OKC Memorial Marathon needs to bring in some ringers…

After a two and half year hiatus, the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon returned to town this weekend.

Outside of the time I lived in a duplex in Mesta Park and got trapped in my neighborhood when all I wanted to do was cross Classen and get to Braum's for a Sunday morning hangover breakfast, I like the marathon and think it's a cool event for the city.

This is because...

A) It's a nice way to honor, remember, and never forget the victims who lost their lives – and the first responders who rushed to the scene – on that tragic day in April of 1995. 

B) Even I, a card-carrying snark artist, isn't stupid enough to be overly critical of the OKC Marathon! Sure, the Oklahoma Standard messaging has grown trite, and it's a bit gross to see politicians who pander to right-wing militiamen exploit the event for social media likes and shares, but only a classless moron would hang a raincloud like that over what's supposed to a be a fun, feel good, cheery event for our city!

Although I'm a fan of the OKC Memorial Marathon and think it's awesome, I do have one question or favor to ask of our race organizers. Can we at least recruit some ringers to compete and make it a semi-respectable race???

Once again, I know the marathon is more of a fun, feel-good event city for our city than a world-class race, but it's probably not the best look when some dude from Chile who's never run in a marathon before can hop off the plane and win the event.

Check this out:

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