The Oklahoma GOP is turning on Jim Inhofe…

Somewhat surprisingly, Senator Senile (a.k.a. Jim Inhofe) has been a bit reserved and muted on the whole insurrection-MAGA stuff that’s infected the Republican party.

As opposed to jumping on the post-election MAGA train like it was a fresh pool of blue-green algae, the Senator has distanced himself a tad from this anti-reality segment of the GOP, even going so far as to make reality-based decisions, like certifying the fair, democratically-held election results from other states.

According to a Ben “Smelder-Is-The” Felder article with The Frontier, this has turned the Senator – a once famed anti-reality crowd-pleaser who threw a snowball on the Senate floor in defiance of global warming – into a bit of a villain in the Oklahoma GOP.

Check this out:

Concerned about a possibly hostile crowd, State Republican Chairman David McLain warned the audience not to boo or shout before U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe took the stage at the state GOP convention on Saturday.

Inhofe’s speech defending his vote to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election drew a mixed reaction from the crowd of several hundred people at the Oklahoma City Convention Center, many of whom still dispute the election of President Joe Biden.

“The constitution … demands that the states pass the presidential ballot,” Inhofe said in an address that included slides of the U.S. Constitution and the specific requirements he said mandated that he vote to certify Biden’s win.

Charles DeFuria, a Republican delegate from Luther, stood up and began shouting as Inhofe spoke before officials removed him from the room.

“I didn’t want to hear blah, blah, blah,” DeFuria told The Frontier. “What I wanted from Inhofe and from (Sen. James) Lankford was on Jan. 6 to stand up and say we need to figure out what really happened during the election.”

As a guy who has published over 58,000 volumes of a series title “Jim Inhofe Is Still An Idiot,” I’m going to stick up for Senator Senile on this one. The dude’s been saying “Blah, Blah, Blah” for his last 30 years in office, so it’s a bit harsh for his once loyal followers to suddenly judge him for it now.

Seriously, the dude doesn’t latch onto your crazed anti-reality voter fraud bullshit and you’re going to abandon him? Where’s the loyalty?! If Inhofe’s “Blah, Blah, Blah” didn’t bother people like DeFuria then, it shouldn’t bother them today.

That being said, this is still fun to watch… or read:

Some gave Inhofe a standing ovation after his address but the response was fairly subdued with many people shaking their heads in disagreement.

After his speech, Inhofe said in an interview that his explanation might not have been what the crowd wanted to hear but he felt it was important to explain himself.

“I didn’t get the response I really wanted, I don’t think people understand, it’s a difficult message,” Inhofe told The Frontier. “It is a little bit in the weeds but something I really don’t have a choice.”

I honestly don’t know what that quote means, and I’m pretty sure Jim Inhofe doesn’t either. Maybe he was recalling an old waiter nightmare where he forgot he had a table while rolling silverware?

Either way, I wonder what Jim Inhofe’s going to do here? When the same anti-reality Republicans turned on Lankford, at least he was able to shift even farther to the right and shoot videos of himself blistering like a red cherry in the sun at the border wall. Inhofe’s already gone about as far to the right as you can go, so what’s his next move? Calling for Joe Biden’s birth certificate? Bringing back 8-Chan?? Throwing snowballs at other senators while having a temper-tantrum on the senate floor???

On that note, I have to ask – what is keeping Jim Inhofe from just appeasing the crowd here and playing along with the fraudulent election, anti-reality stuff?

As proven by his book “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future,” he obviously has no problem wielding the dark arts of misinformation, propaganda, and distortion for political gain, regardless of the destruction and consequences those actions may cause. Why stop now?

Perhaps the answer could lie in this campaign ad from September. You know, the one where an Oklahoma sheriff, while standing with many other sheriffs, talks about how law enforcement will always have Jim Inhofe’s back in his war against crazed socialists.

It’s kind of funny how opinions can change when the people who allege to have your back also march on the place you work with a crazed mob. Apparently, it’s enough to make you reconsider what reality you live in, and the “Blah Blah Blah” bullshit that spews out your mouth.

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20 Responses

  1. Plain and simple. He’s not running for reelction.

    1. +1

  2. I actually hope he makes the full 6 years just to piss them all off, especially Stitt.

  3. T-Bone is right. We have seen numerous other GOP pols start sounding sensible right after they decide not to run for re-election.

    That said, Inhofe is the last GOP pol I ever expected to dig deep enough after so many irrational decades to find reason, a soul, and a conscience.

    What should scare us all is that so many attendees at the OK GOP Convention are even more deranged than Jim Inhofe, and that their party will control the future of our state.

  4. What I don’t understand about these dinosaur politicians who are coming to the end of their careers (if only because death is lurking right around the corner) is, why they don’t just tell their critics to go fuck themselves?

    I’m no fan of Inhofe but hell, if I was his age and “served” as long as he has, I’d just say, “If you assholes don’t like what I say or do, vote me out of office. Think I give a shit? I’m an old millionaire and whether or not I keep this job, I’ll be just fine. So, bite me.”

    There must be something about “power” that keeps these turds always wanting more, more, more. I wonder what it is? Is Jim afraid if he’s no longer a Senator people will just think he’s an out-of-touch old man? WE ALREADY THINK THAT! So Jim: use your age and your “power” to grow a tiny pair of balls. If possible. And then quit, already. We’re anxiously awaiting the next out-of-touch right-wing conservative to take your place.

    [Son Of The Return Of the sound of crickets chirping]

  5. Let’s don’t forget that in 2019 Jim Inhofe was named “The Most Coservative” US Senator by GovTrack. This is still proudly posted on the senators website, or his campaign website. Now that he has been elected for (probably) his final term he doesn’t have to pander to the nuts that are the Oklahoma GOP, and just a few months after his near landslide victory some of his former supporters are booing him.

    You have to be more conservative, more crazy to be a political leader. It’s amazing how much of a political insider/political kingpin Kevin Stitt considers himself. He wants to be the next to move to Washington to live the good life.

    Many of those who call themselves conservatives in Oklahoma would be way far out fringe right ringers in the other 49 states. A “liberal” in Oklahoma would be a moderate, and possibly even identify as a Republican in any other state.

    It’s a mess, especially when the bogeyman that whips up the right in Oklahoma is Sharia law. Funny how many laws these propose are exactly what Sharia is, with the important distinction that it would punish those who don’t adhere to their religious beliefs. The new leader of the Oklahoma GOP is the right person to end the party that is too far right for even the mainstream Oklahoman. Amazing what some people will put up with so they can openly carry a weapon wherever they want.

    The world has changed pretty quickly, even Jim Inhofe realizes many of his faithful are crazy, and now Kevin Stitt wants to out crazy so he can Jim’s gig when he leaves office. Guess he figures screwing up the educational system in Oklahoma even more will help him even more to become the smartest guy in the room. Imagine That!

  6. Look. Has anyone really looked into Biden’s birth certificate? Interviewed witnesses of his birth? Is it just a coincidence that the hospital staff that “attended” his birth is dead? Looked into causes of their “deaths”?

    I am not saying that the certificate is faked, but when once some called out “Yusef bin Biden”, Joe looked up.

    1. I want to see Donald Trump’s long-form birth certificate too.

  7. Total cipher, but he is the only member of our Congressional delegation without blood on his hands for complicity in the attempted overthrow of our government.

  8. Thinking back over the decades I probably agreed with the Senator around, oh, 0% of the time but I agree with SD Eddie on this one.
    If you can’t stand behind the Constitution what can you stand behind? Inhofe will go down as a lot of things but not the seditionist traitor the other Senator will be remembered as.

  9. If this isn’t just a simulation, the Jimmies have a monster on their hands that they will benefit them or anyone else.

  10. There are already too many whackadoodles and looney tunes in this state. Believing in conspiracy theories will do that to you, especially ones that make no damn sense whatsoever, like the Q one going around now.

  11. The Okla GOP: “We’re Crazier Than Inhofe!”

  12. I laugh every time I see or hear Republicans in Oklahoma (any Red state, really) nut-up about socialism. If they weren’t lazy thinkers they’d know that Oklahoma is the 6th state with the most welfare recipients per capita. SNAP (Food Stamp) recipients, Oklahoma is 4th. Federal Income Tax non-payers, Oklahoma is 17th, and for EIC recieved, Oklahoma is 10th. All of which stands to reason (or should, anyway) when you’re the 8th poorest state in the Union.

    1. “Socialism” is what they shouted when they opposed rural electrification through electric co-ops. Credit unions are socialism too. Ronald Reagan famously made commercials opposing Medicare because it was socialism.

      But at least those arguments had a grain of truth behind them. Today when someone is whining about “socialism,” they are probably defining it to include everything that they don’t like. I

    2. Try not to think about the billions in farm subsidies.

  13. at least Jim followed the constitution, our other senator sided with the seditionist and against our constitution

  14. When pigeon shoot Inhofe appears to be sensible and judicious you know the train has fatally jumped the rails.

    Race to the bottom.

  15. Let’s make this simple, socialism is where everyone shares the wealth, communism is where everyone shares the poverty, late stage capitalism is where the top 1% shares almost everything. Fortunately, I stayed awake at OU during poli sci classes. Oh yeah, I forgot, OU is a commie front. Inhofe and the rest of the twilight zone crowd can get stuffed.

  16. It had to be a guy from Luther. 🤦‍♂️ The Luther mayor just lost her re-election after her trip to DC for “Stop the Steal.” Four candidates & the top 3 were to be on the town council. She came in dead last. After she deleted all her social media on the drive home, it was blatantly obvious & the voters spoke.
    I’ve met Inhofe & he is a neo-con through to the end. I don’t know why the Oklahoma GOP is surprised. Joe Biden is a neo-con. Trump is not a neo-con & the GOP of Oklahoma are Trumpists.
    Jan 6 showed us that Senator Fire Crotch is an opportunist with a flavor for authoritarian, white privileged control. To many white Oklahomans accustom to privilege, equality feels like oppression. If only they could see they are hurting themselves by not aligning with the rest of the working class of color. Unite the lower classes & we all win (BLM movement). Stay divided & 90% of us lose (Trumpism).

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