Gimme Shelter: Adopted Pets Returned En Masse After the Pandemic

had just come out of another hospital stay last June when I found out my ex-girlfriend had adopted a cute, friendly dog named Sean. However, over time, as Covid waned and people started going back to work, she found that keeping the dog was going to be hard for her; I’ll never forget the day she told me she was thinking of returning him.<p><br> Long story short, that’s how I became the adoptive father of Sean, my dog-son that has given me a new lease on life, guaranteeing a few more years of breathing on my part and, hopefully, many years of happiness for him.<p><br> Sadly, many people don’t have someone like me around to browbeat and chide them, so they end up sending their newly adopted dogs and cats back to the shelter, an increasingly growing problem as we come out of this worldwide sickness. I can only imagine the fear and hurt on those animal’s faces, wondering what they did that was so bad.<p><br> At first, I thought it was only the trashy people around me, but it turns out it’s many trashy people from all around the state. It’s become so much of a problem, that one Oklahoma City rescue shelter owner, Regina McCudy of Raven’s Rescue, is speaking out about it in a recent interview with Channel 5.<p><br>
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