New Derplahoman Lawmaker Comes Out Bat Shit Ablazin’

For almost 14 years, we at The Lost Ogle have enjoyed shining the spotlight on the wacko legislation our Derplahoman lawmakers introduce each legislative session as part of their continued effort to impose their warped views and draconian "values" on the rest of us.
We do this because...
A) It gives us something to write about
B) It gives you something to click-on
On that note, we'd like to thank freshman Oklahoma State Senator Warren Hamilton for doing his part to keep this annual tradition alive. Fresh off beating incumbent Wade Boggs in a heated abolitionist derp'off in the moist and sweaty corner of Oklahoma's groin, he's come out bat shit ablazin' and introduced a wide variety of legislation that I'm sure is very popular with his core base in the local Baptist, militia and lawnmower racing movements.
We covered one of his attempts earlier this year when he introduced a bill that would give God-given inalienable rights to clumps of cells growing in a female body. You can read it here.
Since then, a couple other of bills have come to our attention.
For example, he recently introduced SB 676. It would prevent anyone under the age of 21 from getting a "gender reassignment medical treatment," because you know, nothing says limited-government conservative values than interfering with someone's ability to receive a legal medical treatment because it doesn't conform to a politician's moral code.
Check this out:
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