You can book the “Castration Cabin” on Airbnb for $45 a night

Don’t miss your chance to experience a strange part of Oklahoma history before it’s gone!

We’ve learned the backwoods cabin where cannibalistic castrators Bobby Allen and Thomas Gates allegedly performed their surgeries/body parts harvesting is available to rent on Airbnb. Or at least it was. The listing has already been removed, which is probably a good thing, because those would have been some really painful reviews to read:

“This was the perfect little cabin for a little weekend getaway with my husband! Clean and cozy with a unique surgical decor theme! Our hosts Bobby and Tommy couldn’t have been nicer. They even sent us home with some delicious sausage from their deep freezer! Yummy!

Although the AIRBNB listing is gone, it’s still available on the website’s gay BFF – MISTERBandB!

Dubbed “Bob’s Weekend Wonders Mountain Retreat,” the two-bedroom trailer comes complete with a 100″ inch projector screen with theater sound. Other amenities include outdoor speakers, individual lockable lockers, and – as with any good trailer that doubles as a makeshift castration clinic – a private entrance with a 10×10 balcony. Breakfast is included, but I’d recommend you skip it.

Here are some pics from the site:


I don’t know if they’re scouting for locations or not, but the producers of the next True Detective season better lock this down while they have a chance.

The Bob’s Weekend Wonder brand is apparently a multi-faceted business empire for Allen, the self-described Eunuch Maker of the duo. He also used it as a front for his pop-up board game shop. In addition to that, he’d also hock some weird tube that cooks meat with sunlight.

Check out this video:

After watching, reading, and in my case, writing all of this, I feel the strange need for a bath.

Anyway, as I promised, we’ll continue to monitor and follow this breaking story. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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13 Responses

  1. Can we de-annex that part of the state and cede it to Louisiana where it belongs?

    1. As a resident of this part of the state, I promise you these perverts are not Okies and were only in the area occasionally. They’re from Texas. I’m learning there are a lot of shady characters coming up from Texas and committing horrible acts of violence upon Oklahoman’s. It’s getting scary to be honest. I live within 15 miles of this cabin and I cannot imagine anyone around our neck of the woods offering up such sick and twisted things.

  2. It’s OK with me if you drop further coverage of these guys. It goes poorly with breakfast.

  3. Y’all need to bang out a script for this and get the Green kid to direct. Start The Lost Ogle Film Studios. You can probably sell it to Quibi

    1. I think Quibi just went broke. I’d say belly up, but in light of this story……NO!!

    2. Rights have already been purchased. 1st act to the trumps do the WH reality tv show which was sold to Fox News for 10 billion dollars. What if the last four years were all caught on private film, just like the 60 minute segment?

  4. CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin books room at the cabin, is it too late?

  5. So after the clients get through at the eunuch chop shop do they immediately go to H & H gun shop to get a huge gun to compensate?

  6. ME: OK, tell me about the amenities.

    CASTRATIN’ DUDE: The wha—–?

    ME: Do you have wifi, continental breakfast, free HBO, a rooftop bar, or—-

    CASTRATIN’ DUDE: None o’ that, but if’n there’s a problem with yer manhood, I’m purty good with a knife. OH! Also, we got special treats in the freezer, if’n you wanna munch on somethin’ different.

    ME: Yeah, nah, I think I’d rather have a bunch of Jehovah’s Witnesses try to recruit me into Amway, dude. [hangs up phone, takes another shot of whiskey, gives up all thoughts of a dream vacation to Darkest Oklahoma.]

  7. One of the guy’s favorite videos is a “humorous” video about being the victim of castration. The guy comments “as a person who was castrated for non medical reasons, I thought it was funny and very well put together”

  8. visit . search . be careful !

  9. They should make a tv show out of this, oh wait, they already have, The Guest Book.

  10. I have lived next door to these guys for 3 years… The crap he(Bob) has said and done to us is crazy. Thomas is very quiet and shy… Very respectful… Unlike Bob… Bob is a bully… I’ve seen him slap Thomas around… I honestly believe that Thomas was scarred of Bob…

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