The Dana Plato RV is for sale in OKC for only $42,000

You can now own a piece of Moore history for only $42,000!

Over the weekend, we got a tip via the Ogle Mole Network that the RV where Different Strokes star Dana Plato took her own life while parked outside a house in Moore in 1999 – pictured above – is available for sale in the OKC area for the bargain-bin price of only $42,500.

Here are the details via RV Trader:

I know it has a sad and morbid historical value and everything, but $42K seems like a hefty price for an old beat-up motor home that could be haunted by one of the actresses from Night Trap. Hell, I bet you could get the tan 2005 Bonneville that Macaulay Culkin was driving during his 2004 OKC drug arrest for only a couple of grand, and you don’t have to worry about finding a place around the Governor’s Mansion to park it.

That being said, the people of Moore have really latched on to this tragic story over the years. In fact, if it wasn’t for Toby Keith, I’m pretty sure their water towers would say “Dana Plato Died Here. RIP,” so maybe a local rich person will fork over the change and put it in a museum where it belongs.

Anyway, if this story sounds kind of familiar, it’s because this isn’t the first time the RV has been for sale. Jalopnik first noticed the RV was for sale in 2012. I guess someone bought it, and in June of 2019, they told the National Enquirer that they would sell it for a whopping $55,000. I assume the price went down after the Car Fax report noted someone took their own life in the vehicle in 1999.


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11 Responses

  1. That is one sad story. Ms. Plato’s ghost is probably hanging out around Moore. If there is a “hell” that’s got to be it. Who would want to buy that contraption? They should actually pay someone to take that decrepit RV to a landfill and bury it. Or better yet, take the thing out and strip it, and send the hull into the ocean to make a choral reef.

    1. “choral reef”? Like underwater singers???
      you know I bet there’s somebody without a home right now that would love to have a camper like this but hey let’s throw this petroleum soaked vehicle in the ocean… SMFH

      1. Coral reef. They do this very thing with ships. Thanks for catching the spelling error. There are no fuels or chemicals sent into the ocean where they send hulls. For example, the former USS Enterprise aircraft carrier was stripped in the Port of Brownsville in Texas and the hull was sent out into the Gulf of Mexico to help build a coral reef which is good for the environment. The company who did the stripping of the Enterprise was Keppel AMFels.

  2. The street it was parked on has a sadder history of lost lives and addiction.

    1. I don’t recall the exact street, but if it’s where I remember it to be I had a friend accidently kill himself playing russian roulette on the same street.

  3. The only way it’d be worth that much is if you can find a bunch of drugs sealed up in a wall or compartment. Do you feel lucky?

  4. This goes beyond sad and maudlin to sick and sicker.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Or as well.

  5. I will acknowledge your Night Trap reference and say, “well done sir.”

    Dana’s demise was tragic. Even more so because she died in Moore.

  6. Well, this goes down as the most 2020 story posted on TLO this year.

    Even more tragic when you find out that, in addition to Plato dying in more 21 years ago, her son also committed suicide a few years later.

    Mental health is a very real thing. Be sure to check on your loved ones and make sure that they get the help that they need, especially in a state like this that had piss-poor funding for psychiatric help.

  7. To be fair, living in an RV in Moore would make a lot of people suicidal.

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