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Covid makes triumphant return to Oklahoma State Capitol!

Late Wednesday night, we got a heads up from a local Molestradamus about the lack of safety precautions being displayed by Derplahoman lawmakers during a swearing-in ceremony at the capitol. Check it out:

Not surprisingly, less than 48 hours after a big event where social distancing and mask-wearing were disregarded by at least half the audience, news has come out that two Oklahoma lawmakers have tested positive for COVID.

Here are the details from our good, chummy pal Barbara Hoberock with The Tulsa World:

Contact tracing underway after two Oklahoma House members test positive for COVID-19

The Oklahoma House is working with the State Department of Health on contact tracing after two lawmakers tested positive for COVID-19.

Both lawmakers showed no symptoms and took COVID tests as a requirement to attend events, said House Majority Floor Leader Jon Echols, R-Oklahoma City.

One positive member, Kevin Wallace, R-Wellston, was sworn in early on Wednesday while in quarantine. Other members who had been in contact with Wallace were also sworn in separately.

Those members did not attend the ceremonial swearing-in at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Echols said.

Regardless of your thoughts on the Coronavirus, or where you fall on the mask “debate,” one thing we can all agree on is if there’s going to be a big Covid outbreak in Oklahoma, it might as well be at the State Capitol. Like, it’s not that we want an outbreak to happen there, but if we could choose one place in the state for one, that would probably be it.

Here are details on the other lawmaker who had it:

Echols said legislative leaders found out about a second legislator’s positive test Thursday.

That representative, Tammy Townley, R-Ardmore, did not have a mask on for at least a portion of the ceremonial swearing-in.

“I tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies this summer and for that reason had zero reason to believe I was a transmission risk this week,” she said in a written statement. “That is why it is so surprising I tested positive again after the oath ceremony. I am asymptomatic, feel fine and only took a test because it was required for an event I planned to attend Thursday.”

In all fairness to Townley, you can’t blame her for her stupid assumption. It’s not like health professionals say you should still wear a mask and practice social distancing even if you’ve had Covid, or that’s there’s been thousands and thousands of documented reports about people catching Covid twice.

In fact, let’s hope her test was a false positive! The last thing we would want is her blatant and selfish disregard for public safety measures to infect this elderly veteran and war hero she honored on Tuesday:

Not surprisingly, Democratic lawmakers who were at the Capitol event found out about the Covid cases via Twitter. They made sure to let people know that:

Uhm, isn’t that’s kind of the point of Twitter? You find out about news and information in real-time as it’s happening, and not just when then people in charge who would prefer that stuff like this stays covered up wants you to know about it.


  • Real classy Tammy Pevehouse Townley. Blowing Covid all over veterans. She should be made to quarantine in a plastic tent in the capitol rotunda without any hairspray and falsies.

    • Tammy tested positive last summer so assumed that she is immune.

      But – she never considered the possibility that her test was a false positive, and there is no proof yet that there is lasting immunity to the virus if you had it previously.

      How do these people function with so little common sense?

  • ME: Hey, Cletus. I hear you’re going in for heart surgery next week.

    CLETUS: Yep. Bypass surgery.

    ME: You’re an anti-masker, right? Because, “freedom?”

    CLETUS: You damned right! ‘MURICA!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEE-HAW!

    ME: I just learned that the surgeon and the anesthesiologist and the nurses are also anti-maskers, so when you go in for surgery next week, they won’t be wearing masks. Also, no rubber gloves. But, shit, who needs masks, right? This shit about “germs” and “viruses” is all fake news the liberal media made up to take our free-dumb!

    CLETUS: Uh, wait—they ain’t a-gonna be wearin’ no masks when they does the surgery on me? No gloves, neither? Uh, now, I don’t know if’n that’s safe, and I—-

    ME: Cletus, be a big boy and hold true to your anti-science values, OK? Don’t be afraid of non-existent micro-organisms flying around the operating table. Show those doctors what a big man you are! And good luck in the OR next week.

  • It’s interesting to see the Rona deniers always say, “well I’m asymptomatic and I feel fine” as their reasoning that somehow it was okay for them not to wear a mask and contribute to the spread. Just because you feel fine doesn’t mean the person that contracts it from your ignorance will also be asymptomatic and be fine. Wear the damn mask!


  • They’re both Republican, so they had it coming.

  • You can’t contain this virus, but keep thinking you can and you will sleep better (insert sheep sound here).

    • You can’t contain it but you can take steps to substantially nerf it’s ability to transmit. This should be obvious, this is why hand washing is a thing. And coughing or sneezing into your elbow. And using toilet paper or a bidet instead of your bare hands. And wearing condoms.

      Seriously, you really have to be pretty deep down the the Alex Jones/Fox News/OAN brand of dumbass rabbit hole, and fairly disgusting, to suddenly reject hygiene because its politically inconvenient…

      • May I ask, only out of concern for others of course, on this wiping your ass concept………………………..

        • Yeah! you saying my fingers ain’t good enough, fella?

    • Oh yeah? Had a look at Australia and New Zealand’s numbers lately? (insert millions of sheep sounds here)

    • Titz did your in depth research take you to S. Korea, New Zealand, Australia, or any other Nations that have virtually eliminated the virus altogether? Is it hopeless there as well?

  • State GOPers are required to take two tests. A covid-19 and an IQ test. They must test negative for both covid and intelligence to gain admittance.

  • We have enforceable laws against speeding on our roads and highways. Excessive speed endangers drivers, their passengers, and also everyone else that their vehicle approaches. We have many other traffic laws too that help keep us all safe on the roads.

    Violate those laws, and you may have to pay a steep fine because of the good work our well-funded and dedicated law enforcement people – Highway Patrol, County Sheriff, and local police.

    We COULD tell everyone to drive at their own chosen speed but to exercise “personal responsibility” in doing so – because speed laws are an obvious infringement on our freedoms. Somehow, sometime in the distant past, we let Big Government take away our freedom to drive as we wish. Why do we stand for it?

    Pretty soon, the Oklahoma Legislature is likely to have a coronavirus epidemic similar to the one that has been ravaging the White House.

    “Personal responsibility” for thee but not for me, say the anti-masking, entitled Republican idiots. Because their shit doesn’t stink and COVID-19 is for losers.

    • Who better to be caught up in terminal pandemic outbreak than the repubtards…right in their own home of screwing the state citizens, and passing out the lies and ignorance of the FAT ORANGE TRAITOR all the while infecting each other…FAR OUT!!
      Time to set up a temporary morgue in the middle of the rotunda and stack those stupid bastards up like cordwood! Then when it’s full take them out,dump them in the parking lot and light em up like a texas a&m bonfire. Guarantee they won’t be missed by any GOOD OKIES and that will take care of the contact tracing too!
      Like I said NOBODY deserves it more than the “free” repubtards of this state and the whole damn country!!

  • How do these stupid fuckers keep getting re-elected? Seriously, it was a damned miracle that Kendra Horn was able to win CD5 after all…..

    • The “Republican” label is good enough for too many Oklahoma voters. A pulse and an “R” on the ballot is all that they ask for.

      Even the pulse is optional.

      • It’s funny, normally when you hear people complaining about voter fraud, it’s Republicans bitching about dead people voting. Yet, North Dakota just elected a Republican corpse to a seat in their state legislature. Not figuratively, literally a dead person.

        • Ever been to North Dakota? I have. Telling the living from the dead ain’t easy.

    • Voter disenfranchisement is a big part. Another is that 30% of the voting eligible public are low-information voters, and those default to Republican automatically. Then you got another 30% that isn’t registered to vote to start with…

  • Several House staff have also tested positive.

  • Not to interrupt the satire…but people are dying. These psychopathic MAGA idiots make me want slap somebody, preferably one of them. Wear a frigging mask ya hayseeds. Simple civics lesson with personal freedom comes responsibility. Yes you have the freedom to take a dump, just not down my water well. Same with breathing you idiotic virus spreading vectors. There are a few Cheeto Jesus cult members that will come on these threads and try a little false equivalency and solipisms to justify their God given right to kill people. Please go back to your trailer park and stay there..forever. So tired of stupid. Sorry gang, yesterday was a tough day with this stuff..and we now return you to your originally scheduled corndog.

  • The ignorance and gall of those in the governor’s mansion (and those walking the halls of the capitol building) are, quite simply, amazing.

    The laughing stock of the nation: again.

    • I don’t think Kev and the kids are living in the guv’s mansion.

  • Stupidity is the Oklahoma Standard.

  • By far the best “COVID GUY” picture but could you put Kevin Stitt’s face in there with a bear skin hat?

  • I’m pretty sure that this is some sort of a plot to get more footage for those “funniest” video things I keep seeing in my social media feeds.

    “You won’t believe No.7! Wait for it!”