The Free (To Me) Sandwiches of Sandoitchi

I very rarely, if ever, get invited to the opening of a restaurant, let alone a pop-up food experience. Yet, somehow, I was sent an invitation to come out and try Sandoitchi, a semi-new sandwich concept that, apparently, is only available on Sundays. Normally I’d say no, but, seriously, how can you screw up a sandwich?

The shop was set up in an abandoned restaurant in the Plaza District, one that I think I reviewed a couple of years ago when it was a ramen joint. I showed up with my dog in tow—it was only a few blocks from my house, natch—and waited the scant few minutes as they got their specialized sandwiches ready to take home and sample, placing them neatly in small boxes and paper bags.

As I met and shook hands with both the public relations people and the varied cooks on the line, it was explained to me that Sandoitchi was—if I can remember this right—a Texas-based business that was branching out to Oklahoma City, offering their fast-selling sandwiches on an extremely limited basis, I guess to get a feel for the place and its sandwich needs.

They handed me my bag, with four of their most popular sandwiches inside. Served on the thick white bread that is typically used for, as I recall, Texas toast, they ranged most rapidly on the scale of my own personal tastes. For example, there are two chicken (or possibly pork) specialties: a plain one and a hot one. Here are the pics:

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