Kevin Stitt Intensifies Efforts To Pray Away Pandemic…

With Coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths surging across the state thanks, in part, to his own incompetence, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt is once again turning to a tried, true and highly-ineffective way of battling a global pandemic – prayer.

Last night, we learned via the Ogle Mole Network that Governor Stitt hosted a Zoom meeting with members of the Oklahoma clergy.

In the meeting, he reviewed carefully crafted, PR-polished, talking points, listened to Evangelical church leaders praise his leadership, ignored questions about mask mandates, and announced he’ll be calling for a day of prayer and fasting on December 3rd.

Here’s a breakdown of the meeting that Diana Davies – a minister for the First Unitarian Church in Oklahoma City – shared on Facebook. She got a last-minute invite to the Evangelical-focused call thanks to the Oklahoma Conference of Churches.

Yeah, there’s a lot of unsurprising stuff to unpack there.

First of all, the meeting sounds like it was similar to the pandemic prayer party that Stitt threw back in March. Basically, he ignored the public health risks of conducting large, indoor church rallies during a pandemic, and went with more of an ignorance-is-bliss, praise Jesus, “everything will be fine” mantra. I know that feels good and everything, but it’s probably not the best way to address a real-life public health crisis.

You also have to love that Stitt’s calling for a day of prayer and fasting on December 3rd. I appreciate his high hopes and ambitions for the Oklahoma people, but expecting us to go a day without food for a day is pushing it too far. The last thing Stitt would want is for us to lose is our Top 10 ranking in obesity!

That being said, you do have to appreciate the irony and hypocrisy at play. Throughout the pandemic, Stitt’s seemed more concerned about the restaurant industry than anything else – even encouraging people to risk their lives to support trendy food courts – but, he’s totally okay with people not eating at restaurants for an entire day just to appease his all-mighty and powerful God. Considering the same God apparently created the pandemic, I don’t understand the logic.

Anyway, I guess we’ll continue to monitor this situation. Please share your thoughts and/or prayers in the comments. Based on how Oklahoman’s are treating the pandemic, we’re going to need them.

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45 Responses

  1. What a douchebag POS. It’s just another do nothing act by a do nothing governor. Meanwhile, the ICU’s in this state are filling by the minute. Inaction-it’s the Oklahoma Standard!

    1. And, meanwhile, **Stitt, Lankford, and Inhofe are throwing a COVID SUPER SPREADER gala fundraiser this month for the super rich, sponsored in part by Carol Hefner, to raise money for the GOP Georgia Senator election!!! **Pray for yourselves and your total indifference to the sky high COVID numbers and critical lack of hospital beds in this state, PLUS all of the infections you’ll be responsible for, you hypocrites and fake “Christians”!! #MONEYFORCOVID #SCREWGEORGIA

  2. This Davies person doesn’t sound very Christian to me, airing out her grievances in public while simultaneously pulling out the race card. I’m not judging, only observing of course. But if the Governor praying is of concern, one could always join the Unitarian “church”.

    1. I mean, she’s married to Patrick’s doppelganger, so it runs in the family.

    2. Very perceptive, HT. Many if not most Unitarians do not consider themselves to be Christians, but apparently that’s news to you. Generally, they believe in “one God at most.”

      I doubt that Rev. Davies minds if Stitt leads a prayer among fellow evangelicals, but it’s ugly for him to do so as our Governor while excluding those Oklahomans whose faith differs from his.

      My own belief is that God knows very well about our suffering and death from the pandemic, that he is leaving the pandemic’s course in human hands, and that public prayer about the pandemic will be totally ineffective and a piss-poor substitute for real leadership from someone elected to lead.

      Matthew 6:5-6

      1. God is a He?

        1. God is whatever you want it to be. No two sects believe the same things about the deity, which proves the truth of my first sentence.

          1. C’mon, get real man. God’s got a pecker and you damn well know it!

      2. Well done, Mr. G.

  3. I believe God gave us common sense to know how to take care of ourselves, and to look out for those who are unable to. That being said, I’ll never be able to look at my town, my state, or my fellow citizens the same again. There are so many good people really trying to overcome the stupid, but it’s the on-purpose stupid, for instance, the Broken Arrow city council, one of the churchiest towns in the state, that refuses to even suggest mask wearing that just makes you shake your head. These people I think feel strength in numbers, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see those numbers start going down before this is all over.

  4. Sound and proven method to beat COVID–surround yourself with sycophants.

  5. Sounds like we all need to pray for our Governor, he’s lost his cotton picking mind AGAIN!

  6. If you think this virus is contained within a mask, then you don’t understand physics/air flow. But I’ll wear a mask so people don’t scream at me, which is a proven way to spread this incredibly infectious virus. Okay, let the attacks begin.

    1. No yelling but a suggestion: You should take your expertise to the shark tank. Do you have any idea how many billions of dollars a day you could save the Nations of the world if you’d just let them in on your thoughts? Amazing. Billions of masks go out per day and the person who could have corrected the entire planet on its mistake is right here on the Lost Ogle! Damn I love this state and this site!

    2. No one claims that a mask “contains” the virus. A mask does reduce the amount of aerosol that a person exhales, mostly benefiting the people near the mask’s wearer. A proven scientific fact!

      You’re on a roll today! Aren’t you glad I stopped by to clear things up for you?

    3. The guvment told us in March the masks were ineffective. The rona molecules are too small to be stopped by the mask so what gives?
      Did they get bigger?

      1. That’s the great advantage of science over theology or other blind ideology. When scientists get better data and better evidence, they change their minds.

        Changing one’s mind based on better information is actually encouraged by the scientific method!

      2. You are smart enough to know the answer to your own question. I’m sure you’ve read enough to know that the virus – not a molecule but a whole collection of them wrapped around some RNA – gets carried by water droplets in people’s breath. You know that and yet you still bring up this lame crap. I don’t understand why.
        Masks don’t stop all droplets from escaping. Sunblock doesn’t stop all UV rays from hitting your skin. Traffic lights don’t keep all people from running them.
        And access to knowledge doesn’t keep some people from pretending they’re more stupid than they actually are.

    4. You’re the absolute, complete fucking idiot on here that doesn’t understand physics/air flow. Science says you’re wrong, dipshit, here’s just a very, very small sampling that shows you need to crawl back under your rock along with the rest of you dumbshit Trumpians that continue to deny science and kill people. So absolutely tired of you assholes trotting out the same stupid, evidence-lacking claims that are totally anti-science and continuing to believe them..

      1. Literally just repeated what was told to the masses in March. Not by me – but by medical professionals.
        It’s on record. Not my conclusion or directive. It was what was reported …. by science.
        Never said that opinions can’t change- just reciting exactly what happened.
        Try decaf.

        1. In March? That’s not relevant unless you’re trolling

      2. Wow Brian B., you’re really angry! I do hope you get help because I really do care.

  7. Whats with all the prayers there Gov alfalfa, we all know you sold your soul to the devil to get your job. Besides that EVERYBODY knows ALL repubtards go to hell!!

    1. You’re giving Alfalfa Bill Murray a bad name. Murray was a progressive who let the people plant potatoes on the governor mansions grounds for food during the hard times.

      1. He was also a hard core racist clown.

      2. Wrong Alfalfa…was leaning towards the one in the little rascals. That cowlick on both heads is unmistakable, plus the case of dumbass is obvious also!

  8. Food fast? Who cares. When he starts hinting at pot fasting it’s time to worry. I think all the sales taxes will protect us as the State is broke but he turned on the Tribes so I’m not sure of anything.

  9. Gawd! What would evangelicals do without FB?

  10. He probably heard that the virus preys on people, got confused, and decided this was how he needed to fight back.

  11. It’s a shame the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution isn’t part of the Oklahoma Constitution. The case for remove Stitt for medical incapacitation is becoming clearer and clearer by the day and hour now. A drug test also wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

    You all just though he was crazy before, well hang on, it appears that he is getting even worse. He might have read comments here that he surrounds himself with flying monkeys and decide that he too can fly.

    Have to stop calling him Jethro, as played by Max Baer Jr. in The Beverly Hillbillies. Jethro was a genius, as he at least had a non home schooled 6th grade education to make decisions.

    1. We knew that Stitt was an idiot when we elected him, so that’s no reason to remove him.

      Although an obvious idiot, Stitt was a successful? pro-life businessman with no government experience. What could go wrong?

      1. Pro-birth. Once you’re here, you’re human capital stock.

      2. He’s got trump fever. He’ll never admit he was wrong simply to save face. Even if it means our hospitals go down in flames.

      3. Only way Stitt will get recalled is if he does a mask mandate. Sometimes we forget where we live.

      4. How can you be pro-life and yet refuse to wear a mask?

  12. This prayer thing doesn’t seem to work. Everybody knows the proper response to an infectious disease is to “anoint.” Or, you could do some “laying on of hands.” Or maybe sprinkle some “magic herbs” while “speaking in tongues” and demanding that the “demons” “come out.”

    And if all that fails, you could just handle some venomous “serpents” as a demonstration of how Jeebus is watchin’ over you. Just don’t do it while he’s watching OU play, or he might get momentarily distracted long enough for the snake to chomp down on you while he’s not looking. Bad ju-ju, that. Or maybe it’s bad Jew-Jew, I forget. Is Jeebus still Jewish? Or did he become a Christian? I get that shit mixed up.

    But wearing masks and social distancing? BALDERDASH! It didn’t work in New Zealand, and it won’t ever work here, either!

    1. I think Mr Titzoff could use a little social fistancing.

  13. Idiot ate at a new Vietnamese place in Tulsa when he had the rona. They had to shut down for two weeks. Maybe he should pray up some reparations

    1. I heard he donated the family dog to the owners.

  14. “You cain’t fix stupid!!” Ron White

  15. This is about as stupid as Mary Fallin’s oil worker prayer day.

    Never in my life have I understood why people would want to be Atheist. That being said, given the outright hypocrisy from our last two Oklahoma governors and the fake Christians falling into bed with Trump, I can’t fault them for it either. And we wonder why church numbers are plummeting decade after decade.

    1. I don’t think that most atheists “want” to be atheist. Many probably believe what they have to believe, whatever makes the most sense to them – even if it’s not as comforting to them as the faith of their childhood.

      I suspect that a lot of churchgoing folks are like the guy on the X-Files whose poster said “I WANT to believe.” They try to believe even when they find it hard to believe, and harder to admit to themselves that they don’t believe.

      “Having faith is believing in something you just know ain’t true.” – Mark Twain

      1. Eh, I can kind of see where you’re coming from. I don’t think that God is an invisible man in the sky. To me, it’s more of a spirit. I read a quote somewhere (paraphrasing here) where somebody once said that Man doesn’t understand that they are killing the God that they pray to by destroying the environment that was given to them. That makes more sense to me than everything popping up at random.

        I’ve always thought that Atheists believe that things just randomly occur here. But, as a Christian who also believes in the scientific method (shocker! I know…) I cannot fathom that all of humanity and nature was just placed here by random circumstance. Therefore, it must have a creator behind it, whether it be something as yet undiscovered by science or a spirit that once walked across this Earth as Jesus Christ.

  16. Does this mean that Chic-fil-a will be closed December 3rd?

  17. Fallin was stupid. stitt is dangerous.

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