Creepy lawmaker wants teachers to out gay and trans students…

The guy pictured above who looks like he probably has an impressive collection of gladiator movies tucked away in a shoebox in his closet is Oklahoma State Representative Danny Williams.

He’s the primary author of HB 1888, which in its original form, would prohibit any public body, including schools, from conducting gender or sexual diversity training or counseling in Oklahoma.

Unless I’m not fully understanding the bill’s language and intent, that seems like an issue most conservative Oklahoma lawmakers, especially the ones who think diversity is a dirty word, would support. It also seems like something the liberal lawmakers who are aligned with the LGBTQ+ community would be against.

The vote tally, on the other hand, reflects the exact opposite (See update below). The bill received 19 “Yes” votes – primarily from Democrats – and 35 “No” votes, primarily from Republicans. 47 other House Members didn’t even vote. This is just a guess, but maybe conservatives want to reserve their right to teach their interpretation of gender and sexual diversity, and the powerless liberals in the legislature want to prevent that from happening.

(***Update: I apparently understood the bill’s intent, but not our state’s parliamentary procedures. The vote was to “table” the bill, which means a “No” vote was a “Yes” vote for the bill, and a “Yes” vote a “No” vote for the bill. And that’s how a bill becomes a law.)

Undeterred, Williams then introduced a couple of amendments that I guess were designed to get more lawmakers on the conservative side to get behind the proposal. One of them, which we’ll call the Shortey Amendment, would have required school teachers, counselors and other administrators to out students who may be gay or trans to their parents.

Check this out:

Naturally, the amendment resulted in the typical batch of online outrage, but not too long after it was introduced, The Frontier’s Ben Felder reported it had been pulled:

Man, you know there were a lot of lawmakers – and school teachers – disappointed with that one.

Anyway, it will be interesting what happens to this bill and if any other weird amendments (like requiring students to out gay teachers) will be included. I’m sure the conservatives in the House would be all for that one.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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18 Responses

  1. That man has major Pedoface.

  2. Who’s going to out Lindsey Graham? Who’s going to tell Congress Marjorie Taylor Greene was a defensive back for the NY Jets till he was cut for not attending team meetings?

  3. The scary part is that this guy looks a Hell of a lot like Jim Adler, The Texas Hammer.

    Since this is a site based in OKC, and most people won’t know what the Hell I’m talking about, he is the top car accident and personal injury attorney in Texas, and he got that way mostly because of his outrageous commercials. If you ever get bored sometime, check out the ads on YouTube.

    1. :::If you ever get bored sometime, check out the ads on YouTube.:::

      I can’t imagine ever being that bored.

      1. To be fair, me neither. But, his ads ran non-stop when I was in Houston on vacation last year…..right on the day that the Thunder cancelled their game because of the Jazz and Rudy Gobert.

  4. Just when I thought our legislators had gotten used to the fact that they’re here and they’re queer, here we go again. Guess they got tired of guns and gynecology.

    What would be wrong with sexual diversity training? Does the moron think that it would turn people gay or trans – just like sex education makes kids aware of sexual feelings they wouldn’t have noticed otherwise?

    The business of outing kids to their parents if they are struggling with sexual identity is sick and evil. And so must be Danny Williams. The kids who haven’t confided in their parents probably (and correctly) fear dire consequences – like being shipped off to a Christian reprogramming camp, or simply thrown out of the house.

    I would oppose “mandatory” diversity / gender training. But who would considering conducting it? Anyone?

    1. This is getting about one notch away from a public inquiry as to your “Party” affiliation. That’s probably coming soon after a Democratic sweep in 22.

      1. That’s right after the Democrats confiscate your guns.

      2. :::That’s probably coming soon after a Democratic sweep in 22.:::

        Never in Oklahoma.

        On the other hand, I always thought Oklahoma would be the 50th state to legalize weed, and even then it would take 15 years after the 49th state did it, so what do I know? Nuttin’.

  5. I swear we need to require taking and passing an IQ test to serve.

  6. This may violate some federal laws/guidelines. But that’s ok. He and his cadre of idiots want to be able to find federal statutes and administrative orders unconstitutional, which in and of itself, is unconstitutional.

  7. Come on guys and ladies. I take a backseat (nothing untoward being suggested here) to anyone when it comes to my old house buddy, current Republican Representative Danny Williams, not to be confused with former DJ and TV/Radio host Danny Williams. Danny, the pol, used to be a Democrat, lost his mind and ran for governor decades ago, then disappeared into the world of nether/nether land and now has reappeared as a gay outer/basher/revealer/damager/hurter or any other derogatory description within an organization where he will find comfort and support. That would be the House of Representatives Republican caucus and as ole Danny gets more comfortable within that setting look for him to exploit his previous experience in the legislature as he cultivates the kiddie corp just arrived from the boonies of Oklahoma. He’s a clever story teller, has a pretty good network of friends and except for being a perfect chameleon without any principles is a helluva fine guy. Just wouldn’t want to be the the same foxhole with him…for several reasons.

    1. It’s nice to read Mr. Hobson’s opinions again.

      1. Thank you Z. Have been busy terrorizing lawmakers over on nondoc and facebook but missed the truly intellectual crowd one can only find on TLO.

  8. “…experiencing sexual orientation or gender dysphoria.”

    Do any of these clowns even understand the terms or words mean? Sounds like something from the “free love 60’s”.

    Parent: “I’m a gonna whip that shit right outta Jim Bob Jr. (Muffy Jo) soon’s I get home.”

  9. Who keeps voting these whackadoos in??
    We are already the laughingstock of the country, with our “outstanding” governor.
    I see now why people go off the grid and live in a shack. lol

    1. The same voters over and over again, who can’t or won’t really try to determine a candidate’s qualifications, all they care about:
      1.) Is there an R by their name?
      2.) Are they a Trumper?
      3.) They still think by voting straight Repub they are “sticking it to Obama”

  10. He needs to be Brockmired.

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