TLO Restaurant Review: Wing Supreme

Many years ago, I remember when Wing Supreme either first opened shop or had a grand re-opening—I really can’t recall which—at 3925 N. Lincoln and allowed the general public to come on down and sample their very meaty wares, all for free. I honestly liked what I had and planned to write about it, but then I, you know, had a stroke and was out of commission for a few months.

Thankfully, my boss Patrick recently called me up and asked if I had ever reviewed them; I was suddenly taken back to that sordid deliciousness and my original intent to positively write them up. I desperately needed a return to Wing Supreme and soon, at least before my next deadly stroke.

We showed up there sometime on Friday afternoon. But, as we walked through the door, we were given the bad news: they sold out of wings. Sure, they were expecting more, but it might be a little while. We sat there waiting for a while, when I was hit with a poverty-level idea: I have no problem with boneless wings—I prefer them actually!

Patrick must’ve agreed, because he bolted up from his seat and ordered some of their boneless wings, as well as a few other spicy and sweet selections from their very precise menu, for us to unequivocally dine on...

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