TLO 2020 Year In Review: November

November was the worst time in the worst year of my life. The week of the election, which had been a chaotic shitshow from the get-go, a massive ice storm sheeted the state. If you were lucky, you only lost power for about a week. Not to mention that the COVID cases (which are still rising) had hit an all-time peak.

Also, this is the final installment of our 2020 year series. You can read and view other months by clicking here.

Kevin Stitt Intensifies Efforts To Pray Away Pandemic…
Date: November 24, 2020

What We Said: “You also have to love that Stitt’s calling for a day of prayer and fasting on December 3rd. I appreciate his high hopes and ambitions for the Oklahoma people, but expecting us to go a day without food for a day is pushing it too far. The last thing Stitt would want is for us to lose is our Top 10 ranking in obesity!”

What We Learned: The closest thing that state republicans can offer to running a safe society is, ‘I dunno, maybe just say a prayer?’

Open Letter to OG&E Chairman Sean Trauschke…

Date: November 18, 2020

What We Said: “Why and how did it take so long to restore power? I went 9 days without it and felt like one of the lucky ones! Double also, why did the company suck so bad at communicating when power would be restored to customers? Just like Kevin Stitt having to deal with the pandemic, OG&E came off as totally unprepared and caught off guard! For a big billion-dollar corporation, that’s unacceptable.”

What We Learned: OG&E’s a monopoly, and as such has no reason to listen to their customers, update how their grid operates, or hire a CEO that doesn’t look like a lizard.

6 months into Stitt’s “Open Up and Recover Safely” plan… and less safe than ever.
Date: November 9, 2020

What We Said: “The OURS Plan stated that before moving to a new phase or to keep from rolling back, hospitalizations will be at a manageable level. At this point, the OURS Plan seems to keep hospitalizations manageable by allowing Oklahomans to die.”

What We Learned: Kevin Stitt is a Trump acolyte more concerned with building a PR façade that says ‘EVERYTHING’S ALRIGHT, NOTHING TO SEE HERE, WE’RE DOING FINE’ than actually doing anything to prevent death and suffering.

Dumb OU Fans Beat Up OSU Equipment Manager

Date: November 24, 2020

What We Said: “Why’s OSU sending a kid into hostile, drunken enemy territory to track down footballs? OSU scored 13 points. That’s like three footballs! It’s not a big deal. Just consider the lost balls the cost of doing business and move on. Then again, Gundy did punt while down 21 in the 4th on the OU side of the field, so maybe balls are in short supply in Stillwater.”

What We Learned: Drunk sports fans are some of the worst people in the world. Just check Twitter when OU is down by a touchdown and you’ll know.

The Dana Plato RV is for sale in OKC for only $42,000

Date: November 17, 2020

What We Said: “I know it has a sad and morbid historical value and everything, but $42K seems like a hefty price for an old beat-up motor home that could be haunted by one of the actresses from Night Trap. Hell, I bet you could get the tan 2005 Bonneville that Macaulay Culkin was driving during his 2004 OKC drug arrest for only a couple of grand, and you don’t have to worry about finding a place around the Governor’s Mansion to park it.”

What We Learned: The final resting place of an actress nobody under 40 knows carries a large price, but there’s gotta be a Different Strokes superfan who is currently driving this thing through Baja and listening to Supertramp with Dana Plato’s ghost.

Well, that’s a wrap for our 2020 recaps! Have a safe New Year, and we’ll see you in 2021.

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7 Responses

  1. Stitt’s half-assed approach to the pandemic vs. economy dilemma gave us the worst outcome from either approach.

    There’s need to actually DO anything if you pray about it. Better still, it transfers blame and responsibility to God, and He always does what we ask. Right?

  2. And in other news, Kevin Stitt announces that he will no longer receive the White House Coronavirus Task Force Report. I’m guessing he decided to do this so when he is asked in the future as to why he isn’t abiding by them he can say he didn’t receive them. Perhaps that was a suggestion by one of his “team of expert lawyers” that taxpayers are paying.

    On the bright side there is a survey of state Republicans where 60% don’t want him to run for re-election. That shining light might just be another oncoming train of a worse Governor. Most didn’t believe Stitt could have been worse than Mary Fallin to do more damage in two years than her eight, but Stitt was able to do that. The big fear of course is who they have in the wings to be Kevin Stitt 2.0.

    Some of the candidates just might be even stranger than some in the Republican Primary in the battle against Kendra Horn.

    1. They are almost guaranteed to be stranger. Americans in general are getting goddamn strange. From what I understand, some 15% or 20% of them say they believe that there’s a (not so) secret cabal of pedophiliac cannibal dems and celebrities running things – Tom Hanks amongst their number.
      What I’m told is that Tom gets all the tastiest ones. I don’t think that’s fair. I mean, I liked him in that WWII movie, but that shouldn’t mean that he always gets first pick.
      Just saying.

    2. Okie –

      I expect lots of Republican primary candidates for governor. In the second tier, it will be a contest to see who can hug Trump tighter than Trump hugs the American Flag.

      If any serious Trump-hugging Republicans step up to run against Stitt in 2022, the early leaders are likely to be our idiot Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell – or our increasingly weird Scott Pruitt protégé, AG Mike Hunter.

      I hope Kendra Horn won’t take on the suicide mission of a race for governor. She, or any other Democrat, will get slaughtered in the General by any Republican – no matter how ridiculous. Even Kevin Stitt ridiculous! There are better uses for Kendra’s time and talents.

    3. Well if there is an opening to get on the state payroll, everybody better get ready for…Terry Nease for Governor!!! All she needs to do is rerun those clips of her decrepit old assed hand pulling the revolver out of the glove box (road rage Terry!) And practicing those chamber of commerce quotes like…”As true as the gospel…” get ready Oklahoma…

  3. I know November sucked, but you did have a birthday. Happy belated Birthday!

  4. Boot the narcissist and his narcissistic state agency leaders!

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