TLO Restaurant Review: La Baguette Deep Deuce

In Oklahoma—a state that still has “freedom” fries on many a menu—typically the best you can do for a Franco-inspired meal is a makeshift charcuterie board with Wal-Mart croissants, squirts of spray cheese, misshaped brown grapes, sliced frankfurters from the back of the fridge and a staticky VHS copy of Emmanuelle. It’s just not right.

But there has always been one French eatery in town and that’s La Baguette. Recently, after the sidewalk press show in Deep Deuce, as my friend and I were walking back to her car, we noticed a new-ish variation of the restaurant at 100 NE 4th St. and decided to stop by for a late lunch, if only out of curiosité simple.

While I have never been to the one on N. May Ave. or the place in Norman, this Deep Deuce concept is probably far hipper than most, I guess, with song-lyrics from Devo and such all over the walls, somehow tying into French cuisine. While I would have preferred tunes instead from legendary pervert Serge Gainsbourg, that’s probably not the business they’re in.

Despite a woefully confused staff of young people far cooler than I’ll ever be behind the counter, we eventually ordered our continental food, starting off with a plain Croissant ($3.25), still warm out of the oven.

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