Right-Wing Nuts Storm the US Capitol in the Name of Trump!

As I write this sometime in the late hours of Wednesday night, right-wing politicos like Tucker Carlson and Sarah Palin are all over Fox News, telling their viewership that the disgusting level of “taking back America” that we saw from Trump worshippers were, in fact, “Antifa in disguise” and so on.

But, as many of us watched the outright declaration of Republican-led subversion unfold that Wednesday afternoon, we knew what was really going down and, sadly, I can’t write that most of us didn’t expect it to occur.

Yesterday morning, President Trump, in another rambling speech to his rumbling people, gave his usual declarations of “stolen election” and so on, one that this time seemingly inspired the toothless rabble-rousers to march on down to the Capitol building and commit absolute insurrection—the same thing they had always complained that leftists were planning, natch—and taking over its insides for most of the day.

As that was happening, Oklahoma’s two right-wing buffoons, Representative Markwayne Mullin and Senator James Lankford—who was, at the time, giving a speech on Trump’s absolute re-electability—were trapped in the aged house, with Mullin—an angry cage-fighter, mind you—cowering and possibly crying in-between the chairs. How’s that “miracle” working out for you, Mullin?

But meanwhile, back here in Oklahoma, the Trumper-pumpers were out on their phones and computers, desperately trying to find anything possible to spin this breaking news for the denying and decrying right-side; here’s a few terrible (or courageous, depending on your affiliation) examples sent to me by an Ogle Mole…

Once the proper authorities showed up and killed a protestor trying to break in through a window, eventually, the crowd somewhat dispersed, though the MAGAts roamed around D.C. aimlessly for hours. Meanwhile, people like Mullin appeared on various news programs—most famously here in OKC on KFOR—where he continued to stand by the idea of Trump as God’s only elected official.

With lead anchor Kevin Ogle asking the safest possible questions, Mullin talked about how he went down to talk to injured police officers and the like and even damned—somewhat—the acting protestors. But, he also made sure to, once again, smack-down President Elect Biden and talk about this so-called “illegal” election. Some people never learn, I guess.

But, thankfully, none of that worked, because when they went back into the house, Lankford even changed his opinion on the whole election matter. Concurrently, people are calling for Twitter and Facebook to not only take away Trump’s account, but to actively seek immediate removal from the Presidency, because, you know, that motherfucker is crazy.

Stay with the Lost Ogle…we’ll keep you advised.


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75 Responses

  1. Mullin and Lankford need to be held accountable for the seditious actions. If they aren’t forced to step down they need to remove themselves.
    Oklahoma needs to hold them accountable and demand a higher standard.

    1. bice too

    2. A higher standard?

      Sadly, I fear that they are already holding to the Oklahoma Standard. Still lots of Trump flags flying in my neighborhood. Still! It seems to be the new choice for people who used to fly the Confederate replacement for the Confederate flag around here. I guess Trump is more PC now.

  2. My favorite was a meme making the rounds claiming to be directions from antifa members to infiltrate and pose as MAGAts by wearing backwards MAGAt hats and my favorite part, cut-off camo shorts…..in Washington……in January. You just can’t make up this stuff.

    1. :::You just can’t make up this stuff.:::

      Except, that’s just what they did: make it up.

  3. Among the first acts in Congress by Stephanie Bice was to undermine our representative republic by voting to reject votes in the presidential election certified by their states of origin. Not satisfied that the spurious objection to these results were rejected by multiple court due to lack of credible evidence, still she persisted in her attempt to wrest legal votes from citizens she does not represent.

    As a citizen in Oklahoma’s Fifth District, I am ashamed, but not surprised, that she is doing such a poor job of representing me. May this be an indelible stain on her political career so that all might know exactly what she is.

    1. :::May this be an indelible stain on her political career so that all might know exactly what she is.:::

      They know what she is. They just don’t give a shit.

      1. Of course they know what she is. That’s why they voted for her.

    2. She’s been awful for the entire time she was my St Sen, now worse at the 5th.

  4. I am so confused….you mean the Antifa people have been Trump supporters all along? Man these Antifa/Trump loyalists are diabolical.

    1. And clever! Imagine stealing an election from the Dear Leader with millions of fake ballots in multiple states, and leaving no evidence of any kind behind!

  5. Stolen election? Yes.

    Stolen by people who gave more votes to Biden than for Trump. YOINK! Snatched.

    In the interest of fairness, I will now say something critical of Biden’s little speech during the festivities. He said something along the line of, “This is not who we are.” But that’s inaccurate. It may not be who I am, or you, or Joe, but it damned sure IS who 50% or so of the population of the USA is. Believe it. They’ve been showing themselves to be this way for FOUR.FUCKING.YEARS.

    Joe—wake up, man. That’s who we’re dealing with. That’s who they are.

    F-a-c-i-s-t-s. There. I spelled it out for you. Look it up in the dictionary, and you’ll see a picture of Trump’s toupee-topped head beside the word.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled “programming,” in progress since 1776.

  6. My 20/15 vision hasn’t failed me yet, and I definitely saw Markwayne Mullin cowered and scared shitless, undoubtedly attempting to hide the fear-induced pee stain on his objectively NON-BDU trousers. He actually appeared on a local news network claiming to have approached the rioters in an attempt to diffuse the situation. He’s nothing more than a dime-a-dozen, right-wing, know-nothing chickenhawk. “Majority Leader Schumer”, “Ranking Member McConnell” and ” Speaker of The House Pelosi”sounds refreshingly NEATO. So get used to it, you worthless, seditious GOP shitstains!

    1. Nice pic of a cowering Mullin.


  7. Markwayne should ask Trump if he needs a White House plumber.

    1. If the White House needs a plumber after January 20, it won’t be Markwayne.

  8. I knew when the whole thing started yesterday that Republicans would be blaming “outside protestors”, antifa, and Black Lives Matter people for all the trouble, and bingo, right on cue, Carlson and Hannity were right there on Fox News, doing that very thing, as well as MarkWayneBillyBobJimbo Mullin, several times as you noted on NBC.

    I would not be a bit surprised if there were actually some outsiders in the group, nutcases who always up to join in a ruckus, but the vast majority were indeed Trumper loons. The vast majority of them stuck to just protesting, which I have no problem with. People can march up and down the Mall in Washington all they wan protesting, it is their Constitutionally guaranteed right to do so. But they do NOT have the right to storm the Capitol building. Nor does a sitting President, his children, or his lawyer have the right to incite people to storm the Capitol building. And we have on video those people doing that very thing. Trump need to be removed from office as of yesterday, be charged along with his children and Giuliani and be sent to arraignment. It’s a very simple concept

    1. Projection. Almost always from the right wing fanatics.

    2. I don’t think impeachment would be such a great idea
      considering the effect (riots) it’d probably have.
      He’s about gone anyway.

      It’s one thing to impeach one over such serious matters
      such as denying an extramarital fling, but to do so when
      a sore loser resorts to inciting riots at our Capitol……well,
      that ain’t serious enough, huh?
      Besides, he got elected because so many thought he’d be
      more entertaining and exciting than Hillary and he’s just delivering what they wanted …. best thing since Tiger King.

      1. He could be impeached immediately by the House, and the Senate trial could be held after the Biden/Harris ticket has been inaugurated.

        And it wouldn’t be a waste of time. Conviction would bar this dirtbag from ever holding federal public office again.

  9. The woman who was shot and killed Ashli Babbitt was a Trump Fanatic and former Air Force soldier. She had posted several rants about politicians and was noted for her strong belief action needed to be taken. That is not Anita. I’m sad she was killed and I hope her death is used to change the current situation. Sadly I’m afraid the people who support these actions feel/believe it is not only their right to do this, but their duty. Tucker Carlson can’t stop talking about how this will be used to steal our rights going forward.

    On another note, is is the deep state/antifa/BLM’s plan to have the multiple resignations from Trumps on staff? I would think if these deep state plans were so well known, somebody associated with Trump and his supporters could have outed them or stopped it before it happened, yes?

    Sickening it took threats from his staff and a screaming match with Pence for Trump to finally agree to call the National Guard. It should be crystal clear by now, Trump only cares about Trump and no one else.

    Ol’ Autie Ifa sure is quiet.

    1. I”m sad that more weren’t killed.

      1. +1

      2. Yep, play stupid games and win stupid prizes, and she won a Darwin Award gold trophy to put on her headstone.

      3. You delete titzoff’s post but leave this garbage? Figures…

  10. Did you expect anything else?

    Schadenfreude for craven Lankford shitting in his pants.

    He will never live this down.

  11. I asked you to write to Lankford in the last post regarding his joining the Senate 12.

    I wrote him last night to resign as soon as he was speaking on Senate floor. I wrote that he made me want to throw up.

    I’ve also asked that the Party to start a recall petition. It’s time to recall Lankford.


    bice too

    1. Lankford is out with a mealy-mouthed letter trying to explain his objections to the vote. Mug: meet Wump.

      OF COURSE Lankford never wanted to overturn the election results. He only wanted answers to the fake questions that the Dear Leader and his allies had raised. As if ten days would have been enough time for the panel he wanted to accomplish anything.

      What a pathetic excuse for a US Senator the former bible camp director is!

  12. The guy in the fur/horns hat has been claimed as Antifa, but he’s actually from Arizona and is fairly well-known there. There have been several articles written about him.He’s an outspoken Trump-supporter and QAnon supporter. He has been to some of the Antifa protests as a counter-protester, which appears to be where some of the confusion is from.

    Again, he’s fairly well-known and there have been some articles written about him earlier this year.


  13. I don’t think the Lost Ogle is for me anymore.

    1. If you believe that the election was stolen from Trump in a wide-ranging conspiracy that left no evidence behind, TLO probably isn’t for you.

      May I suggest for you a site devoted to UFOs and Bigfoot instead?

    2. I agree. It’s like Fox News shut down it’s comment section and send a locust plague across the web.

  14. I truly believe Courtney Cole -Simmons says Duh alot.

  15. sad to see a once great nation reduced to this.
    half of the country hates the other half so its not surprising.

    each “side” is worthless. not a true leader or statesman to be found on either side of the aisle.
    pandering hypocrites? Washington has warehouses full of those.

    imagine what happens when the gun confiscations begin…

    1. Each Side hating is true and unfortunate-in my opinion the spark was the backlash of Obama being elected and shocking those opposed to him. It was fulled further when after his term the totally dysfunctional Dems completely ignored how much disdain there was for Hillary-the Repubs imploded and ended up with Trump-starting a fracture of their own party.
      Trump won via the electoral college but didn’t win the popular vote-thus more than half the people are really pissed. Trump chose to increase the divide versus try to blend-his plan worked and thanks to a thriving economy both at the start of his term and improving, he was untouchable, especially after surviving the impeachment— then the pandemic-his lies about and inept response, his poor choices, obsession with re-election, constant bullying of his own party to get what he wanted and the many who caved in fear or need of him–all adding to a civil war like atmosphere.

      Then when he lost-and lost pretty badly-almost entirely due to his lack of vision and ability to see had he just faked being compassionate or did almost anything regarding the pandemic he would have won again, but he failed and then went on an insane, illogical tirade alleging the election was false-and basically creating a rebellion for his behalf and now here we are.

      History, if accurate will be cruel to Trump and those who sold their soul for his blessing. Trump also will now get to deal with the State of New York on his criminal charges (he can’t pardon himself from state charges) and with several courts on his rape/defamation lawsuits and he has around 450 million in loans due in the next 6 months.

      1. Trump did not sow the divide. It was the media and people on the left. Did you forget the crying lefties in the streets the very next day after 2016 election and how hillary would not shut the fuck up about it for the next four years?

        Given the context of the non-stop avalanches of Russian collusion delusions and other non-stop every day nonsense from the msm and the dems, it is truly amazing how well Trump did. Oh, y’all probably forgot about how, once again, worthless those polls were. Trump got more votes than Obama and became the most admired man of 2020. Bet you didn’t hear about that one, cap.

        1. I didn’t hear about it because it’s not true. Trump lost the popular vote both times-so Biden got more votes than Obama too, so what?
          The Russian delusion only was a delusion because Trump and his group were too inept to complete the crime.-He did conspire and was willing to use their information-BTW he still claims the cyber attack confirmed by every US intelligence agency was Russian-he says was Chinese-did you not hear that one?
          Most admired man by whom? What Source? Qnon? Hitler was voted most admired person as well during his time in charge-does that count?
          You still make excuses for him regardless of the facts of all the terrible things he is and does-most if not all of his success if because the people he chose did the work needed to fullfill his promise-he doesn’t do anything except talk.
          Trump and his strongest supporters name called, lied, cheated, incited violence, was blatant about race issues (calling people Pocahontas?) Critized everyone, everywhere that dared question him AND THEN THE MOMENT IT’S DISHED BACK you guys scream oh how horrible-this man has 17 confirmed sexual assault cases filed against him-recordings of him bragging about assualting teenagers/celebs-of lying to the public-of trying to extort a foriegn country-trying to get illegal votes to rig an election-this is not “alleged” it’s on tape and yet you defend him still today. He stoked the mob to action, then praised them aftewords-it’s on record-his daughter called them “patriots’-Patriots who just killed a Capitol police officer-then in his first response told them he “loved them”

          Which part is wrong? I dare you to reply with facts. Blame the media-both sides-OKay-both parties-Okay, but that does not excuse his disregard for anything other than his own best interest and his insane need to “win”.

          I did not attack any of his policies or any of his achievements-so please defend him against what i’ve stated with creating an ad hominen response of I’m an asshole/lib/etc.,(except I’m a registered repub and have been my entire life-but most likely will be converting to independent) and that Hillary/Biden was worse-none of that changes what Trump did/is and should be held accountable for. The BLM was worse doesn’t change what he did, nor does it excuse-last time I look BLM was the President…………and oh now that Trump is the Albatross, and can’t help a bunch of these stupid copy cats, they are running to resign and condemn him at the speed of sound.

          Again I dare you to defend the facts of what he’s done without resorting to “but the economy was good-he sealed the borders-he was not as bad as Hillary/Biden”
          You won’t because you can’t-he’s painted you and all of his other supporters into a corner that can’t be escaped.

          1. I knew you’d blow a gasket. You didn’t disappoint. Here you go, buddy: https://news.gallup.com/poll/328193/donald-trump-michelle-obama-admired-2020.aspx

            1. I’ll give you your poll-congrats-of course in another post you lambsted the polls-so which is it?

              Also what about my other points-and I didn’t blow a gasket-I refuse to not address things that are facts.

            2. Lol you didn’t have anything of substance to respond to. The polls I was taking about were the pre-election ones.

          2. I’m sure when he said he loved them, he meant the vast majority of the peaceful protesters. Or are we going to make this into another “fine people” hoax that our (soon to be) racebaiter-in-chief likes to use?

            1. once again all you can do is direct your defense to something someone else does that is equal or worse to who you are defending. Still doesn’t make what he/they did okay.

    2. Imagine what happens when people start imagining that gun confiscation is about to begin.

      Oh wait – that’s what we saw on Wednesday!

      1. I see four years of annual “Biden is going to take your guns” sales at all of our local guns and ammo shops in OKC.

    3. I sadly agree. +1. It’s sad that we allowed ourselves to become what we are now.

  16. After reading the 20 plus comments about the events of last night, is is difficult to keep from wrapping myself in the flag and choking myself. We witnessed an attempted coup instigated by the purported leader of the free world. This maybe a tough one to bounce back from. As noted in the previous comments, roughly 40 % of the population has gone so far down the rabbit hole, that they believe that yesterday is an attempt to save the country from the “others”. Another 40% sees yesterday as proof that the deplorables are exactly that. We have a certifiable lunatic in the Oval office. Where do you go from here? If were are still a nation of laws, people go to jail over this, and I don’t just mean the cultists traitors from Wednesday. Plus, it’s still a long time until Jan. 20. Oh, and one last thing. Some of us aren’t too good at sarcasm, so it is difficult to tell. Nevertheless, I feel compelled, no one is coming for your guns…ever. We have an estimated 340 million firearms in this country. The logistics alone make it impossible. Anyone that can tie their shoes should have enough IQ points to understand this. But if you believe the lizard people disguised as democrats are eating children it may very well be a lost cause. Crazies, when shown proof that their beliefs stand on shaky ground, usually double down on that, like Austin Powers standing on a five at the blackjack table. Living during historic events can sometimes be less than inspiring. God, Allah, Buddha, Sol Invictus save us.

  17. All these people make me nervous but not nearly as nervous as a obviously insane President who has been kicked off Facebook and Twitter for insane rants but still has the nuclear codes?

  18. I just want my fluckin covid shot.

  19. Bunch of dumb fucks on both sides. Lock em all up. Tired of the bullshit.

    1. This is not a case of “both sides.” Only one side rioted.

  20. When BLM protested in Washington, no one died. When white nationalists did, we have 5 deaths and counting, including a police officer.

    This is the direct result of government officials stoking conspiracy theories and pushing fake narratives to mentally stunted idiots who were always destined to act on them. This isn’t a blip, this isn’t an unexpected outcome, this is the foreseeable result of what happens when you kiss of the ass of a dictator-loving narcissist just because he got some tax cuts for wealthy donors.

    And, absolutely, this isn’t a “both sides” issue. People bring up “both sides” solely to shield themselves from the shitty reality that they’re a part of the problem that has screwed our country up so much right now.

    1. How many dead total after this summer of love? You know who David Dorn was? How many businesses and lives destroyed?
      Hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters in d.c. will be judged by maybe a couple of hundred. Stats are not libs forte, tho.

      1. You know, that is a fair point. There is definitely some recency bias at work here. There were a few deaths among the millions who reported participating in the BLM protests, so you do have a point there. And even there, the vast majority of the deaths were protestors, so it is a fair comparison. And conservative rhetoric there was basically the exact same as liberal rhetoric is now.

        The big difference here is that we didn’t have a sitting president and congressional leaders feeding people seditious conspiracies and then setting them off to try to disrupt a constitutional and legal transfer of power. So whereas one was protesting systemic racism, the second was an out-and-out coup attempt because white supremacists and crackpot conspiracy theorists have been sore losers.

        1. People were cheering when Aaron Danielson was gunned down in Portland, and mourned his killer’s death when he was shot by cops while carrying a gun. Vice even took his interview. And Trump supporters are the blood-thirsty ones? Trump publicly called people to stop the violence and go home. Too bad twatter and fakebook took all of his posts down. You worry about oil overlords here while not batting an eye over the tech overloads we have.

          “Systemic” racism? I wonder how Obama got to serve twice.

          1. Again the people cheering as you say, were not the President/elected officials. BLM never filed dozens of frivolous lawsuits alleging things that didn’t happen. As always your defense is always-But what about this “thing” that was worse? THEY ARE BOTH WRONG AND DESERVE THE PROPER REACTION-it never excuses a sitting President because his transgression was “not as bad” as someone else’s.

            1. He invited people to peacefully protest, vast majority of whom did just that. What those ultras and white nationalists did is wrong. Period. They don’t represent all or even most of Trump supporters. He called on people to stop the violence and go home, but none of the networks gave him the airtime for that, and twatter and fakebook removed his posts and locked him out.

      2. Since you did ask, there were 19 reported dead from some reason or another in relation to the BLM protests. Since the NYT estimates conservatively that 15 million people participated in protests in some way, that’s a rate of about 1.26 x 10^-6, or .00000126% deaths per protestor

        I’d like to do the math for the Save America March, but finding out how many people were in attendance is a bit difficult. The best I could find is that the national park service approved an amendment for 30000 to attend, though news outlets don’t seem to report that many. But let’s be generous and say they exceeded that since you threw hundreds of thousands, it’s a good compromise. If I assume twice as many packed in, that’s be a death rate of about 8.3x^-5, or .000083%

        That makes it about 65x deadlier per protestor than the BLM protests based on very rough estimates.

        Obviously, finding percentages who committed property damage vs. storming the capitol is completely impossible, but never let it be said that the stats have been buried. We could also calculate it per police officer killed if you’d like. That sort of ignores the context behind the protests though, which is why this rally draws so much ire.

        1. 19? That sounds awfully low. Are you including people like Dorn, Danielson, those dead in Kenosha (provoked and instigated by blm sympathizers), dead people in Chaz, etc. That’s just deaths. You want to find assault and battery stats, while you’re at it?

          1. I’m just counting those included by official sources for the BLM marches this summer, and trying best to be fair with numbers. Finding accurate stats on A&B and property damage is much harder than finding the number of stats for fatalities. A&B especially because identifying instigators is a bit hard. Afterall, there were a fair number of Kyle Rittenhouse types at those protests who were there specifically to stir things up and without having things on video, it’ll just devolve into a he-said-she-said situation.

            And even comparing them is difficult, since the Save America March as one event, whereas the BLM marches were hundreds of events, each with their own DNA and the vast majority peacefully resolving. I could try to find every single Proud Boys protest, or throw in the Unite the Right rally, etc. etc. But it’s not even much of a fair comparison as it is without trying to massage the numbers now.

            It’s not as easy as, say, calculating Sweden’s status on coronavirus compared to the rest of Scandinavia’s, for example.

  21. I see Tlo or the waste of public resources himself is channeling their inner Dorsey here. When you can’t have a discourse where both sides engage, you can’t have anything. Why did you delete titzoff’s and my posts? It had nothing, but love in it (mine at least).

    1. I agree posts shouldn’t be deleted unless they are egregious, overly personal or dangerous.

      1. I disagreed with titzoff on the antifa part. Those clearly were ultras/q looneys and white nationalists. There are videos where some people are trying to break windows and trump supporters booing them and then pulling them off, so my biggest beef with WoPR’s piece is that he’s painting the vast majority of peaceful protesters with the same brush as the insurgents. I’m glad we could agree on something, cap.

        1. I knew immediately when it was happening that Antifa would somehow be blamed and it’s good that there are Republicans who are calling that out as BS and calling out Trump for how his rhetoric fueled things.

          Most every protest will always be comprised of mostly peaceful people, right or left wing. Most Republicans and most Democrats aren’t violent people.

          But, in my mind, we shouldn’t let our obsession with being fair blind us to who tried to do what in these situations. People broke into the US capitol to try to change the results of a legal election fueled by members of the government, and that shouldn’t be downplayed with a “but both sides” argument.

  22. Let’s storm Newkirk city hall.

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