Ogle Madness XIII Bracket Revealed!!!

After taking the unprecedented step to cancel last year’s tournament due to health and safety concerns presented by the totally overblown, media-driven panic surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic, Ogle Madness – our beloved Oklahoma Cultural Tournament – is back again with Ogle Madness XIII!

Just like with the 12-editions before it, this year’s tournament takes 64 Oklahoma people, places and things, and seeds them in an NCAA Tournament-style field. Each day, we post matchups on the site and let our readers vote for who or what they want to advance. The winner moves onto the next stage of the tournament, the loser goes home. After three weeks, 63 match-ups and lots of broken hearts later, we crown one champion.

Here is this year’s bracket. Click the image to view a larger file of check out the PDF here:

Here’s a list of the Top 4 seeds in each region:

Northeast: (1) Joe Exotic, (2) Joleen Chaney, (3) Reba McEntire, (4) Lou Dort
Southeast: (1) Marla Morgan, (2)Kelsey Kernstine, (3) Olivia Munn, (4) Lincoln Riley
West: (1) Emily Sutton, (2) Lacey Swope, (3) Cannibalistic Castrators, (4) Gwen Stefani
(1) Abigail Ogle, (2) OKC Cock Ring, (3) Garth Brooks, (4) Kevin Stitt

Here’s a link to a Twitter thread where we take a look at each region:

Lucas will get this year’s “Madness” tipped off tomorrow with matchups from the Northeast Region. Polls are open for 36 hours after each post is published. We encourage you to vote once and once only. Election fraud will be monitored.

Thanks for playing and participating in this silly thing we do every year that doesn’t coincide with the arrival of a life-altering pandemic. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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4 Responses

  1. It’s fun to consider the merits and demerits of the tournament participants, but sometimes I’m at a loss about how to vote. What criteria should I use?

    This year, I’m going to vote for whichever contestant seems the “most Oklahoma” to me. Whatever that means.

    Examples: the cock ring and Kevin Stitt seem VERY “Oklahoma” to me.

  2. No Cassie Heiter? Very disappointing.

    1. +1

    2. And Abigail Ogle a #1 seed?

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