Red Alert! Markwayne Mullin speaks out against “widespread” voter fraud!

Red alert! Earlier this week, esteemed Oklahoma Representative and Trump-enthusiast Markwayne Mullin was interviewed by KTUL in Tulsa about “widespread” instances of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential elections. While Markwayne praised the efficiency and security of the Oklahoma election process, he seemed to be skeptical of the results of states that flipped to blue once the mail in ballots were counted states where fraudulent voting is supposedly rampant!

Via OKC Fox…

Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin joined NewsChannel 8 Monday afternoon to talk about allegations of “widespread” elections fraud in the presidential race.

ABC News, the Associated Press and other major media outlets have projected that Joe Biden won the election, but President Donald Trump is disputing that outcome.

Mullin, a Republican and vocal Trump advocate, claims he has evidence of elections fraud.

“We stand with the president by saying that every legal vote should be counted,” Mullin said. “That’s true, but we shouldn’t count illegal votes, and that’s what the whole court base is, and that whole fight is, is that there was a widespread fraud here, and we know it, and how much of that determined the outcome of the election will be up to the courts to decide.”

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually agree with Markwayne on a lot of this. In US elections, every legal vote should be counted and we shouldn’t count illegal votes. But it seems like voter fraud in the US is even less widespread than Markwayne’s MMA wins. In the interview with KTUL, when asked about his evidence for voter fraud, Markwayne responded with three anonymous, anecdotal stories of deceased voters “casting” votes and stated that he believed that voter fraud was widespread because, “we feel like it’s extremely widespread.” Well as long as we are using our feelings as facts, I feel like Markwayne is an ass-kissing embarrassment to the state of Oklahoma.

Here’s more…

Mullin told NewsChannel 8 that the president’s dispute of the election outcome isn’t undermining our democratic voting system.

He says there are “real people” coming forward with “real evidence” of what he believes is fraud.

It’s pretty bad when even a Fox News-affiliated television station is putting a republican lawmaker’s statements in “quotations.” When called out by the interviewer about the potential dangerousness of spreading the idea that our voting system is flawed and vulnerable to fraud without any real evidence, Markwayne responded with, “I just gave you three examples.” Well good job, Markwayne. Even if your anecdotal stories are true and three instances of voter fraud did occur in the state of Pennsylvania, that means Trump is still 53,216 votes behind Biden.

Now I don’t want to undermine the importance of making sure our voting process is secure, so I went ahead and searched for reported instances of voter fraud in Pennsylvania. Oh the embarrassment I felt when I learned that Markwayne had indeed closely called the instances of voter fraud in the state! According to the Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania, one instance of voter fraud has in fact been found: a case in which man had cast a vote in his deceased mother’s name for Donald Trump.

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29 Responses

  1. Slightly off topic but; Senator Lankford has called on the DumpsterFire administration to stop with the bullshit – denying Biden and Harris the high level daily intelligence briefs.

    Republican senator says he will step in if Biden doesn’t have access to intelligence briefings by Friday.

    Someone should get the high level briefs since DumpsterFire only gets the dumbed-down flip chart show, if he even bothers.

    1. Republican Senator Puts White House on Notice and Then Remembers He’s a Republican and Backtracks

      That was quick.

    2. I bet Trump is partly trying to keep the next administration out because he’s been ignoring some critical warnings and is trying to hide it like a kid trying to hide a broken lamp.

      1. Shredder parties?

  2. Obviously Heyzeus raised the dead and sent them to the polls to vote.
    Or should that be: ‘Raised them from the dead and they ‘mailed’ it in.’ ?
    Who the hell even names their kid “Markwayne” anyway?? I mean pick one already!

    1. According to Wikipedia, sourcing the Oklahoma State Vital Records Index, his legal name is Mark Wayne Mullin.

      His use of “MarkWayne” seems to be an affectation of his own. Perhaps he thinks it more suitable for a mixed martial arts fighter and a Congressman.

      1. Well, that makes his voter registration and voting invalid. Real ID, exact match, election fraud, …

        I think it’s because having the name Wayne makes you a serial killer. My source:

        “We think you see the pattern: They all have the middle name “Wayne.” It seems coincidental, but “Wayne” turns out to be a really common middle name for both convicted (and alleged) murderers. So much so, in fact, that News of the Weird‘s Chuck Shepherd kept a running tally of them through 2008; and as of now, his list of killer Waynes has 223 people on it.”

    2. People who produce stupid people like Markwayne name them ridiculous things. His is at the top of dumb name and dumb people.

  3. I agree with Mullins on this. There must be fraud, on his part, because what sane person would ever vote for a shitferbrains person like Markwayne Mullins?

    1. About 75% of voters in the 2nd District, that’s who.

      But you asked about sane people. Good question.

    2. In his defense, he’s brilliant at what he’s good at.

      That said, he should stick to plumbing.

  4. If he has evidence, come forward with it. Don’t use the standard “my brother’s roommate has a friend who told him” story. I know you want to be in the spotlight, and this is a good opportunity, but as you often suggest to others, “put up or shut up.”

  5. Markwayne Mullin is….(A.) A dumbass redneck name belonging to a Derplahoman who will consistently will be voted in by fellow Teabillies that far outnumber people who have actual common sense living in that part of the state, and (B.) a hypocrite for pushing a dumbass conspiracy theory, given that the State of Oklahoma already certified the election here just seven days after Election Day.

  6. The Red Rooter is rooting out fraud in Blue States.

  7. I’ll just drop this right here:

    Coups are executed by traitors….remember what Trump wanted to do with traitors, right?

  8. Markywhine gets to bitch on the local Sinclair Station. Nothing to see here. He and Boris can get together to cry foul.

  9. Mawrkanye may not be this state’s biggest political embarrassment, but he’s making a strong case for himself.

  10. I keep hearing about this supposed Voter Freud, but I’m not sure what to make of it.

    I mean, I hear it has something to do with psycho-anal-cysts, or some kinda damned shit.

    Also, what makes a person engage in Voter Freud? Is it their ego, their super-ego, or their (state issued) ID? Is belief in Voter Freud caused by transference, the process by which cult members displace onto their cult leader feelings of unsubstantiated importance and readily visible impotence, and then whisper the English equivalent of “SIEG HEIL!” into the dear leader’s ear so he won’t sic his other rabid followers on non-conforming members of his gang?

    I suspect it might have something to do with anal, oral, and/or phallic fixation leading to pee-tape hijinks and compulsive rearranging of remaining hair strands atop the deluded person’s head to compensate for natural hair loss, but that’s just one theory.

    But I think we all can agree we have to watch out for Voter Freud, and his odd theories.

    Oh—also, if you take too many shots to the head doing MMA, it may rattle your alleged brain a bit too much. Just sayin’.

    1. Good one! Some Scott Pruitt would have been a nice cherry on top.

  11. What else can you expect out of this trump ass kisser…he ain’t got nobody of importance to kiss their ass any longer so he cries like the bitch he is to anybody who will listen to his lies and ignorance! Time for the receiving of the mma ass kickings to stop, his CTE is getting a whole lot worse and anybody that stupid can’t afford to lose any more brain cells!
    Look at that pic…the dumb brain-dead SOB doesn’t even look like he knows where the hell he is…guess thats what happened when frump took his little binky out of mullins mouth…he’s just dumbfounded and lost!! He’d be a whole lot better off snaking sewer lines for his daddy again…Guess he’s probably learning the meaning of roto-rooter better in DC anyway!! Uh-Oh…bend over markie baby the FAT ORANGE TRAITOR wants to root your roto AGAIN!!

  12. I’m telling you little Markiewayne sniffed way too much pipe dope when he was a kid.

  13. The question that the anchor should have asked is what is the deal with his name? MarkWayne? Why is the W capitalized if it is a single name. If it is two names why no space?

    Was it a situation where one parent wanted to name him Mark and the other was Wayne and this was the compromise? These are the questions that should be asked, and it might explain a lot about why he is the way he is.

    Probably the most unusual name in the House, and leave it to Oklahoma to elect a MarkWayne!

    Is this a great state or what? Imagine That!

  14. Mullin is a Derplahoman through and through. The man is incapable of either 1) rational thought or 2) shame.

    When no evidence ever emerges of any significant or systematic election fraud anywhere, Mullin will look like the dumbass that he is – and won’t care. Neither will the folks who vote for him.

    1. Possibly political news flashes for Fox Sports SW?

    2. I thought it was Markwhine. My bad.

  15. This putz is a blithering idiot.

  16. I live in the little slice of Trumpland that Mullins represents..I guess that verb applies, and he is certainly very representative of the 75% of the pillbillies that vote.for him. Facts don’t matter, science doesn’t matter, it is only what you believe. Boy to these idiots believe.

    1. Oh and I forgot, so the votes that got Republicans some extra seats in the House and probably maintained control of the Senate are all good, except for that one bit of the ballot a few inches above? Yep Mark Wayne is a genius alright.

  17. Coming from a man who soaked up millions of dollars of PPE money for EACH (he owns at least 5) of his company locations when he’s already a multi-millionaire several times over while his competitor companies were tossed a few left over ppe crumbs after the program was already picked clean by certain business owners like him who clearly don’t need the money for their businesses to survive the pandemic, it’s no surprise he cries fowl when his party loses. He’s losing his cash cow that this administration uses to reward anyone dumb enough to repeat the lies Trump throws out whenever he doesn’t get his way.

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