5 Republicans Who Could Challenge Stitt in 2022

Earlier this week, Dr. Ervin Yen – a former Republican lawmaker from OKC who goes against the grain of his party when it comes to trusting the laws of science – announced he’s going to challenge Governor Kevin “Super Spreader” Stitt in the 2022 gubernatorial primary.

Here are details via the AP:

Dr. Ervin Yen, an Oklahoma City anesthesiologist and former Republican state senator, plans to challenge Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt in the 2022 governor’s race, saying he’s disappointed with the governor’s response to the coronavirus pandemic…

He said he’s been disappointed with several decisions Stitt has made, including a push to privatize Medicaid, eliminate Health Department rules that would have increased vaccination rates and move the state health lab from Oklahoma City to Stillwater.

Those are fair criticisms of Kevin Stitt, and a good reason to vote against him… if you’re not an Oklahoma Republican.

Seriously, did Dr. Yen forget what political party he belongs to? He calls out wacko abortion legislation, wants to mandate masks and vaccines, and is anti-medical marijuana. Meanwhile, Kevin Stitt’s strongly pro-life, doesn’t vaccinate his kids, and refused to implement public health measures during the pandemic, leading to the needless hospitalizations and deaths of our most vulnerable citizens. Stitt would crush him in a landslide.

That being said, I do think someone in the GOP should challenge Stitt just to make things interesting. Here are 5 options:

Chad Richison (a.k.a The Paycom Dude)

• As the founder and CEO of Paycom, he’s worth a cool $3.2 billion dollars and is one of the few people in the state who can both out-spend and out-businessman Kevin Stitt on the campaign trail. That being said, he would have a hard time out-derping the Governor. In the early throws of the pandemic, when Stitt was hitting up all the popular bars in the state, Richison wrote the Governor a public letter criticizing him for the state’s shitty response. That will win him points in our semi-sophisticated cities and suburbs, but not backward rural areas. He’d have to bring out all the investors from Shark Tank to win over those folks. As Trump has proven, they always trust the word of reality show businesspeople.

Steve Green (Hobby Lobby)

• As the President of Hobby Lobby, and one of the heirs to his family’s massive fortune, he can not only out-spend and out-businessman Kevin Stitt, but out-Derp and out-pray him, too! That would be a fun primary to watch! I bet their debates would turn into massive prayer galleries and be moderated by Craig Groeschel. It would be interesting to see which one God chooses. If it’s Green, let’s hope he doesn’t plunder and sell our state’s Native American artifacts on the black market.

Shelly Landon (Weird Lady)

• The star of the OK-CD5 Republican primary, Shelly Landon should run for Governor just so we can get some fresh Tommy Wiseau-inspired campaign ads to run on Channel 14.

T.W. Shannon (Right Wing Former House Speaker)

• Since he was throttled by James Lankford in the race to replace Tom Coburn, T.W. Shannon – the former Oklahoma House Speaker who will be involved in Oklahoma’s redistricting process – has been hard at work padding his work resume, and running around the right-wing nut job circuit in what feels like plans for another run for public office.

As a member of the Chickasaw Nation, he’d be a good alternative to those who are turned off by Stitt’s endless legal attacks on the tribes. Plus, he feels right at home at places like OAN, and already uses Q-Anon hashtags in his social media posts. Basically, he can really speak to Oklahomans.

That being said, being a party loyalist, I doubt Shannon would have the political courage to challenge a sitting Republican governor in a primary. He’ll probably wait around for Inhofe to die or resign and run for Senate again.

Tess Teague (Lawmaker turned Blogger)

Although her political career lasted about as long as a snap, Tess Teague has reemerged as a fashion and lifestyle personality named “Thessali.” Insert your own joke here, but her blog’s called “Down In The Hollow.” According to my made-up Internet research, it’s a homage to the original title of the Alice In Chains classic “Down in Hole.”

Down in the hollow and I don’t know if I can be saved,
See my heart I decorate like a chic farmhouse grave
Oh, you don’t understand who they thought I was supposed to be
Look at me now I’m a style blogger who won’t let herself be

Anyway, I don’t know if Tess has political aspirations again, but running against Stitt would get her more pageviews for her blog. Plus, she could share 10 stylish designs for artisanal campaign rallies.

Anyway, those are just five options. If you have any ideas or suggestions, leave a comment.

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19 Responses

  1. Mary Fallin was one of the least popular governors in America and still got re-elected. GOP primary voters rarely oust their incumbents, so Stitt has to be a huge favorite to serve “four more years.”

    Forget Dr. Yen. He’s pro-vaccination. I don’t think that will sell in a primary against Gov. Personal Responsibility.

  2. Thinking “the usual suspects” of the Oklahoma Republican Party will stand down and wait their turn for Stitt to finish his two terms and then move on to “help” Oklahoma in Washington.

    However should the Democrats put a fresh face with moderate ideas and be supportive of the Tribes in Oklahoma that candidate could get all sorts of funding for a campaign. The die-hards Republicans will still go with Stitt, as they love the “Oklahoma Standard.”

    It’s funny how Stitt marketed himself as a political outsider in his campaign, and political strategist Scott Mitchell referred to him as a “social butterfly” of politics before his appearance at the mask free Republican victory party in Edmond. Point being for an “outsider” who was going to “fix” the state, he looks like he sure loves the role of becoming a political kingpin. Guess it’s more fun than being a “double naught spy” like his TV double Jethro on Beverly Hillbillies.

    Kevin Stitt’s recent actions are looking more and more like he is stranger than Shelly Langdon, but those are the characters who get elected, or at least make it to the runoff before the real candidate is chosen.

  3. I want Brad Henry back

  4. To paraphrase the late James L. Pettigru: “Oklahoma is too small for a republic and too large for an insane asylum.”

  5. “Taking a lot of pictures of yourself seems narcissistic. And some people may think that it is. Whatever. I wanted a fashion and lifestyle blog.”

    Good lord Tess.

    Not sure if she’s the average “successful” Oklahoma milennial who “works” for her family business or if she married a guy who “works” for his family’s business. Either way, I’m surprised she wasn’t able to singlehandedly keep the Urban Hipster Farmhouse in business based on her Home Decor blog section.

  6. Holy moley! Them’s some tight-ass floods Tess’ bo got on.

  7. J.C. Watts, perhaps? Don’t know about ya’ll, but I really miss those outlandish comical needlers of yesteryear, following J.C. around in KFC chicken costumes …..”A Black man votin’ for a Republican is like a chicken votin’ for Colonel Sanders”!…. J.C.’s dad once declared.

    If J.C. runs, it’d re-energize his needler base.

    1. Dear God we’re already missing the reality tv action from the trump/pruitt show. It’s all over.

  8. its cool that you felt the need to make a dig at the “backward rural areas” in your first option.

    1. Yes, it is. Those of us who live in rural areas, as a group, are a big reason that Oklahoma gets held back.

  9. So can we look forward to a corresponding article about possible Democratic challengers?

    1. What’s the point? Couldn’t we just draw straws?

    2. Sad to say, Democratic challengers in Oklahoma are 100% irrelevant in statewide races.

      That didn’t keep the conspiracy theorists from finding “discarded” and torn ballots for Trump in a trash can at a Tulsa precinct, supposedly proving… something, in ruby red Oklahoma. They were actually spoiled ballots properly documented, destroyed, and replaced. But it made a good headline for a while…

  10. Stitt has proven, in his actions, that he wasn’t prepared to run the state. The decisions he’s made are, quite frankly, diabolical.

    A true Trumpette.

    1. Impossible! Of course he’s prepared! He’s a Christian successful businessman, running the State like a business. Good enough for us….

  11. If OJ Simpson were the Republican nominee, people in Oklahoma would vote for OJ only because of party affiliation.

  12. Another shady business man with no political, state or federal government experience, totally ignorant, and unbelievably self centered.

  13. Look. Stitt will be in DC and called Senator by the time the 2022 governor’s race comes around. Lt Gov Pinnell will be the Gov and odds on favorite to win a full term because: (1). He’s done nothing of note; (2). Stitt’s crowd will have to return the favor of making Mrs. Stitt and kids happy by getting them out of OKC which they hate; (3). Those five you named either are rich and politically unknown or are poor and politically known. Many other right wingers will also think they’re up to the job because of the example Stitt has set. He also thought he was a genius by ignoring government his entire life, including not voting, and then just would stroll into the capitol and the yes men in the legislature would say yes…which they did the first year until they figured out Stitt was clueless, arrogant and selfish. In the second year they had had enough and voted to override his vetoes almost unanimously in both parties. For all these reasons and many more Stitt will end up just being an irrelevant asterisk in the history books. His main accomplishment will be rivaling Mary Fallin as Oklahoma’s worst governor and he did it in only two years while it took Fallin eight.

    In closing don’t forget the probability of the furniture salesman, Bob Mills or some egomaniacal preacher out of right field to decide the day before filing that only they can save Oklahoma, either through prayer or salesman skills.

    On the Democratic side some smart, talented young thinker…such as Scott Inman or Emily Virgin, will step up, get no help from anybody and probably get killed by anybody registered as an R in November of 2022. After all Abby Broyles, who fits that donkey description, lost to a dead man just a few weeks ago….in a landslide.

  14. Given Oklahomans’ determination “to do things the Oklahoma way,” which usually means something along the lines of always wearing your shoes on backwards (assuming you’re one of those who wear shoes at all), I see him getting reelected despite his inability to do much of anything. He’s definitely as dull as dishwater when it comes to anything common sense, which we saw early in his administration while he ran down Lincoln throwing hundred dollar bills in the air while fighting with the Indians over casino cash. Not only did he negotiate an illegal agreement, but he even went so far as to do it for less money than we were receiving. He’s already got his nose shoved so far up Trump’s rear end proving his dedication and determination to be the Ultimate Baby D, that he’s allowed Covid to run completely unabated by doing everything his Daddy Donald tells him despite doctors’ pleas to act in the interest of public health. The man just isn’t very smart, but in true Oklahoma fashion, he’s what the Republicans want and, unfortunately, everything Oklahoma deserves for refusing to prioritize education in our state so that Republicans can put drones like Stitt in office.

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