Stitt appoints “Hot Wife Chloe” guy as new General Counsel

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has added to his crack legal team!

On New Year’s Eve – the best day of the year to dump news you’d rather people not see – Kevin Stitt announced he hired our old pal Jason Reese as his new general counsel.

In case you forgot, we made Jason internet famous back in 2017 when we discovered he included a porn video titled “HotWife Chloe Needs To Be Punished” on a campaign expense report back when he ran for a seat in the Oklahoma legislature. Remember that:

Our story was picked up by the legitimate local media and AP, and before Jason could close his laptop, he had an embarrassing, sticky mess on his hands. He quickly blamed his kinky accountant and chalked it up to a copy and paste error – and I kind of believe him – but he still shouldn’t have let the mistake slip through the cracks. It showed that he’s mistake-prone and doesn’t pay attention to important details – two important traits Stitt was probably looking for a new general counsel.

Here’s what Stitt said about the news:

 “I look forward to welcoming Jason Reese as my new general counsel. Jason is a longtime litigator and former Oklahoma House of Representatives attorney with more than 15 years of experience, so he’ll bring a robust understanding of law and policy to the office. He will serve my administration well as we continue to work toward becoming a Top Ten state.”  

Yeah. He’ll work hard in making Oklahoma a Top Ten state… in hot wives that need to be punished.

Obviously, there are a couple of ways to interpret this news…

1. The only person who is desperate enough to take the job as Stitt’s chief legal counsel is a guy who listed on an online porn video in an expense report, or…

2. The only person who is desperate enough to hire a guy who listed on an online porn video in an expense report is Governor Kevin Stitt.

Seriously, I wonder if it was brought up towards the end of the job interview…

“As your legal counsel, governor, I will employ a variety of different legal tactics and maneuvers to fully punish and bring down our state’s teachers, Native American tribes and government agencies. They won’t know what hit them!

“That’s great, Jason. I have one more question before we wrap things up and pray. Can you please explain this “Hot Wife Chloe Needs To Be Punished” video that you included on an expense report in 2017.”

“Yes, Governor Stitt. It was an embarrassing situation. My accountant, while copying and pasting credit card processing fee expenses, accidentally pasted the name of some Internet pornography he was searching for while, um, taking a break. He took full responsibility and resigned.”

“Yeah-yeah-yeah. But tell me about the video? How was she punished? Is it still online?” 

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9 Responses

  1. Bonus points if the dude’s wife is actually named Chloe.

    BONUS bonus points if she needs to be punished.

  2. Well that’s OK & fine with the cowboy hat/boot team as long as it wasn’t GAY porn.

  3. The way she keeps crashing government cars, I think it’s the Governor’s hot wife that needs to be punished.

    1. Jason Reese wants to watch!

  4. At one time I thought it was difficult to get into law school. But having watched all the attorneys currently involved in politics these days I think the most important thing is to flunk the ethics exam.

    1. The only way to flunk the ethics examine in law school is to assume there is one.

    2. I completely realize that this is way more info than you want, but medical marijuana is completely legal here and I’m just in the zone right now.

      Law school enrollment was under 40,000 new 1L students a year up until about 1990.After that enrollment started to accelerate to a peak of 54k around 2010 before starting to drop due to the combination of the Great Recession and people finally realizing there were too many lawyers on the market, especially when you consider that Westlaw, LexisNexis, and even the free case research systems make legal research far more efficient than it was decades ago. More lawyers + fewer jobs = more people with law degrees and no jobs. Increasing enrollment by >25% also meant accepting students who wouldn’t have previously been accepted.

      For the most part with an exception now and then, the lawyers who have the time and desire to pursue a life in Oklahoma state politics are not the ones who either (1) finished at the top of their class and got a good paying job with a firm; or (2) regardless of their law school resume, worked their ass off in the real world and created a profitable practice.

      If you’re a good enough lawyer that you can generate a full workload of paying clients, then you’re going to lose out of a lot of money with the time commitment in the legislature, and even with the recent salary increase, it’s probably still a pay cut. Years ago, I knew of one law firm partner who essentially got pushed out of a firm due to the extent that holding office reduced his billable time.

      There are of course exceptions. On the democrat side, Collin Walke seems to keep himself rather busy handling mediations when he’s not at the state house, and on the republican side, Brent Howard has real credentials. Compare to Kevin Calvey.

      Anyway, I’ve forgotten what the question was.

  5. Come on TLO, good journalism includes the 5 W’s, Who, What, When Where, and Why. WHERE is the link to that video?!

  6. Rats coming out of the woodwork.

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