Nathan Dahm is getting married…

We have bad news for all the MAGA boys and ladies out there!

Earlier today, we acquired through the Ogle Mole Network a wedding reception invitation for notorious Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm!

He's the guy who's in the news every few weeks for saying or doing something stupid. He was ranked 7th in our Top Derplahomans of the 2010s, 17th in our Top 25 Oklahoma Covidiots and #1 in our most recent ranking of the Next Oklahoma lawmaker to be caught in a southside hotel room with... well... nevermind.

Anyway, while he's been out n' about Derplahomaning it out, pandering to his tribe, and looking for ways to troll the media, it looks like he finally found a nice woman to settle down with and mansplain the constitution to. Her name is Christina Mills, and they both like sweaters.

THAT IS ADORABLE. Who knew Nathan could clean up so well and look so... Hobby Lobby? I'm sure he catches all the old ladies' eyes at church on Sunday.

Seriously, though, that really is sweet. It makes you wonder if there's a more kind and sensitive side of Nathan we don't get to see on a daily basis... or that maybe he's trying really hard to cover something up.

Here's the back of the invite. I guess he invited everyone in the Oklahoma Senate, apparently unaware that everyone in the Oklahoma Senate doesn't like him...

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