7 ways Oklahomans can deal with “Pandemic Fatigue”

Whew, my fellow Oklahomans. Can you believe we are a solid seven months into dealing with this pandemic? While mask mandates and staying the f*ck away from strangers has seemed like normal, everyday life (for half of us) for a while now, Mayor Holt addressed KFOR readers last week on the dangers of “pandemic fatigue.” According to UCLA, this pandemic fatigue can lead to adverse mental health effects and lapses in taking proper precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19. Because we at TLO care about the wellbeing of our fellow Oklahomans, here are 7 ways Oklahomans can deal with pandemic fatigue!

Limit Your News Intake

It seems like local news nowadays only reports on the extreme ends of current events. We are either bombarded with doom and gloom or are reassured in interviews with our esteemed governor that Oklahoma is doing “OK!” in its response to COVID-19. Since it’s overwhelming to try to make sense of so much information thrown at us daily, sometimes it’s healthier to take a break from the new sites and stick with reading obscure local social blogs instead.

Stay the F*ck Home

If you and 57 of your closest friends are so tired of the pandemic that you choose to go out maskless and party like it’s February 2020 every Friday and Saturday night, you are basically shooting yourself in the foot at this point.

Start New Traditions!

According to UCLA, a great way to deal with pandemic fatigue is to start new traditions to break up the monotony of sheltering-in-place. While UCLA recommends things like a weekly, “Self-Care Saturday,” Oklahoma traditions may include a weekly, “Unemployment Application Activity” or even a daily “Evening Existential Crisis.”

Deal with Your Stress

Have you ever tried not being stressed? Try proven strategies such as hot yoga, being born with a Nichols Hills trust fund, or acquiring free government housing and medical assistance by being elected governor.

Find New Ways to Cope

Day drinking on a Tuesday was all the rage early in the “safer-at-home” initiative back in April. But six months later the practice is less of a cute, Instagram-able way to pass the time and more of a reason for your mom to forward you prayer chain emails and YouTube clips from Dr. Phil. It’s time for Oklahomans to find new ways to cope with the pandemic! Try journaling about your experience in a strongly-worded letter to your esteemed governor. Go on a nature walk around scenic Hefner Lake. Acknowledge your feelings as you scream them at your reflection in the bathroom mirror between Zoom meetings that should’ve been emails. Do what feels right.

Stay Up-to-Date with COVID Numbers

A major problem with pandemic fatigue is that the longer the situation lasts, the more likely it is for us to lapse in taking proper precautions, like social distancing and wearing a mask. If you are also tired of washing your hands and keeping a piece of fabric strapped to your face, spend a couple of minutes looking at the daily COVID-19 infection rates and deaths in the state to motivate you to stay vigilant. Because word on the street is that the fatigue of COVID-19 is much worse.

Wear a F*cking Mask

If you truly are tired of the global pandemic, take steps to decrease the spread.

For low-cost mental health counseling, go here. For help in securing other precious resources, go to 211oklahoma.org. Follow Hayley on twitter @squirrellygeek and become a contributing member of TLO here

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4 Responses

  1. With a free pass to some of the people I’ve seen who don’t appear to have the wherewithal to get a mask, I realize that the geezers in my age group, rugged outdoorsy types, young moms towing snotty-nosed kids, and folks whose attitudes evoke political rights (over responsibilities) who aren’t wearing masks just don’t give a good goddamn who lives and dies. I don’t see that as a point of pride.

  2. I’m amazed by the dumbassess who think that wearing a mask takes away their “freedoms.”

    Properly understood, wearing a mask is our patriotic responsibility, a small sacrifice to make to help our country end this horror. You say you stand for the flag and kneel for the cross, but you can’t be bothered to wear a f*****g mask? What kind of “patriot” are you? And how is your “freedom” working out for you?

    America’s sad approach to the pandemic (first ignore it, then pretend that we won and it’s already gone) has only prolonged our agony. America still leads the world in coronavirus infections per capita. Leads the WORLD! We must be doing something wrong. What could it be?

    Once China finally got its act together, they shut their country down hard. Now their infection rate is near zero and their economy is growing again. No I’m not saying that America should be like China. But we would be stupid if we didn’t learn something from their success.

  3. Huh. “Pandemic Fatigue.” Is that like being “triggered” when someone hits you with yet another “micro-aggression” and you have to start squeezing your “emotional support animal” so hard his little head almost pops off?

    I’m trying to figure out how a nation of people who made it through such unpleasantness as various wars, depressions, financial crises, and cultural insanity (1968, anyone?) have become so weak of heart, mind, and spirit that a few months of mask-wearin’ makes them crazy.

    Bukowski was right when he wrote, “Humanity, you never had it from the beginning.”

    Wear your masks and stop whining about it. Don’t make me come over there.

  4. Since I’m not working I didn’t see a point in parking the car in the garage. I haven’t used it in months so why not park it on the driveway and use the extra space to make life better. A few grow lights, hydroponic troughs and pretty soon I’m now an organic pharmacist! Let me tell you the ratio of pounds of food to ounces of dope is better than gold to lead. Now I’m fat but stress free!

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