School District Bravely Stands Up To Stitt Over Anti-Mask Mandates!

During the last legislative session, Oklahoma Republican lawmakers passed a toothless bill that blocked school districts from implementing mask mandates during a global pandemic because, well, they're feckless, pandering, hypocritical morons who turn their nose up at science when it's politically convenient, and really don't give a flip whether or not kids at school catch the virus, infect their family, and possibly sicken or kill others, just as long as they win reelection.

Governor Stitt – the #1 Covidiot in Oklahoma according to our highly scientific rankings – eagerly signed the bill. It included a provision that districts could impose mask mandates if Stitt declares a state of emergency, but considering Stitt is an unapologetic anti-masker and only issues emergency declarations before fleeing the state for a ski trip, that probably won't happen until late-fall at the earliest.

As a result, school districts are technically prohibited from requiring that their unvaccinated students wear masks as the Delta variant spreads across the state like an ambitious strain of gonorrhea on the Oklahoma State Fair midway.

Fortunately, Chris Brewster – the superintendent for Santa Fe South Charter Schools – is standing up to our rube Governor and Derplahoman lawmakers. He issued a letter yesterday stating that "masks will be required of all students and staff while at school or at school-related activities, whenever indoors and in close contact."

Check this out:

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