Stitt’s Chief of Staff ratioed for stupid tweet about local media’s COVID reporting…

Back in August, Kevin Stitt named local silver-spooned businessman Bond Payne – the grandson of the great Oklahoma oil overlord William Thomas Payne – as his new Chief of Staff.

Stitt did this because Bond checked all the boxes he looks for when hiring key advisors and cabinet members – wealthy, white, Christian, and has no relevant experience serving in government.

Here’s what Stitt said about the hire at the time:

“[Bond] will play a key role in helping us build bridges both inside the Capitol and out in the community. He will be a trusted sounding board for me as we work together to carry out my vision of making Oklahoma a top-10 state.” 

Like most trust fund heirs, I’m sure Bond has been a great sounding board for Stitt. I assume his key bits of counsel and advice included such insights as Sure Thing!!!, Way To Go, Sir!!!, and Go Get Em’, Boss!!!.

That being said, it looks like he has work to do on the whole “building bridges in the community” thing. Check out this stupid, hot take he tweeted on Saturday night.

Yeah, that’s right. As Oklahoma faces yet another alarming surge of COVID-19 cases thanks, in part, to his boss’s pathetic, lackadaisical, semi-obstructionist response to the pandemic, Bond – or should we call him Porkchop – hopped on Twitter, followed the GOP handbook, and blamed the media.

Although I’m sure it got him a “You’re doing a helluva job, Porkchop!” text from Stitt, the tweet was quickly ratioed and spread across the local Twittersphere like the Coronavirus at an Oklahoma Thanksgiving dinner. This is because…

A. The tweet misrepresented the media response. I follow most of the Coronamania journalist echo chamber on Twitter. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, virtually all of them went out of their way to provide the exact context that Porkchop says they “overlooked.”

B. The tweet ignored his boss’s shitty response to the pandemic. Seriously, maybe the “media” – whoever that is – wouldn’t have to be so “eager to hype” the COVID numbers if your boss didn’t seem so hell-bent on enabling COVID’S spread.

C. The dude’s username is Porkchop Payne. Oddly enough, that’s the same name Topps used for David Payne in their collectible line of stormchaser-inspired Garbage Pail Kids.

Anyway, I have to wrap this up so I can watch my 2-year-old daughter who’s not in daycare thanks to the pandemic that the media is hyping. I guess share your thoughts, concerns and all that fun stuff in the comments.

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27 Responses

  1. This asshole needs to volunteer to work at a check out stand at Wal Mart for 8 hours and write a report of how his day went.

    Actually, I’ve been very surprised at our local stations (don’t know about Channel 8 the Sinclair bitch because I don’t watch) as their reporting has been quite informative and no holds barred on calling out surrounding suburbs on their no mask bullshit.

  2. This virus cannot be contained and will run its course. Yes, I’m certain I’ve heard someone here say that. At least Payne said to wear a mask; that outta give you at least SOME comfort. Maybe you should stick that mask on your two year old who has a 99.99% chance of being totally okay.

    1. Moran just like his boss. There’s no fixing stupid.

    2. Masks don’t do as much to protect the wearer as they do to protect the people around the wearer.

      Even a two-year-old at little risk of serious harm can spread the virus to the whole family. Getting him to wear a mask might save other lives.

      So if everything is all about you and no one else, masks won’t make much sense to you. Who cares about other people anyway?

  3. Everybody I saw and heard — national and local — put the numbers in proper context, most using the same “out of respect…” official wording. But, facts don’t matter to these guys. All that counts is getting their lies into circulation.

  4. Yet another poser.

  5. We’d have reached that Top 10 status by now if it weren’t for the damn media documenting our persistent shortcomings.

    1. The media doesn’t cause Oklahoma’s bottom-ten conditions. The media only reports the facts.

      1. Really, man? Have you NO sense of humor? I said the media is documenting our persistent shortcomings. Jeez…

        1. Sorry. There are other posters here who could have made that post, and meant it.

  6. Shitt’s always givin’ us a Payne in the ass.

    1. I though that Payne did that by himself, without help from anyone, at least during Tornado Season. Especially when Payne moves his chess pieces into place so he can the get the best TORNADO MONEY SHOT EVER and win the Game of Weather Thrones Crown from the Emperor Lord England’s head. Thus ensuring that the Crown will never fall into the hands of Morgan de Bedazzled or Tzarina Emily.

  7. One of the most annoying thing about this guy, and there are many is how everyone should take comfort that things aren’t as bad as they could be. While true things can always get worse, it is never a good idea to tempt fate and say “well it can’t get any worse than this” because it will.

    Now this guy is doing the “accentuate the positive” where he is focusing on the good, which in some cases is a good plan. No sense in dwelling on the bad as it will only depress you. However he is the spokesperson for the person who got the state into this mess. Ignoring it was the Stitt plan. Other states took a different approach and numbers went down.

    Bottom line, daily new cases are in the THOUSANDS now. Remember in March when they were in the HUNDREDS and everyone went batshit? It’s almost as if the brain trust of the flying monkeys that manage Stitt came up with the plan to double the number, but then tell you that is for two days so you can half the number of new cases to give you something to feel hopeful for. Sort of like creating a fake “retail” price so it can be sold for 50% off.

    Insurance companies and hospitals do this on a hospital stay. The hospital shows you this fake bill, the insurance company dramatically cuts the price, and the policyholder pays an additional fraction of the amount and everyone feels better.

    Bond is a manipulator, a marketer, some might say con man, that’s the way business works. Plus with the Oklahoma Standard public-business partnership, businesses can get what they want, a captive audience or a monopoly. Bond would love the scam, er I mean arrangement OG&E has with the public.

    Porkchop? Oh Bond now you are rubbing it in the face of the public or is it that the truth is actually coming out about you and Stitt? Pork barrel politics in Oklahoma, Imagine That!

    1. I suppose it’d be great sitting next to Kevin on an airliner that was going down. At least those last 30 seconds might be a little easier, but if I’m concerned about dying from COVID a little bit of science would be nice.

    2. When you look up “pork chop” in the urban dictionary, this is what you get:

      This is a colloquial phrase in Australia to “carry on like a pork chop”, meaning that someone is behaving in a silly or stupid way.

      This does make one wonder if all the “Stitt-heads” or inner circle/brain trust of the political mafia that is Kevin Stitt all have cool nicknames like “Pork Chop.” The Governor’s office must be a very interesting place these days plus the state troopers don’t have to worry about a cougar roaming the halls.

  8. Stitt , Trump, Mcconnell, they don’t care if they kill you. America is a place that can’t seem to protect its own citizenry. $Billions on defense but we don’t have the political leadership or national will to keep safe. We’re the among the worst countries on earth infectected by the virus. Okla is among the worst states in the worst country.

    Get real folks, distance, wash and mask up. The govt won’t provide adequate testing, healthcare, sick leave, unemployment insurance, PPP, public health guidance, OSHA guidance, rent protection, mortgage protection, school resources, legal protection, business loans, home care, or much of anything else.

    They say the vaccine will be free so since Trump will be gone perhaps we’ll actually get it?

    Distance and mask up. Hopefully you can afford to stay put and stay safe because they don’t care.

    1. Among the worst states? You mean like the ones on the east coast that sent ill people to infect and kill off the elderly in the nursing homes? Our death rate is sub 1%. Deaths/1m places us in 40th position currently. Total cases per million pop is 21. Total tests and tests/million pop is 26th position. If it’s so bad, I hear skiffy has a bunk for you over in Europe.

      1. I’m talking about OKla that has some of the highest infection rates in the country. Unlike the east coast states which were infected because Trump didn’t protect them from infected international travelers, Okla has had months to prepare.

        But we didn’t prepare. Because of Stitt.

        Unlike Okla, those states have done a much better job of keeping the virus under control.

        1. And Aunti’s stats are completely skewed because those stats are cumulative. Again. Okla had time to prepare and didn’t. Of course the time that we could’ve prepared and didn’t prepare make the stats look good. Because we had months with low infection rates and didn’t prepare. Certainly when those months are accumulated it paints an optimistic picture. But a wrong picture.

          I don’t know if you trying to fool us or just fooled yourself?

          1. 54 deaths today. 2900 new cases.

  9. This is what “running government like a business” looks like, especially if you’re running it like you own 100% of the stock. Transparency is only a nuisance to you, and no one is going to criticize your bad decisions.

    “Bond checked all the boxes.” He’s “right out of central casting,” likely being a fellow member of a country club. Where have we seen this movie before?

    I guess it’s not his fault that Bond has little experience at anything besides cashing dividend checks. He’s rich, so he must be smart. Right?

    1. That’s what the Reverend Paula White says. Rich is a religion now.

    2. Running healthcare like a business = life is cheap

      I remember when they said “life is cheap” when talking about the commies and reds. No one thought about God fearing capitalists.

  10. Well, the pray & fast Thursday courtesy of Kevin will make everything all better. Bless his heart.

  11. Whatever any of us think about Governor Stitt (I’m not impressed, but that’s not the point), a good chief of staff can make an administration (eg: Gerald Adams in Brad Henry’s office). Bond Payne has the leadership qualities to improve the quality of governance in Stitt’s office. Stitt appears to be in over his head and doesn’t know it. We’re stuck with Stitt, probably for another six years. And he’s not going to listen to someone who isn’t white, male and well off, so there’s no point in bitching about it. Faced with that parameter, we need capable people to improve the quality of the office. People that Stitt will hear out. Calling Payne a “trust fund baby” is not fully accurate. His father and grandfather both died when he was a small child, and he later put together a great group of people to start Heritage Trust Company, which has been an unheralded Oklahoma success story. He could be spending his life on a golf course or poolside at a resort. He decided to help make Oklahoma a better place. He doesn’t need the resume filler, and he doesn’t need the money or glory. Who knows, it might even give Stitt a dose of humility to know his chief of staff doesn’t need the job and is wealthier than he is. Give him hell for a poorly thought out tweet, but don’t condemn the rest of his life. And let’s all cross our fingers that he can fix this administration. It needs all the help it can get.

    1. ……except the first thing we hear from this guy Payne is all crap against the biggest life and death struggle in generations.

      Hard to imagine how anything will get better.

  12. What a putz.

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