Breaking: Kevin Stitt forgot to set up official Parler account

A few nights ago, Norman Transcript reporter Reese Gorman – the Buzz Killington newshound who busted up the OU super spreader tailgate back in September – let everyone know on Twitter that Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt had succumbed to temptation and created a Parler account.
If you're smart enough to stay off social media and not follow any news coverage outside of what you read on this website, Parler is the trendy social media app that's popular with the ultra-conservative, Derplahoman types because the platform won't interfere with their right to gleefully and willingly share, spread and consume biased, misleading and false propaganda that they believe is the truth.
Basically, it's social media for the 70% of conservatives who think the American Presidential election was a fraud, and don't want to be bothered with fact checks, criticism, truth and all that boring stuff that doesn't support their misinformed opinions, hunches and gut-instincts.
Naturally, the tweet took off in the left-wing Oklahoma outrage echo chamber. They were for some reason salty that a right-wing governor would create a social media account on a platform that's home to some of his most loyal supporters. But not too long after Reese reported the news, the Governor's communications bro issued the following statement:
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