7 Non-White Oklahoma Heroes for Nichols Hills to Exploit Next

I was never more hated than when I tried to be honest.”  - Ralph Ellison If anyone has ever driven around Western and NW 63rd, that caustic strip of Nichols Hills where living in poverty is probably a misdemeanor, you’re more than likely aware of the continued construction on the new Ellison Hotel that, sadly, very few of us will ever get to spend a night in. Truthfully, the front desk would probably call the cops if most of us even stood in front of it. Going against the words that the writer—Ralph Ellison, in case you’re not a reader and/or ignorant—had on race, poverty, and the exclusive state of white America, famed hoteliers Tribute Portfolio purchased the prime real estate and took his name—I’m presuming for absolutely free—placing the hotel near the swanky Whole Foods in a Nichols Hills shopping center instead of a low-budget bodega on a far-more used and abused street-corner in the mostly impoverished side of town.

But instead of lambasting them as I typically would, I would rather work with them, helping the acclaimed Nichols Hills developers and various businesses that are looking to build their brand-name on the proverbial graves of our non-white heroes, if only to appear a little bit more “noble” in the eyes of the money-flush do-gooders of a part of town that most of us will never know, but feel their digressions every day.

Here are a few ideas that are certainly ripe for racial picking…

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