TLO Restaurant Review: Charcoal Oven

It was last Friday around noon when my precious pup Sean and I decided we were going to trek to the newly reopened Charcoal Oven, 3604 N. May Ave., mostly due to their strange restaurant hours, closing daily at 5 p.m. Yet, somewhere around N.W. 30th—the point of no return, at least for me—it started to mildly drizzle.

Sean loved it, sniffing and smelling everything coated in the fresh rain while, as you could guess, I hated it. Still, I soldiered on with him in tow, down to the new site of Charcoal Oven, formerly the home of one of my old places of employment, Blockbuster Video. I wonder if they found that crate of previously viewed titles I stashed in the back…

With no dogs allowed inside—of course—I tied Sean’s leash to the metal railing outside, by the picnic tables. As I went into the new establishment, it was duly packed, with plenty of cronish elders staring at my dog and then at me disapprovingly, the force of a thousand daggers piercing my heart. But, after I quickly placed my order, I figured I’d be in and out. Figured.

After a wait of roughly 45 minutes—one where I went back and forth to make sure Sean was alright in the inclement weather—admittedly there was a part of me that was seething over that long a wait for a fucking hamburger. As soon as I got my bag, I went outside to sit with him as he excitedly jumped around, these meaty treats being one of his favorite foods. I know the feeling.

Check out this burger:

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