5 Most Annoying Oklahoma Political Ads

Happy Monday, my fellow Oklahomans! We are only 8 days away from the election, which means we only have to withstand approximately 192 more hours of political campaign ads before we are again free to be willfully ignorant of our own government’s misdoings. As a registered independent in this great state, I am sick of getting mailers, emails, texts, and ads from both sides of the political aisle.

But no campaigning irritates me as much as the YouTube ads that play in between my vine compilations. After seeing them for the 1,347th time this month, I don’t think the ads accomplishing what the candidates hoped for, after all. In fact, here are 5 political ads on YouTube that are achieving the goal of annoying Oklahoma voters.

What the ad is trying to accomplish:

The ad wants to paint Kendra Horn as a fiscally conservative, attentive Oklahoma congresswoman who is somehow looking out for the best interest of her constituents by rejecting a stimulus package and medicare for all in the middle of a pandemic.

What the ad actually accomplishes:

Motion sickness.

What the ad is trying to accomplish:

Stephanie Bice wants to appear to be a relatable, family-oriented person by talking directly to the camera about her support of the oil and gas industry while bumping elbows with her husband and kids. She separates herself from the competition by insinuating her opponent works for Nancy Pelosi, while claiming she’ll work for the oil overlords Oklahomans themselves.

What the ad actually accomplishes:

Mistrust. Her family is seen doing many questionable activities. For starters, what Oklahoma child chooses to eat a plant for breakfast? Why are there 2 breakfast plates for 4 people? And who can afford to put 30 seconds worth of cream cheese on the average breakfast bagel in this economy? Something is awry.

What the ad is trying to accomplish:

This ad is attempting to depict Abby Broyles as a leftist who will use her journalistic powers to implement a “radical, socialist agenda” that elects Biden, takes our guns, and raises our taxes. The ad claims that Abby’s policies are better suited for a “liberal” state like California. Like a lizard under a tank lamp in Pet Smart, the ad basks Jim Inhofe in warm sunlight next to a pumpjack in an attempt to assure voters that the future of the oil industry is bright under Inhofe’s leadership.

What the ad actually accomplishes:

Making Abby look damn good. If Jim really wanted to paint Abby in a bad light, he shouldn’t have used his own face as a foil.

What the ad is trying to accomplish:

This ad portrays Inhofe as an elderly, out-of-touch, career politician who fails to show up to cast votes almost as often as he embarrasses his constituents.

What the ad actually accomplishes:

Nothing. There was absolutely zero new information here.

What the ad is trying to accomplish:

The ad provokes the tough questions. What is best for our nation? What is true justice? What is Kim Kardashian’s husband looking at? It also calls voters to cast their ballots for a candidate who will put God first and restore prayer in our society. A vote for Kanye is a vote for Jesus Christ himself.

What the ad actually accomplishes:

By placing the responsibility on voters to better the world and calling us to pray for our nation, it shows us that Kanye really isn’t that different than the other candidates on the ballot in this state. So Oklahomans, it’s time to pick your poison.

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22 Responses

  1. How about ALL of them? The only good AD I’ve seen recently is the Joe Biden, Jennifer Hudson and Black Eyed Pea ad. It’s great. Nov. 3 can’t come fast enough. Then we will either have to start building bunkers in our back yard (while trump stops building the wall and starts building ovens) — or we will finally be rid of him and have a chance to survive.

    The text messages are annoying. I’ve given all I can to my candidates yet they all want more in a time when I am having to help family members survive who have lost jobs. Today I feel there is not a hell hot enough for trump, McConnell and Graham.

    I intend to vote for Kendra and Broyles, of course. Smart women Meanwhile my modd matches the weather outside as we are having a Hand Maiden QuiverFull DUMB woman put on the Supreme Court in place of our beloved RBG. Shameful.

    A fantasy I have is to wake up Nov. 4th and have the national press saying ….”Look at this! Even Oklahoma turned BlUE.” Like I said ….. a fantasy.

    1. You’ve stated everything I could have possibly said so eloquently.

    2. I like everything you said. Made my day. I am going to share in your fantasy life…make it come true!

  2. 5. Inhofe
    4. J. Inhofe
    3. Old ass fraud Inhofe
    2. Old ass fraud, corrupt Inhofe
    1. Fuck Inhofe and anyone who supports Inhofe

  3. You must not have seen the one time showing of Libertarian Todd Hagopian and his quest for a spot as an Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner. He’s doing the worst impression of Jack Nicholson’s “Here’s Johnny!” from The Shining. All the while trying to convince you deregulating business makes Oklahoma better.

  4. The ad in which an extreme close-up of Inhofe’s face stares straight into the camera, looking and sounding like the Crypt Keeper spouting right-wing platitudes…. well, it’s scarier than most zombie shows.

    Everything that Inhofe says about Abby Broyles, whether true or ridiculously exaggerated, only makes me happier that I voted for her.

    I think that God must be well aware of the present mess in my beloved nation. Pray for us Kanye’s way if you wish, but even better… VOTE!

    Do people who earn their daily bread from oil and gas doubt that the days of fossil fuel dominance in Oklahoma are numbered? Trump promised to save thousands of coal miners’ jobs, and he failed in spite of his superpowers. Shame on Kendra Horn for her recent pandering to the oil Luddites. And it won’t even gain her a single vote.

    1. Amazing how economics gets in the way of bullshit.

  5. I’ve complained about that Bice bagel for weeks! When the daughter comes up to him and smiles he doesn’t break character of an oilman white job is on the chopping block. So she chooses the fruit. That’s what happens when girls don’t get love at home, we settle for fruits.

  6. If I was running for office, I’d want the Credit Jewelry Cowboy (Jim Woolbright, RIP) as my spokesperson.

    JIM [sitting on his horse]: If your child or your spouse gets sick, don’t you want the best care for them? Shoot, even if my horse gets a cold, I call the vet.

    And what about a quality education for our kids? It’s OK to be rich, but if somebody ain’t rich, should their kids have to settle for bad schools just because their wallet ain’t quite as fat?

    [dismounts horse, feeds him an apple] And you know, fair is fair: if this great country has a system in place that made you so rich you could afford to buy a $70,000 car or two, and a 4000 square foot home, don’t you think paying an extra 10-20% in taxes might help your neighbors who need a fair chance in life? Shoot, you can still be rich; they aren’t tryin’ to compete with you. They just want to pay their rent and send THEIR kids to a good college, too!

    [looks at camera] Now, I know we throw lots of names around at each other, like “socialist” and “welfare queen” when we’re talking about our neighbors, but shoot, I wouldn’t let Horse go hungry just because there was a Thoroughbred horse two stalls over who wanted all the feed for himself and was willin’ to let Horse starve to death so that Thoroughbread could afford a gold-plated horse trailer, instead of just a silver-plated one.

    That’s why I’m votin’ for Lord Skiffington III for governor. Sure, if you make more than $60,000 a year he’ll raise your taxes and make you level the playing field, and he won’t kiss Big Oil’s be-hind, and you won’t see him in church ever because he’s an atheist—-but won’t that be better than what we have right now?

    LORD SKIFFINGTON III FOR GOVERNOR: A bottle of whiskey in every liquor cabinet, and I promise to raise Oklahoma from Number 50 in everything nationwide to at least Number 45!

    1. Skif, you have my vote!

  7. Why does the oil industry aka Oklahoma derpublican Party aka neo-dixiecrats keep using black actors posing as workers in their negative campaign commercials slurring Democratic Congresswoman Kendra Horn? This is the same oil industry who are cutting safety corners in fracking for profits resulting in our sudden seismic/EARTHQUAKE activity, and the same industry ignoring safety for profits at the Cimarron Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Site in the early 70s, who likely murdered one of their labor employees Karen Silkwood for whistle blowing on them.

    My God, Oklahoma conservatives have only been calling themselves republicans (with a lower case r) since the early 1970s GOP Southern Strategy. Everyone knows that the Southern Strategy was to reel in angry racist conservative dixiecrats who became disgruntled that the progressive liberal Democratic Party (they thought they controlled) joined Abe Lincolns Republican Party signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Prior to that, Oklahoma conservative dixiecrats supported the KKK & white supremacy, such as the Greenwood Massacre of 1921, as well as Jim Crow. Can’t help to notice how many indigenous Oklahoman’s today align themselves with Oklahoma’s GOP, but could it be their historical ties to supporting the confederacy before statehood? Funny today how Oklahoma’s GOP & their boy Stitt are now screwing over indigenous tribes, but yet they still vote kkkonservative.

    Plain and simple…Oklahoma conservatives who call themselves republicans today are nothing more than the same gun toting racist blue southern dixiecrats of the past.

  8. Bice hates OU. She only has Pistol Pete on her fridge!!! Remember that 🙂

  9. The Bice and Inhofe ads literally induce vomiting.

    If I were running for office — say, Governor, or Congress — I could only afford one ad, to run once, so I’d have to make it a memorable one like the 1964 LBJ “Daisy” ad. Obviously, a little kid picking a daisy morphing into a nuclear detonation has been done. I’d probably have to do something that would really weird Oklahomans out. They’ll either hate it or love it, but it has to be something to get people *talking*.

    Also: Weird music (can’t be anybody famous), stark BW imagery like out of an European film, lots of big bold words in Helvetica, possible ‘Sprockets’ dancing? I dunno. It’s not like I’m gonna run for office or anything. OK would never elect someone like me who falls somewhere between Betsy Warren and Bernie Sanders on the “progressive radical” scale, or a chicken-fried Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I know when I’m beat. Too bad things like protecting the social safety net, progressive taxation, and universal health care would actually benefit the Oklahomans who’d vote for my opponent because “He’s a family values conservative!”

  10. Hey Kanye,
    The camera is over here!!!

  11. That Bice ad also points out that she supports the oil industry because it’s where her husband works.

  12. The new Inhoffe ad. Gravel-voiced octogenarians looking at each other, and stating how Abby is backed by PELOSI! *cough cough*
    There is one person of color, probably the youngest person and in her fifties, who is obviously reading a script (not a lot of persons of color in Inhoffe ads or, for that matter…)
    It’s obviously written to try to scare retirees, but boy does it come off almost as mean as the rest of them.

  13. The ads that mention ‘90,000 oil field jobs on the line’ are threatened by Kendra Horn’s voting with Nancy Pelosi. Those 90,000 people should be blaming Saudi Arabia and Russia for going into a production war while demand had evaporated as the real cause for their jobs being in jeopardy!

    1. They might even consider the fact that the sun and the wind are a little cheaper than carbon based products. In a society of a stock market based determination of success only the least expensive form of anything will survive. That’s why telling Oklahomans your going to bring jobs back to America while such a thing as a 401k exists is in and of itself an oxymoron. If common sense and economics were never a factor we’d all still be riding a horse and selling phone cards to each other. Remember telephone calling cards?

    2. The 90k should also blame their own executives for a lack of leadership and forward preparation for downtimes. Instead they lavishly spent on perks and non essential items when times were rolling well and found themselves dumping dead weight when the debtors came calling. Less face it, execs like Aubrey didn’t have good business acumen. He was constantly robbing another Peter to pay the latest Paul. Then he ran out of Peters and we all know what happened then.

  14. Just want to note that, in the Inhofe ad advising Broyles on where to run, Joe Biden is actually in prayer with a group…..if he’s asleep, so are they all. And they’d likely be listening to Inhofe reading from the phone book.

  15. First off, Jim Inhofe is an ignorant jackass. #TeamAbby

    Secondly, if you vote for Kanye West, you should have your voting rights revoked.

    Voting for Kanye is almost as bad as the people who were doing write-in voting for that dead monkey back in 2016. I think it was that Harambe gorilla that got killed in the zoo.

  16. i like the ad with kendra standing on a tall building, rocking a bright red dress………………..

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