53-year-old Oklahoma man weds 16-year-old girl…

Back in March, right before the world was hit by Coronamania, we told you how some Oklahoma lawmakers were hard at work protecting the rights of their constituents to marry teenage girls. Now we know why!

Check out this story from the Society Pages at Muskogee Now:

Social media outraged as Wagoner man, 53, marries 16-year-old girl

Kevin Bowman is a year older than his father-in-law.

Bowman, 53, is married to Larry Longoria’s sixteen-year-old daughter. Longoria is 52, and he signed his consent for his teenage daughter to marry a man who is 37 years older than her.

I know rural Oklahoma is stuck in a backward, behind-the-times culture and stuff like this is way too common, but that doesn’t pass the smell test. Granted, most things in the Muskogee area don’t pass the smell test, but you get my point.

Here’s more:

The couple were married in Wagoner County. In Oklahoma, it is legal for 16-year-olds to marry with consent of one of their parents, but it us unusual for them to marry one so much older.

Muskogee-area social media has exploded with rage and disgust at the marriage, which happened in September. The bride’s Facebook account said yesterday she is deactivating it, and Bowman’s last public post is from April.

Unless I’m exploiting it for profit, I think it’s silly for people to care about the private sexual lives of consenting adults – “To each their own,” right? – but when one of those consenting adults is marrying a 16-year-old girl, yeah, I don’t blame people for getting all worked up. Who knows? Maybe Cupid’s arrow took a strange shot, but there are lots of red flags here and DHS should be looking into it if they haven’t already.

Haha. Just kidding. We know they won’t.

I did my own digging to see if the story was true, and found the following marriage certificate on OSCN. I blurred out the 16-year-old-girl’s name and signature. I did this to protect her identity, and to save you the stomach-cringing moment of seeing her childlike signature on the line next to that of her 53-year-old husband:

Download the PDF file .

There’s a part of me that wants to make some jokes about this. You know, standard TLO riffs like “In all fairness, the dowry was a mobile home meth-lab and old El Camino” or “I heard the bachelorette party was at Brickopolis” or “Did they walk down the aisle to Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Going On”, but I should probably take the high road and let our commenters do that for me instead. Or maybe I should just lock the comments. We’ll see.

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42 Responses

  1. Nice selfie at the cemetery too!

  2. Christian Sharia dictates that if they get married… its not pedophilia

  3. Child-brides are common in traditional Muslim families, where menfolk strive to emulate the Prophet Mohammad, but don’t hold your breath waiting to see them or the likes of cradle-robber Jerry Seinfeld mocked and denigrated in TLO.

    1. Seinfeld is 66. His wife is 49. Hardly cradle robbing. And an age difference of 17 is less than one of 37 but assuming your math is as good as your logic this probably comes as a surprise to you.

    2. uh, this is an Oklahoma blog strawman

    3. Took a shot at Muslims and a Jew. Bet you drink for free at the next Klan meeting.

      1. Truth matters unless you like pedophilia.

        1. No one but pedophiles likes pedophilia

          But Christians are hardly strangers to it themselves.

    4. So are you saying this is good or bad, Double-or-Nothing Standards? It’s not clear.

      1. I’m opposed to double-standards, Hobo Joe, but didn’t opine on marriage per se. Since you asked, I don’t have a problem with consensual unions, which by definition merely requires all parties to be legally and mentally competent.

        1. So you’re okay with this legal and consensual marriage and you want people to lighten up on Muslim child-brides. Gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up.

          What’s your beef with Jerry Seinfeld? Didn’t like the “Soup Nazi” episode?

          1. You really ought to stick with this smug imbecile shtick, Hobo Joe. It’s you. Run with it. You’ll go far.

            1. Why do you want me to be dumb? Sunny up, sweetheart!

        2. And of LEGAL age 18 years old

          1. Where do you get that? 16 is legal age of consent and it’s also legal to get married with parental or court approval. Are you trying to help Double-or-Nothing Standards dig out of the hole they were digging?

  4. I bet his Facebook is full of Q “save the children” bullshit, too.

  5. we can all agree on one thing, yuk

  6. There will definitely some shaming of foreign cultures in this thread. But don’t get too smug. The Child Bride Syndrome is a sign, even in American Christian culture, that women are considered less than full persons and treated more like the property of their fathers. As, obviously, in this case.

    Unless the man is well-known, this kind of disgusting behavior usually doesn’t make the news. But just off the top of my head: Jerry Lee Lewis, Ted Nugent, Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, Jeffrey Epstein and friends, R. Kelly, US Senate candidate Roy Moore, Woody Allen, Papa John Phillips with his daughter, Elvis (dated Priscilla at 14, but allegedly waited for sex until wedding night)… No doubt I’m forgetting many more.

    Jerry Seinfeld is a very marginal case.

  7. Goodness, gracious, OLD balls afire !!

  8. I don’t believe those are his real teeth.

    Also, the general rule is half your age plus 7. But being Oklahoma I could see how this guy could have flunked basic math.

  9. Sure the ‘bride’ isn’t one of those blow-up dolls?

  10. A major part of the problem here is her father. What kind of parent consents to this shit? Maybe he took a bird dog in trade from the “groom”.

  11. Wonder where the pair met? Ice cream parlor, Church social, Inhofe Pigeon Shoot, Trump rally…

    1. A daycare.

  12. Huh. The guy had to settle for an “old maid” because he couldn’t find a bride of the “right age.” (Younger).

    I don’t know. It’s Oklahoma. Should we even be surprised anymore? It’s like Florida, but without an ocean.

    Eat enough deep-fried Sno-Cones and maybe it’ll all work itself out somehow.

  13. I have heard of this happening there and am surprised this allowance has not been strickin from the books as being ‘legal’ after all this time. I think a 16 year old girl is just that… a 16year old girl still growing and developing, that’s much too young to be delivered into the hands of what amounts to pedophiles and where we live, have residence, that’s very illegal.

  14. Possibly, yes much too young. Except for the Christian crowd, that, wait for it, only subscribe to those Christian values that are convenient. Ugh, I can’t wait until the pandemic subsides and I can go to a more forward thinking country like Saudi Arabia. Bill Hicks, “Do you really think if Jesus comes back he wants to see a cross?”.

    1. I was taught and have always heard and read that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was very young when she was impregnated “by the Holy Ghost” – possibly as young as eleven. I have never heard it argued otherwise.

      Just saying…

      1. Gray, they leave out the part where it was the “Prophet” Muhammad who did the impregnifyin’.

        Too embarrassing a detail for both families, don’t ya know.

        1. Never heard that one, Lord Sniffington.

  15. Looks like right wing is tending toward the “handmaid’s tale” or so it seems. First, SCOTUS. Next, bumf*cked, Oklahoma.

  16. Imagine if it were a gay couple. Channel 4 would have the chopper out.

    1. Been there done that with the pride of the GOP, Ralph Shortey.

  17. If you think about it, you think this relationship probably didn’t start when the bride was 16. Most likely he had been (no pun intended) grooming her, and her parent, for a while. So does this a 35 year old man acting inapproperate with a 14 year old girl change your perspective?

    We had laws and common decency protecting children who are not mentally mature enough to think past their newly raging hormones and feelings. One would be hard pressed to find an individule who did not at one time experience a young crush on an older person.

    The difference is that the adult in any situation is responsible for not stepping over the line with a child. We once had social norms that made it unacceptable for an adult to take advantage of a child’s innocence. However, now we are “woke” and in our efforts to not offend anyone in the name of political correctness has resulted in a mob mentality of skewed acceptance.

    As a person matures the age difference of an acceptable relationship widens. But the younger of the participants should still have the maturity to make a lifeling commitment that is physically and mentally healthy for themselves. To add to that is the parental responsibility that should be protecting those immature decisions.

    I would not be so bold as to assume that a young adult of 16 might not have resioning skills above their years. However, it would be highly unlikely and if the normal checks and balances have failed this young lady, it is our place to openly question that as a society who protects our youth.

    Alas, we too have been groomed to ingnorant acceptance as a society of gutless sheep. We no longer stand up in mass for the protection of our innocent. That is someone else’s responsibility. We have accepted that our opinions and sense of what is right must be stifled less we be publically ridiculed into submission by the self-righteous vocal minority.

    This may very well be a case of a very intelligent, mature young lady making a well thought out life long commitment with wellmeaning adults supporting her decision. Or, could it be the dumbing down of America to the point of self destruction.

    My guess is the latter.

    1. The pervs like to say “marry them young and raise them the way you want them.” I just threw up in my mouth.

  18. This seems a bit much, even to me.

  19. Friend of friend’s family is in Fort Gibson. Apparently the girl’s mother died back in March. Wonder if this is an action from unhandled grief on the girl’s part, combined with an older man taking advantage?

    NAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH, surely not. /s

  20. Weird, truly bizarre but again this isn’t coming from the authorities. So my point is obviously they worked it out and it’s legal. Doesn’t make it right, however haven’t we learned our lesson with getting involved in matters that we shouldn’t?

    1. There’s an exception to not getting involved when it involves literal children whose brains aren’t developed enough to make decisions themselves. When life expectancy was in the 30’s, marrying in the young teens to whoever may be alive may have made more sense in society, now it doesn’t.

  21. Or rather don’t we have enough to worry about right now. If the authorities have signed off on this then who are we to question that? I didn’t go to law school, I’m not a judge, I am be a small business and I try to manage it peacefully. This makes me very sad and disgusted but mostly angry. However, she’s not my kid and I don’t know any of them so for all I know they don’t actually exist. Do you see my point.

  22. Clinton didn’t marry them, he just used them with his pal JEFF. Turpin’s great pal ex ambassador and ex NewMexico Gov, Richardson was legendary pedo.

    1. Trump also liked to walk in on young girls in the beauty pageant he ran and remarked how great his infant daughter’s breasts would eventually look.

      Pedophilia is a personal failing, not a trademark of any particular religion or affiliation.

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