Dumb OU Students Don’t Care About Coronavirus

Week One of the 2020 college football season is officially in the books, and it’s safe to say we’ve already learned a few things about the Oklahoma Sooners.

1) Spencer Rattler looks the part. Sure, the competition was inferior, but the ball zipped off his arm like a laser-guided missile. Barring injury, or a job at Big Red Sports and Imports, it looks like OU has another Heisman caliber QB on its roster.

2) Dumb OU Students Don’t Care About Coronavirus. Just as OSU students taught us why we shouldn’t open college campuses, OU students reminded us why we probably shouldn’t be treated to the joy and privilege of college football. Just check out this video of an off-campus pre-game party taken by Norman Transcript reporter Reese Gorman:


That video has been viewed nearly 500,000 times and has caused quite a stir in the local Coronamania echo chamber. Those who support common-sense social distancing practices and public safety measures praised Reese for letting everyone know that dumb OU students were behaving exactly like we thought dumb OU students would behave before the game, while those in the online Covidiot brigade shamed and criticized Reese for letting everyone know that dumb OU students were behaving exactly like we thought dumb OU students would behave before the game.

Once the Beckies and Brospehs learned Reese was filming their Coronavorus Kickoff Bash, he was asked to leave:

Let’s be honest – Reese was playing the role of Captain Buzzkillington. If I was one of the drunk, carefree and irresponsible frat dudes lost in that sea of white tank tops and high-wasted denim, I also would have told him to get the fuck out and let us party!

But alas, I’m in my early 40s, have a kid and spent the entire pre-game going through the time-consuming, 15-step process of paying $54.99 to watch the game on pay-per-view from my Apple TV. I’ll just have to live life vicariously through the drunk frat dude making hand-signals.

The people at the party weren’t the only ones who were mean to Reese. He was on the receiving end of some heavy online shaming for simply doing his job and sharing the video. For example, check out what Barstool OkState had to say:

Yeah, that’s right. Reese is a loser… says the stoolie who runs the Oklahoma State Barstool Twitter account. Keep up the great work, Reese!

The off-campus party wasn’t the only place where social distancing and mask-wearing felt non-existent. Check out this shot of the OU student section during the game:

I know most OU fans claim they are die-hards, but that doesn’t mean you actually have to go out, catch a novel coronavirus, and then try to prove it.

Also, aren’t OU fans supposed to wear masks inside the stadium? That was a requirement, right?

The answer is “Yes:”

“If we’re able to have fans and have a game, there’s going to be a masking requirement,” said OU Athletic Director Joe Castiglione. “To come into the stadium and to stay in the stadium, you have to be wearing a mask through the entire experience. That’s just the way it’s going to be.”

So, if that’s the way it was “going to be,” then why wasn’t it the way it was going to be? This was Joe’s response:

If OU plays another home game this year – and with nearly a couple dozen players sidelined on Saturday due to COVID-19-related reasons, that feels like a big “if” – it will be interesting to see if they actually enforce a mask mandate, or basically ignore it and let evolution take its course. Knowing our state and dumb OU students like we do, I think we know the answer to that one.

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42 Responses

  1. I’ve often heard that the adolescent brain doesn’t fully develop until approximately 18 years of age. This year has disproven that theory. Some don’t reach full maturity until the bill for college tuitions come due. And for Trumpistas not until death.

    1. In 1941 it might have been 18 when the adolescent brain developed fully.

      In 2020, it’s probably closer to 50.

  2. My season-ticket-holding 82 year old dad was at the game and he was all masked up and sitting in his newly assigned social distance seating when he noticed that more and more non-mask wearing students were moving to his area for a better view. He ended up leaving at halftime mostly because the game was a blow out, but also because he felt uncomfortable. OU needs to do waayyy better.

  3. If the university was serious about COVID-19, the next game would be behind closed doors. If I had gone to the game, I’d be on a mandatory 14 day vacation courtesy of my employer. If they can identify any of the people in the picture, suspend of expel them, no refunds.

    1. They are serious about money. Period. Full stop.

      1. Amen. Whether it’s the University pushing for games because they desperately need the revenue, to “student” athletes pursuing the necessary course work to become professionals in their field to the Mom and Pop businesses around the University making money off spreading disease, it’s all about the Benjamins.

  4. It will be branded “fake” pictures by the Governor.
    0 leadership from the top and the National COVID ranking to prove it.
    Fully agree with Joe but I 0 him out if I thumbs up.

  5. Joe C, Coach Riley and maybe some of the players need to get some PSA’s out on social media begging for better compliance in the stands. Perhaps he can start by sending a message by cutting the number of students allowed in the stadium. As for the private parties off-campus. Well, not much can be done. Good news is that numbers are up in Norman, but hospitalizations are staying low — so far.

    1. “As for the private parties off-campus. Well, not much can be done. ”

      There are other states that issue fines for attending large gatherings without a mask.
      I wouldn’t know how strictly it’s enforced or what impact it may have but I do know that people would really go nuts on the streets if it wasn’t for traffic tickets.

      At a gathering like shown in the article, it’d take gestapo tactics to round them up and issue tickets, otherwise people would just walk away.
      It would cause a big stir and many complaints. Maybe they’d need to start with lower
      amounts then raise the price of the fine for the second offense and so forth.

      It’s also upsetting to read about the percentages of those in prison who have it and speculate how much it’ll spread once they’re released.

      1. A while back various members of the OU football family did a PSA that aired before the games at the stadium to respect the national anthem. What did the fans do? They still yelled “Sooners” at the end of it. You can’t fix ignorant.

        1. Silly comment as OU is not the only place where “brave” is replaced by something else.
          Get over it.

          1. Actually I’m neither above, over, or on anything at all. My anecdote was about the fact that whatever type of PSA is addressed to the fan base (in this case OU’s) they won’t take it seriously.

          2. Maybe so, but it shows a total lack of judgment, class and respect for anything other than themselves.

      2. I remember a similar pic of the protests on 23rd street a few months ago. Tons of people all standing around close to one another without masks.
        I don’t quite remember this much anger about that or so many people calling them “stupid” or “dumb”. They were close to the same age group too.

        1. False memory, I think.

  6. Almost as stupid as all those maskless, undistanced fans and partiers in Norman, and similarly unprotected Trump rally attendees in Nevada…

    …is paying $54.99 to watch OU on TV playing against… Missouri State!

    Or maybe that was a necessary business expense if you run an Oklahoma-centric blog about local weirdness. We did learn in this post about Patrick’s favorable impression of OU’s quarterback Spencer “The Snake” Rattler.

    1. $54.99?!?

      If John Lennon and George Harrison came back from the dead, and reunited with Paul and Ringo, and they offered to do a private, one time only Beatles reunion in my backyard, the only catch being that it would cost me $54.99, I’d tell them to go fuck themselves.

      Would the Beatles pay $54.99 to watch me do what I do? I doubt it.

      And that’s the Beatles. I wouldn’t pay 5 cents to watch a sporting event of ANY kind. Much less college football.

      I could buy a decent amount of weed for $55. Just sayin’.

      1. I only paid $40. Patrick needs to start stealing cable from a neighbor.

  7. It’s wasn’t only the students, believe me.

  8. Evidently the mask requirement isn’t really being enforced on the OU campus. On September 5 Governor Kevin Stitt visited the food pantry there and while accompanied by the University President wore a “Thin Blue Line USA” gaiter. Gaiters are specifically mentioned as not an appropriate mask. Here’s more from the student newspaper:


    Bottom line evidently at OU is there is a mask requirement while on campus. But if you are the Governor, a donor or student (who pay the school money) evidently it is optional. My guess is OU is more scared to enforce the policy, as that could get ugly at Owen Field or anywhere else where alcohol is served.

    Now if they were serious they could have security wearing hasmat gowns escorting anyone caught without a mask. They could also let people congregate (6 feet apart of course) to re-buy the ticket from the school from the scofflaw who didn’t wear a mask on campus. The fine for the non mask wearer would be whatever the school could get for the ticket. Win-win for the school, and they probably could get closer to 50% revenue by multiple sales of the same ticket. With more security the result could be as good as red light cameras in some states.

    Move along citizen, nothing to see here, everybody knows you can’t have fun at a sporting event when you have to wear a mask. Covid numbers from campus should be up by the end of the week in Norman, but at least there isn’t a home game there this coming Saturday.

    1. Neck gaiters come in all types of material. It could be thick or thin. Until there is some kind of regulated mask rating system, you can’t start cherry picking mask quality. Anything is better than nothing.

      1. That’s the thing, studies show that anything isn’t better than nothing, and the material that gaiters are made of actually can cause increased particle air dispersion. If someone had a gaiter made of thick material, fair game. But I haven’t seen one yet.

        1. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=gaiter+filter+mask&crid=2PLZW51Q4CGWC&sprefix=gaiter+f%2Caps%2C196&ref=nb_sb_ss_midas-iss-sm_2_8

          1. Wearing a neck gaiter may be worse than no mask at all, researchers find


        2. I have started wearing surgical style masks under a neck gaiter. Because I don’t especially like having my neck exposed lately.

      2. Except that the OU policy does mention gaiters, specifically. The point was that the governor was not abiding by that policy.

    2. It’s funny to me that you see one particular type of person that goes specifically for wearing the neck gaiters. Whenever I see someone wearing one I already know way more about them even before the utter a single word of opinion (not necessarily fact).

    3. It depends on which student you are. If you are in the library or classroom, the policy is enforced. However, if you’re at games or the frat and sorority houses, it’s not. Two sets of rules for people. Sounds about white.

  9. You know, it is a lot like this many Thursday and Friday nights. What do you expect?

  10. Just give it 2 weeks and we’ll see what happens, I guess.

  11. Joe C. said the mask policy “is not fun for us to enforce.” How would he know since it apparently appears that the policy was not being enforced. Nor was the social distancing requirement. Money rules. “Imagine that!”

  12. ou = dumb
    that pretty much sums it up, right?

  13. I would say something witty about the careless stupidity of OU fans, but I know my fellow Cowboys will act just as stupid next week….sigh…this is why we can’t have nice things…

  14. Re Former Okie’s comment: Not so awfully long ago, ol’ Gov. Shitt was a member of Norman North High School’s gridiron team. It’s obvious he played too much football without a helmet.

  15. Impossible. There was no such school in Norman when he graduated. There was only NHS.

    1. John, check out his Wiki page. Says so there.

  16. I say we let evolution takes its course.
    What’s that saying the Boomers all say “Sooner born and Sooner bred and one day I’ll be Sooner dead..”
    Maybe Sooner than later…

    1. “When I die I’ll be Sooner dead”.

  17. Not sure if it’s the freshmen 15, quarantine 15, or #oklahomastandard 15, but quite a few folks in the student section were bearing one of the comorbidities for the Rona.

  18. But it’s ok to sit and pass that joint, pipe, bong…… around. Witch I’m sure you have done unless your a bogart.

  19. Kids these days. I damn sure know that back in the early 70’s there was none of that dope smokin, beer drinkin, stuff going on in Stillwater. None of that “fear and loathing” Johnny Depp crap either and if we were ask to wear a mask we’d have worn it 24/7 if that’s what made the Governor happy. And a 3 finger bag was 10.00$ and you could sell plasma one time and buy any concert ticket in OKC.
    WTF is the world coming to?

  20. And in other news, the University of Oklahoma announced today that the December graduation ceremony would be done virtually Officials said the decision was announced in light of the university’s COVID-19 capacity limits for all campus classrooms, spaces and venues, which have been developed to accommodate social distancing best practices.

    I guess they were planning on more than 25,000 attending, as they can host a football game with a crowd that size.

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