Stitt appoints Enid anti-masker homeschool advocate to State Board of Education

With the American educational system in crisis thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, finding smart, competent public servants to lead and guide our state’s educational system has never been more important to Oklahoma students, teachers, parents, and everyone else who cares about the future of our kids.

As a result, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt recently appointed hardcore evangelical Trump supporter Melissa Crabtree – a proponent of homeschooling and a leader of an Enid anti-masker group called the Freedom Fighters – to the State Board of Education.

Here’s her Facebook post about the news:

According to her Facebook page, Melissa studied special education at Carson-Newman, a small bible college in Tennessee, and apparently taught at some school districts in the Volunteer State. Her experience in Oklahoma public education and classrooms seems pretty limited, but to make up for it, she does know the perfect Essential Oil for the perfect homeschool situation:

Seriously, guys, Kevin Stitt appointed a homeschooler who peddles Essential Oils on Facebook to be on the State Board of Education!!! She’s like an internet cliche joke come to life! It would be like appointing Kathy from Accounting to run the State Treasury, or even worse, a guy named Kevin to run the state! I bet the other State School Board members can’t wait to get a Facebook invite to come over to Melissa’s for dinner and to watch a little business presentation.

As I mentioned, Melissa is an ardent anti-masker. She’s part of a group called Enid Freedom Fighters that have fought against oppressive mask mandates that have saved lives, and spearheaded efforts to recall Enid politicians who – based on real-life evidence that’s not grounded in kooky obstructionist conspiracy theories – voted to implement public health and safety measures to help combat the spread of the Coronavirus.

Editor’s note: We embedded several of Crabtree’s anti-masker Facebook posts but she’s now made her page private.

Either way, she’s so anti-mask that you have to wonder why Kevin Stitt didn’t appoint her to his cabinet or put her in charge of the Oklahoma Health Department. Oh wait, she’s not a wealthy white dude with no government experience. Nevermind.

Anyway, I guess before she can become an official school board member, Melissa has to be approved by the Oklahoma Senate. I’m sure there’s an essential oil out there to help make sure that happens.

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59 Responses

  1. A grown ass woman saying “You guys!” There’s no hope for this state.

    1. You guys, SAFE DRIVERS SAVE 40%”!!!!!

    2. A grown up guy saying “grown ass woman” has to be unique to some state? Not sure which.

      1. It’s Okie through and through. Self admitted. And after 47 years in this state watching it going farther and farther into crazy town I repeat there is no hope. 4,827 new cases of covid reported and 24 deaths the day after Jethro’s day of prayer and fasting. How is that possible?

        1. It’s almost as if prayer and fasting had no effect at all.

          Maybe we should try executive leadership. It’s only a thought…

          1. I bet you didn’t fast. Someone always screws it up for all of us believers.

    3. EX-actly! Now that we have a mask mandate, I’m sure any, improvement in numbers, will be credited to, what I refer to as ,”Pray it away Day”. It’s all Bull Stitt.

  2. FFS.

  3. :::finding smart, competent public servants to lead and guide our state’s educational system has never been more important to Oklahoma students, teachers, parents, and everyone else who cares about the future of our kids.:::

    It’s also never been more impossible, or more futile.

    It doesn’t matter who you have as captain of the Titanic after it’s already hit the iceberg and is taking on an ocean of indifference and stupidity. Especially someone who thinks the place to educate children is at home INSTEAD OF at school, and who doesn’t understand the basics of how to help avoid the spread of an infectious disease.

    Game over. Loss goes to the children of Oklahoma. Win goes to—well, nobody.

    1. Well said!

  4. So many “we won” posts is reminiscent of a certain orange fellow she probably has pledged to die for. Good. Stitt needs to solidify our State Boards with tinfoil hat wearing folks before he’s given the boot in 2022.

    The Democrats have a solid candidate brewing, right? In this state I’m afraid even Jesus couldn’t win as a Democrat.

    1. “I’m afraid even Jesus couldn’t win as a Democrat.”

      In Oklahoma elections, I’m entirely sure that he couldn’t. No chance at all.

      Would Jesus wear a mask during a pandemic? Yeah, he probably would. It would be a lot easier than waiting for people to get sick so he can heal them. He would probably want people to have good access to preventative health care, too.

      1. My brother, if Jeebus had the misfortune to visit Oklahoma during his Second Coming World Tour, he wouldn’t last five minutes.

        A Middle Eastern-looking guy, dressed in a flowing robe and sandals, speaking a foreign language?

        His own followers would shoot him on sight, because “illegal immigrant” and “terrorist.”

        1. No shit! Easy to picture “Bad-Shot Bice” blastin’ away at him.

    2. Correct, and not even a moderate Republican has a decent shot.
      In my observations in talking to voters/relatives/co-workers-so many still vote for ultra right Republicans as a vote to harm Obama, to show their distaste for his election, not realizing he’s gone and nothing they do affects him or his administration in any way. I honestly have friends/relatives who don’t even know anything about the candidates other than the party affiliation.

      I have hope the Trump established successful trend of attack ads/false narratives/fake news erodes and at some point the candidates at least attempt to discuss issues/platforms.

  5. If she doesn’t get approved by the senate, Stitt will probably create a position for her as Essential Oil Overlord.

  6. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Wow. Thanks, Stitt, for appointing the co-head of the bane of my existence to the state school board.

    1. I lit up Jerry Allen in email a few times before the last vote. Then thanked him afterwards.

      I think Ms Crabtree is a pain in the butt up here but everything she has been doing is just the perfect thing for Bull Stitt

  7. So in our Governor/his staff’s opinion, this person will provide leadership/experience/oversight to our state schools, some of which has student populations in the 1,000’s, and all public schools have budget/processes/curriculum/legal/management requirements?

    By the information provided, it appears unfair to put her in this position due to lack of experience.
    It seems this is simply some form of reward from Stitt and/or his attempt to leverage the board with more of “his” type of people regardless of their skill set.

    All in all unless she proves to be a success, this is pretty disappointing at his lack of true support of the education system the majority of the state participates in. That he homes schools and then appoints a home schooler to the board shows his interest is pretty personal versus analytical.
    As a friend of mine says “the hits just keep on coming!”

  8. Kevin can now have Renzi Stone call a press conference to announce there will be no mask mandate in the schools. They can hold it at a school auditorium with a huge “Mission Accomplished” banner behind Stitt. There could even be the maskless school bands playing “Hail to the Chief” as Kevin marches to the podium in his cool jacket with the new Oklahoma logo on it.

    Melissa Crabtree replaces Barry “Kurt” Bollenbach, who had the audacity to vote to require wearing masks in schools. Melissa Crabtree, a homeschool, essential oils authority and anti masker is his replacement. Guess we know what skill Kevin was looking for in this appointment.

    Like a bull in a china shop, one thing you do have to say about this governor who appears to have ADHD, he is a man of action.

  9. “Stitt appoints Enid anti-masker homeschool advocate to State Board of Education”

    Of course he did. You were expecting him to appoint someone with actual skills and expertise? In that picture, she looks like a cloistered innocent of about 17.

    And as a bright bow on this colorful package, she also sells essential oils! Only $165 for the complete package. You, too, might even become a Distributor!

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    I try to be tolerant of others’ bad grammar and not to nitpick. I really do. English is HARD. But shouldn’t members of the State Board of freaking EDUCATION know the correct usage of “affect” and “effect”? In this context, “effect” would be the correct verb- not “affect,” which would be a noun. Perhaps they concentrated more on King James English at this silly woman’s bible college. Hope she does a better job home-schooling her own kids than was done to her.

    1. I’m intolerant of others’ bad grammar and love to nitpick. So if you’re referring to her sentence “I want to steward this well, and anything the affects our kids has a generational impact”, then assuming she meant “anything that affects our kids”, her usage is correct.

      1. So, you were ok with ‘drug out.’

        1. No, I wasn’t.

      2. Her usage may be correct if you overlook “anything the affects our kids…” and assume that she meant something else.

  10. He couldn’t wait for Betsy DeVos to become available?

  11. I think we already knew the bar was low to begin with.

    1. I just tripped on the bar.

  12. They won’t be happy until they’ve abolished all public schools and implemented state wide Bible school. Personally she seems like she’d be more suited for being Harold Hamm’s handmaiden.

  13. Oklahoma is a rump state. There is absolutely no hope for us unless and until there is a real two party system. Don’t forget Mary Fallin was elected twice. As long as a candidate has an “R” next to their name we can pretty much guarantee they will be elected. We could have had Drew Edmondson as our governor. You know, somebody with common sense and experience. Stitt is in way over his head and his constant sucking up to Trump hasn’t worked out so well. It was so obvious Stitt was angling for a job in a second trump administration. OOPS! I sincerely wish I’d moved out of this state when I graduated from OU and had the opportunity many years ago. It’s a decision I sincerely regret. Stitt is anti vaccine. Wonder if he’ll allow COVID vaccines in Oklahoma?

    1. If Stitt finds a way to ban the vaccine in Oklahoma, people with the means to do so will travel to other states for vaccination. It’s an old story.

  14. If you did not know better you would credit Stitt with a rollicking sense of humor.

    What rock do you have to turn over to locate these cretins.

    1. Oh, they’re real easy to find. Here in Enid they all wear red shirts to city commission and school board meetings! Easy to identify.

      1. Red MAGA hats too?

  15. I really thought Mary Fallin was the low point…but here we are

  16. No mask??? So you say there’s a chance………..

  17. WTF???

    What does this repubtard “leadership” have some kind of conch shell horn that they blow to tell all the dumbasses to come from their caves and huddle up cuz shitt has a job to give away?? It’s got to be tough finding the stupidest of the stupid to give a job too…talking to somebody from the EDUCATION field and find out who would be a good “QUALIFIED” choice is just way too easy, so why do it!!
    I guess all those former teachers that were elected to fix the education system have lined their pockets and crawled to the evil side and said SCREW EDUCATION this shit is EASY MONEY!!

    1. WTF is right! This is just the same practice this arrogant leader has shown since he slithered into office. He ran out leadership in state agencies and replaced them with people that had no idea about running a government agency. The state is in a spiral as far as moral among employees and the frustration of the leadership.
      What the hell did we do to deserve this shit

      1. Totally correct. But, his ilk don’t want state agencies run properly. The goal is no regulation, no oversight, total depredation upon the citizenry — that thinks this is just fine.

      2. Amazingly, stitt bought a bank in Cherokee, thinking he’d get a claw into all that farmer oil cash. He proceeded to fire all the women in bookkeeping most of which were married to the very farmers stitt was wanting to tap, which pissed the community off so bad that an entire new bank came into town, bought an old QT, and opened their own bank to scoop up all the cash leaving stitts bank.
        The guy is galactically stupid which makes him perfect as the Republican Oklahoma Governor.

  18. Apparently, using correct grammar is not listed as a requirement? *dragged

  19. If she accidentally makes a decision based on scientific principles like encouraging hand washing, or not licking doorknobs to achieve herd immunity, some lady will probably scream “YOU CARON/ NEWMAN SNOB!”

    This month’s deals:

    Ludovico Treatment Oil: Makes kids alert, helps keep eyes open. Be careful, they’ll be jumping around for hours!

    Snake Oil: Gives that little competitive boost that your junior Ty Cobb needs to keep slugging.

    Soma Oil: Keeps the little tots obedient and happy.

    Frankincense Oil: Helps when they get a headache from trying to learn curriculum that will guarantee they will only work the hottest and nosiest jobs.

    Sour Diesel Oil: Prepare them for their rebellion when they discover actual facts on the internet.

    Lemon Oil: Really good to put in your grandma’s ventilator to ward off MSRA infections in the ICU.

    1. I thought the sour diesel oil would be better served to prep their children for their future jobs as Loves Country Store pump island attendants.
      Being from the area provides the expertise to confirm that this one was driving the crazy train along with her conductor, the Emmanuel Baptist Preacher. I will admit however, she ran one Hell of a mob. Reinstate the “Johnson Amendment.”
      I expect the gallows to start being built on the square anytime now that the Council actually found the nerve to do the right thing. I find some comfort knowing none of these people will ever actually go to a Doctor or a Hospital should they become ill with COVID, doing the right thing as they don’t believe it exists in the first place.

  20. I get to a Lost Ogle post late and Little Miss Doofus has already deleted her Facebook posts.

    1. Good to know that even Little Miss Doofus reads TLO.

      But why would she want to hide her Facebook activity? I can’t even imagine…

  21. Stitt belongs to the far right religious movement who want to do away with public education and if they can’t do that minimize it as much as possible in favor of religious based private education and homeschooling. It is one of their major goals.

    1. You mean, for example, to decry that Sharia Law would bring an end to humanity, and then endorse laws based on his religious beliefs?

      Didn’t Stitt “resign” his appointment from a charter school board and replace him with a retired former Christian school leader? That didn’t get much media attention when it happened.

      While Sharia laws are religious laws, and Stitt finds abhorrant, religious laws that are of your faith are good, despite being unconstitutional. It’s all perception, and Stitt is a great con man who can explain how he is always right. Never mind the $2 Million lost in legal fees when he was proving he was “right” about the Indian Gaming Compacts.

      I’m guessing if you went into a 6th grade class, put the language of the Compact on the board, the 6th grade consensus would be they renewed. Give it to a home school promoter governor he will find a group of lawyers eager for the $2 Million to argue for him.

      It’s a shame he didn’t consult with a class of 6th graders who attend a traditional school, and that $2 Million could have gone to that school to promote excellence in education. Look at all the essential oils they could have bought from the new board member in her soon to be announced private-public partnership with the Stitt Administration.

  22. Imagine that.

  23. Next Gov. Stink will force the state to pass a law allowing pedophiles to drive our school buses since they can not find others during this pandemic.
    Sounds as crazy as Putin’s Bunker Bitch. AKA, Nastmaggot45.
    Those of our greatest generation would be so ashamed to see now what their sacrifice has been for.
    Home schooled my children some yrs. ago when the principal told me to my face that computers were just a fad!
    Schooled my children for one year and than moved out of that sate.
    Now here we go again!
    Life Long Independent viter

  24. I have an idea! Let’s us have an official state essential oil! This would be the perfect project for our arrogant governor! I vote for lemon because it gets rid of the grumpies.

  25. OMG of course Stitt picked Conspiracy Wacko Barbie to an education-oriented board.

  26. She’s the perfect choice. She represents the Bible thumping, under educated, obese, cracker ass hate mongers that live all over Oklahoma and dominate it’s politics. She’s got a real political future!!

  27. As a teacher for 8 years in Oklahoma, moving to Washington to continue my career was the best decision I’ve made.

  28. Another selection from the boiling pot of dumbasses which have brought us great leaders at OSDH and DHS.

  29. And in the mean time, since March, I’m still trying to talk to an actual person regarding unemployment compensation. stittttttts state is a complete joke, mimicking its Governor.

  30. I have dealt with the red shirt “freedom fighters”where I work here in Enid. They portray themselves as so religious and righteous. But when you tell them to put on a mask, the foul language flows. They have called me gestapo ,fascist., and any host of bad words. What an example to mold education policy in Oklahoma .

    1. ask them “how you can be pro-life and not wear a mask?”

    2. Fast for a couple hours. You’ll feel much better.

  31. He rescinded this today lol

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