7 ways YOU can support burnt-out Oklahoma medical professionals!

Sad news, my fellow Oklahomans! Last week KFOR reported that medical professionals across the state are suffering from burnout related to the reported increase in stress and trauma they are experiencing as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. It breaks our heart to hear that our frontline workers are going through so much, so we at TLO wanted to help. Here’s 7 ways YOU can support Oklahoma healthcare providers!

Wear a Mask

Research has shown that areas with mask mandates have significantly decreased rates of COVID-19 cases than areas without mask mandates. So, take some “personal responsibility” here and wear your mask. Except, of course, when you’re taking photos at a wedding, hanging out at your kid’s basketball game, or shopping at Walmart.

Fly Some Fancy Planes

Medical professionals across the state are still so awe-struck by April’s National Guard Flyover that they still haven’t noticed that the state has yet to implement a mask mandate.


Share Facebook Posts

Be sure to alternate between sharing selfies at packed bars or group photos of you and 10-15 of your “quarantine bubble’s” last maskless hangout with inspirational Facebook posts from some obscure Facebook page called, “Nursing Life,” that thanks healthcare workers for their sacrifices.


Throw Them a Pizza Party

If there’s one thing my nurse buddies have said they’re grateful for, it’s their hospitals buying them pizza once or twice a week. They say it totally makes up for the increase in hours and patient load on each shift.



Pay Them a Visit

If Facebook posts and airshows aren’t enough to show your gratitude for medical professionals, then why not pay them a visit? There is nothing more that a doctor appreciates than having to take time from their ever-increasing COVID-19 patient load in the ICU to give a personal tour to a “supporter” who can’t even take the time to pull his mask over his nose.


Do Your Own Research

Take the burden off of medical professionals and educate yourself on the virus. Then share your knowledge on Facebook to educate others! Who knows how many of your social media followers also didn’t know that the COVID-19 vaccine implants you with a microchip personally crafted by Bill Gates or that masks are ineffective against the 5G that carries the virus?


Tell Them to Quit Complaining

All this “fearmongering” about the alleged “challenges” medical professionals are supposedly “facing” while working the frontlines does nothing but “hype the COVID numbers” in the media and piss off Stitt. So, stop complaining.

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4 Responses

  1. I want to thank the folks at OU Medical that gave me my vaccination shot on Friday. The intake person and shot giver were both medical students.

    Neither had been vaccinated.

    I hope the best for them, all the folks doing “essential” work during the pandemic, and the medical workers who are taking the brunt of this in particularly.

  2. How did they get “Don’t do as I do, do as I say” Stitt to wear a mask during that St. Francis visit? It’s even covering his nose!

    Maybe we could get Markwayne Mullin to wear a mask too if we could learn St. Francis’ method of persuasion. But let’s not ask them right now. I think they’re busy.

    Speaking of Mullin… he is still rocking his “border beard.” He said in 2019 that he “he won’t shave it off till we secure the border.” With less than 48 hours left in the Trump Administration, the Wall nowhere close to complete, and not a single peso contributed to it by Mexico, ol’ Markwayne may have that neckbeard for a long, long time. He could look like Billy and Dusty if he would quit trimming it. I’m predicting that, unlike the virus, it will disappear in the warm weather. It won’t be the first time that Mullin has broken a very public promise.

  3. I’m doing my part! I’ve hunkered down at the ‘Ol Homestead since last March. The closest to human contact I’ve had are the weekly Walmart grocery drop-offs and the thrice weekly deliveries from Moore Liquor. Snark aside kudos to the Cleveland County Health Department and the exceptional staff and crew for my first covid-19 shot and the follow-up calls to ensure my second.

  4. You just had to show Markwayne and his closest associate in the entire House. Now I’m pissed off till Noon.

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