No Doubt about it! Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are engaged!

He’s a little bit country, she’s a little bit ska. His ex is a bit country, her ex is a bit rock and roll. He sings about dogs, she sings about spider webs.

How ever you want to describe them, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are both world-renowned, lamstream musical superstars. And now, after Reba and Rex, they’re the cutest couple to make the TLO headlines this year.


(NEXSTAR) — On Tuesday, Blake Shelton announced Gwen Stefani “saved” his 2020 by saying yes.

Stefani shared the news on Instagram. Shelton made the engagement announcement on Twitter by saying: “Thanks for saving my 2020… And the rest of my life.. I love you. I heard a YES!”

That’s right! Oklahoma’s son and recovering mullet aficionado Blake Shelton is engaged to his sweetheart, popstar Gwen Stefani. The engagement comes after five years of dating and at least two music video duets that look like they were produced by an 8th grader who’s really into the Twilight movies:

They sure look happy! But someone might want to tell Gwen she’s going to need longer shorts and shorter boots if she’s going to be traipsing around the Tishomingo countryside. Because it looks like she and Blake are in it for the long haul.

The couple first met while taping The Voice in 2015.

Last week, Stefani won her first CMT Music Award for collaborative video of the year for her duet with Shelton on “Nobody But You.”

The couple shared a hug and drinks together and expressed their love for one another in their recorded speech. “What is happening in my life?” Stefani exclaimed.

In all seriousness, we here at TLO wish the happy couple the best of luck in their marriage. Though there’s No Doubt these two love each other, who knew the country and pop stars could make such a great partnership? But you know what they say; Love is blonde.

Gwen is going from Hollaback to Ya’llerback girl. Follow Hayley on twitter @squirrellygeek and become a contributing member of TLO here.

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4 Responses

  1. Congrats to the happy couple. May their union live long and prosper.

    The tabloids are probably rejoicing as well, as less-frequent trips to buy groceries during the pandemic have probably cut into tabloid impulse-buys in the socially-distanced checkout lines.

    If Gwen should be interested in expanding her business opportunities, I understand that there is prime retail space available in Tishomingo (the one in Oklahoma).

  2. I think this falls into that favorite category of “who cares?”

  3. Hollaback Girl Mercantile > The Pink Pistol

  4. and the Diabetes Award goes to………The Lost Ogle!! Slow news day huh?

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