Sen. James Lankford Should Resign from the Tulsa Race Massacre Commission!

Even though Sen. James Lankford went ahead and decided not to object to the Electoral College certification for President Elect Joe Biden following last Wednesday’s white-storm on the U.S. capitol, there is still a lot that he has to be responsible for; like my father would say as he currently burns in Hell, “You do the crime, you do the time!”

One of the many things that Lankford is responsible for—besides a belief in Trump’s inherent racism—is how his personal beliefs will play into his seat on the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission. After cowering at those MAGA-card morons as they came in through the front door, we have to ask ourselves if Lankford has the guts and guile to remain on the board for this historic moment.

I don’t think he is.

Thankfully, I’m not alone in this, as many Oklahomans are coming forward to call for his resignation from the commission. Most famously, Nehemiah Frank, editor-in-chief of the Black Wall Street Times, recently called for Lankford’s walking papers, and as soon as possible. From the Black Wall Street Times:

The senator’s continued involvement with the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Commission would be acutely disrespectful to the victims and descendants of the massacre. We demand Senator James Lankford resign from the commission immediately. Restorative justice is not possible if we choose to placate White elected officials who only portray themselves as allies when they feel it is politically expedient.” 

Every word Frank said is true: it is highly disrespectful to have this person on the board for this dark mark on Oklahoma history, especially when, for no longer how short a time, he aimed to bring another era of unjust misery to the entire United States of America. Besides, much like a kid who’s caught with his hand in the cookie jar, sure he may be sorry now, but how much longer until he pulls yet another pro-Trump stunt?

Oklahoma has a history of being thoroughly disrespectful to all races other than Caucasian and to have a person with beliefs like Lankford on that board continues an era of absolute fear and total loathing. Minorities don’t need a white watchman for their own painful remembrances, as if to look over our shoulder and, at any time, always be ready to scream “Don’t mourn like that!” when they disagree with our sadness.

After years of constant pain and sorrow, I think minorities know how to deal with their neverending hurt by now. Resign, Mr. Lankford so the residents of Tulsa can compose themselves to their own needs and emotions regarding the Tulsa Race Massacre. Last Wednesday’s attempt to take over the U.S. government—while you were speaking, mind you—shows that you have no right to be onstage for that—or any—historic moment.


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19 Responses

  1. How in the entire Hell did Lankford make it onto this commission? Politicians and their fake empathy, I tell you…..

  2. He has never been worth a crap and ppl keep allowing him to stay, so- you vote him in yoi pay the price.

    1. Wisdom. Senator Lankford along with other seditionist type acts was behind the drive to question Pennsylvania’s vote count and challenged the legality of it. Drove Americans to murder other Americans on our own Capitol grounds, in part, over Pennsylvania’s voting laws. In a 30 second ‘google’ of Penn’s voting laws any Lanford aide could have discovered “Act 77.” Senator! ‘No Excuse Mail in Voting’ Passed by a Republican Legislature and roundly praised by the citizens. It took 30 seconds to see this! Anyone could read this! You were giving some bullshit seditionist speech when your murderous lot came to kill your fellow Legislators. Resign from the Board? Of course. Just resign from anything that requires ‘wisdom’ or leadership. You and your age group of Senators aren’t leaders, you’re no more than self promoting carnival barkers. Your time with McConnel has ruined you.

  3. Well…he got the job cause he’s white. Any number of other Oklahomans are far better qualified but they lack the real qualifications. Skin color, sex and extensive experience in running church summer camps.

  4. Please resign. You’re a stain on this state.

  5. Lankford’s only black friend is his shadow and it only comes to visit him on sunny days.

  6. The only member of the Oklahoma Congressional delegation who didn’t try to wire around the Electoral College, who did the right thing from the git-go, who stayed true to his oath of office, was… Jim Inhofe! JIM INHOFE, of all people.

    By sheer coincidence, Inhofe is the only one of the seven who definitely will never run for office again. He has announced that he is now serving his final Senate term. (So unless he pulls a Mullin in 2026 at age 91…)

    The other six may or may not know right from wrong. My guess is that some do, but have feared losing their next election because of the anger of Trump’s minions who would perceive their betrayal of the Dear Leader.

    The sad conclusion is that our elected officials accurately reflect who we Oklahomans are – the voting majority of us anyway. Whose fault is it that the likes of James Lankford is our US Senator, and that someone (Stitt?) appointed him to this meaningful panel? Blame us. Oklahoma voters are responsible.

    1. Tulsa Congressman Kevin Hern is also a member with Lankford of the Race Massacre Commission. Trump allies spread
      suspicion about electoral fraud in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia (Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta). Hern voted unapologetically to the bitter end to wire around the Electoral College and keep the presidential election’s loser in office. Hern should resign from the Commission as well.

      But we know who and what Hern is. We have always known. The difference between him and Lankford is that Hern goes about his mischief quietly, not sanctimoniously like Lankford. I and most others would rather deal with an overt opponent than with a false friend.

      Beware of the handshake that hides the snake.

    2. That maleficent moron in his upside down piece of shit flying machine?! Stayed “true to his office” ONLY because this is his last term. No longer required to suck grump’s pecker.

  7. Wow, when discussing Lankford, it seems we can’t shovel manure as fast it piles right back up on us.

    So far as he’s the subject, I received Lankford’s self serving letter justifying his disgraced performance during Biden’s Congressional Electoral College victory. I replied that I consider him a Baptist Joe McCarthy who has shamed himself for history.

  8. Lankford-self professed ultimate Christian, follow the Lord legislature, yes?

    Yet he either supported/assisted or refused to object to the continuous election fraud lies dispersed by Trump/the White House/Rudi/GOP-knowing that the allegations had been rejected denied over 60 days by numerous courts-THEN until he was shook to his core by fear and what must have been an epiphany during the siege he ( a confirmed State’s right believer) was going to object to another states election process-and only the process associated with the Presidential votes and not of any other levels of election. That’s honorable Christian behavior-support known lies and liars and then participate in a know fraudulent objection to a state you have NO jurisdiction in.

    On multiple occasions when questioned about Trump speaking untruths/racist/horrible things, He said” I haven’t seen them, I haven’t read them, it’s not my place to comment, I’m still reviewing”–Which is/was a cowardly and outright LIE. He supported a liar and continued to be one himself.

    On attempting to somewhat of a legitimate stand up thing by stating Biden should get briefings and he would make sure it happened, within hours he recanted and cowered from the Trump/GOP back lash.

    He would refuse to comment on Trump’s:
    17 sexual assault allegations/charges
    Trump on recording stating he lied about the COVID
    Trumps negative comments regarding the military
    Trumps call that got him impeached the first time
    Trump not denouncing racial violence
    And on and on and on………………

    Lankford has proven to be a Blatant Coward, Blatant Hypocrite, Blatant Liar, and completely inept and taking a stand-Hell he even half-assed his part in the objection to the election——he’s always trying to gauge the wind and has a constant sore crotch from riding the fence 24/7. He’s almost worse than someone like Trump because he’ll change sides in a nano second if it will help him/not hurt his chance of re-election.

    Hopefully he will get his just reward soon.

  9. Look at the brighter side …. maybe by being a part of that
    group he’ll learn to better understand the social problem
    among minorities (the bitter resentment) toward what’s
    commonly called white priviledge.

    In my own case, I’ve spent a lifetime of ‘unlearning’ what I
    learned as a white kid growing up in a fairly small Oklahoma
    town in the 50s, as far as the stereotypical traits of others.
    You’ve got to judge people on an individual basis on their own
    merits rather than assuming the negatives, otherwise everyday
    life in a diverse society will have more bitterness and paranoia.
    You have to see things for yourself.

    Same as for being consumed with ‘White Priviledge’ …. many
    will not have as an enjoyable life because of a certain hatred in
    the core of their being that surfaces enough to rob their peace of
    mind and acts as a stumbling block to their getting ahead.

    Langford is going to be around a long time as a major decision
    maker, leader, policy implementer and so forth for this state
    and maybe he could use more education from a firsthand
    perspective in order to be more well-rounded, wiser, and thus
    better prepared to fill his position fairly for all.

    1. Lankford just played a starring role in what amounted to the death of 5 people while attempting to overthrow American democracy. This experience did not change Lankford’s entirely self-serving support of Trump’s unjustified voter fraud claims. He will not learn from this either. His actions are solely in the pursuit of following his own political ambition and this is just another resume builder for higher office. If Oklahomans ever decide that decency and integrity are requirements for being a representative then he will not be around much longer. Regardless of title, he is not and never has been a leader. He has another chance to do right with the upcoming impeachment vote but we all know he will choose the coward’s way.

      1. +1000000

        Lankford, has no desire or ability to self reflect or grow from an experience such as having a seat on the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission. His painfully obvious goal has been and always will be getting reelected and his personal belief he is a chosen one who can impart his knowledge, skill, Christianity on those of us lucky enough to be led by him. Crystal clear proof was the ability of the complete out of touch Inhofe knowing/realizing what is constitutional duty and what is a personal choice of joining a questionable if not worse plan to overthrow an election.

        Lankford is the worst kind of elected official as he has no core belief/loyalty to anyone other than himself and his own self-interests. It’s even scarier now that he’s not even afraid of that being exposed.

  10. What does the electoral college have to do with a race riot from 100 years ago?

  11. Apparently Sen Whitebread just got woked.

    According to CNN, he’s now apologizing and didn’t realize that delegitimizing “urban” black voters was racist. He’s a pathetic facsimile to humans with souls.

  12. The headline should have stopped after the word Resign…

  13. Maybe Lankford should apologize to his constituents who still believe in the Constitution as well?
    I also have a difficult time believing anyone who still hasn’t learned that a liar destroys all they touch, no matter the level of society. Congress? Emotional and many times non thinking. Senators? Don’t actual ‘leaders’ have at least some level of wisdom? Oklahomans need to rethink their definition of ‘wisdom.’ Seems many in Lankford’s age group that slid into their positions need to go back to understand life for a few more decades? I’m not even sure if McConnel has allowed this kids to learn to actually legislate?

    1. An apology only heals…the first time a huge mistake happens. An apology signals that the lesson has been learned. Fool me ONCE, shame on you…Fool me TWICE, shame on me.
      Lankford will not be reelected again.
      I was asked yesterday, to read
      Eccliasstese ( sp ) 10:2. I am glad that I did. It is very relatable to today’s world. Difference between right and left. It also references Gains that are obtained thru evil means.
      Never last !
      Let us pray that they don’t !!! I fear our future

      PS…for those that don’t know…..Mitch McConnell is also on Chinas payroll. Where does it end ???

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