5 other commissions Kevin Stitt should join…

It was generous enough for the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission to reach across the aisle and allow various Conservatives on their board in a peaceful attempt to try and heal the bloody wounds of Tulsa’s infamous massacre of its own Black citizens. Very generous.

But, knowing how many Oklahoma politicians—especially honorary member Gov. Kevin Stitt—truly feel about their non-white constituents, it was only a matter of time until Stitt was routinely ousted from the commission, this time for his signing of House Bill 1775.

While I’m sure many of us would say good riddance to bad rubbish, Stitt has instead taken the pouty-lip approach, released in a woe-is-me note to the general public via a Tulsa World article. From KFOR:

“It is disappointing to see an organization of such importance spend so much effort to sow division based on falsehoods and political rhetoric two weeks before the centennial and a month before the commission is scheduled to sunset.

The governor and first lady will continue to support the revitalization of the Greenwood District, honest conversations about racial reconciliation and pathways of hope in Oklahoma.”

Let’s be honest: for Stitt and his crew, all racial reconciliation truly means is that non-whites should go back to where they belong: in the dark and immersed in shame for who we are. Unless, of course, you bow down before the altar of Donald Trump, then go to the back of the line, chief!

And while I’m sure that the only reason Stitt’s truly upset that he’s not on the board anymore is because he can’t tell minorities what to do and where to go like the brutal overseer he probably imagines himself to be, there are still plenty of important commissions and boards Stitt could make a difference in, a few of which I listed here.

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