Select list of Derplahomans featured on weird Trump whiteboard…

Earlier this week, left and right-wing social media echo chambers went nuts on Twitter after American traitor Michael Flynn shared of photo of a white dry erase board showing a weird spaghetti diagram flow chart of people, and select biblical quotes, that all point back to Donald Trump.

Here are the details via Huffington Post:

A whiteboard image featuring biblical quotes and names connected to former President Donald Trump is making waves in right-wing circles. Yet to many on social media, it looks like a parody of a conspiracy theory.

PatriotTakes, which monitors right-wing extremism, shared an image of the board after it was posted Tuesday on disgraced retired Gen. Michael Flynn’s account on Telegram, a messaging app popular with far-right groups, including white supremacists:

The whiteboard itself seems to belong to right-wing podcaster Clay Clark and shows the ways he and his associates can deliver conspiracy theories about the coronavirus to Trump by highlighting people Clark has spoken to who also have connections to the former president.

Really? Someone make a flow chart on how to deliver crazy conspiracy theories to Donald Trump? Talk about an incredible waste of time. That would be like drawing a big whiteboard on how to deliver Sante Fe vacationing tips to Kevin Stitt. I think he has that part covered.

Naturally, a whiteboard showing the various people who can deliver quack-pot ideas to Donald Trump featured a who's-who list of notable Oklahoma nutjobs.

This includes the First Lady of Derplahoma herself, Crazy Carol Hefner:

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