The track is simply titled “Mommie Barbie Doll” and shows the Westmoore graduate doing normal everyday things like being the shampoo girl at a salon, or showing off her baby bump while dancing next to a BMW in the driveway of a Home Creations model home:

You can view the entire video below:

That’s amazing. Hands down, without a doubt, 100%, it’s the best music video I’ve ever seen featuring a pregnant rapper from any OKC suburb, much less Moore! Don’t @ me!

The song was dope, too. My favorite line was: “I’m back, drippin’ like some water out of faucet.” I don’t really know what that means other than Barbie has experienced some plumbing problems in life, but I’m going to use it when I talk trash this upcoming Fantasy Football season.

Anyway, I’ve been a dad now for a little over two years, and have a newfound respect and sympathy for all soon-to-be-parents, especially the rapper moms, so I’m going to wrap this little article up and be nice to Barbie like a Ken doll hitting on her at the Moore Lumpy’s. We’d like to thank Barbie Doll for making her triumphantly on-brand return to music in 2020 and wish her the best of luck as a mom. I can’t wait to hear her future raps about swaddling.

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14 Responses

  1. 2020 Has finally made a turn for the better.

  2. This is the biggest pile of steaming dog crap I’ve ever had the misfortune to stumble across. The only useful thing I can see this being used for is to make Cardi B, Bhad Bhabie and other cringe artists seem less repulsive. Please…this is your page…but no. Just no. This is one of the Lost Ogle moments that could have stayed lost and we’d all be better for it.

  3. Very impressed at how woke she is by proudly proclaiming that the father of her baby is black. Never would have guessed that.

    1. Surprised me to see how someone who was so blatantly
      conceited over her sexy figure would make such a video,
      but then I suspect the father may have been persuasive in
      that regard.
      At least with this rap crap she’s grabbing her stomach instead
      of her crotch.

  4. Please stop making stupid people famous.

  5. “I’m white, he’s black, we about to have a smoore!”

  6. Much like a cyst, Barbie Doll grows on ya. I for one am looking forward to the occasional Barbie rap about raising a child now. First birthday, first day at pre-school, so on and whatnot. Should prove to be entertaining over the years.

  7. Fingers crossed that Toby will do a collaboration with her in the vein of “Old Town Road”. It could be a supersonic boost for both of their careers.

  8. That video gave me hope for the future. Soon she can do “Baby Barbie Doll!”

  9. Oh, no no no no no. Please erase anything that links her back to Olahoma.

  10. I’m a lifelong hip-hop connoisseur, but this is just abject boo-boo trash.

    Even on the local rap scene, there’s artists that deserve a lot more shine than this gutter swamp waste. Go check out Jabee, Nitro and Trip G. These guys deserve shine, not some reverse minstrel parody knockoff like this.

    Oh, and I’m all for interracial relationships, but when you fetishize them to try to prove your hip-hop cred, you come across as more a culture vulture than an authentic urban creative. She already loses points by trying to do this out of Moore, America of all places.

  11. She wouldn’t even qualify to clean the toilets back in the video days of the ’70s and ’80s.

  12. This song made my puppy cry.

  13. But Barbie dolls don’t have real parts-Immaculate Conception?

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