Patrick’s News Round Up (9)

I’ve been pulling some extra-weight on the bar entertainment front this week, so this week’s recap is a bit shorter than normal!

Here we go!

Former Cokehead Lobbyist Finally Gets Punishment He Deserves…

Early this week, former disgraced lobbyist turned AM radio political commentator Chad Alexander was appointed to the Oklahoma County Jail Trust Board. It completes a sad fall from grace by a man who was once one of the most powerful political operatives in the state.

Seriously, hasn’t this man been through enough? Considering he was able to use his privilege to get clean and not serve any jail time – and that his wife was the Chief of Staff for Trump’s reelection campaign – you think he could have scored a gig on a traffic commission, or a water resource board, or something else that’s not the Siberia of Oklahoma political appointments. I guess he’ll have to work his way up from the bottom to get a cushy gig. We wish him the best.

Bice in trouble for doing something right

Earlier this year, Stephanie Bice voted in favor of a bill that included a reasonable provision that “would allow a system for military judges to restrain service members from ‘possessing, receiving, or otherwise accessing a firearm’ if a protective order is filed against them.”

Because most conservatives are unreasonable and uncompromising gun nuts who consider any form of reasonable gun legislation to be an assault on liberty, Bice is now trying to repeal the legislation she voted for, and conducting constituent damage control:

Some day we’ll have a conservative politician in this state who will show some courage and stand up to the right-wing gun nuts!  Actually, just kidding. That will never happen.

Funny Sports-related Tweet of the Week

It’s virtually impossible now to listen to sports radio in this market and not hear alt-right Greg from the Oklahoma men’s clinic trying to reach all the limp-dick MAGA men who can’t get an erection. It’s somehow made local sports radio even more intolerable to listen to, which I didn’t think was possible.

Gathering Places agree to a settlement 

The details of the settlement weren’t released, but I hope the greedy losers at the Tulsa super park came to their sense and just let the Shawnee place do their own thing just as long as they don’t build a $240-million park in their backyard.

OKCPS resorts to hiring temps as subs

Don’t you feel sorry for the temps who get stuck with that gig? I’d rather spend my day filing medical forms in an old warehouse.

Oklahoma a Top 10 State to Not Have a Baby

That concludes this week’s news round up. Have a nice weekend and we’ll see you on Monday.


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5 Responses

  1. Only 45th for babyhood? Somebody cooked the stats.

  2. Bad place to get pregnant, bad place to have a baby, bad place to be a kid, bad place to go to a public school…

    … and then as an adult, things aren’t so great here either. Certainly not “Top Ten.”

    At least we have guns. Lots of guns. Mostly to protect ourselves from each other?

  3. Chad Alexander’s appointment to the Jail Trust was a favor to him to keep his mouth shut with Joy’s announcement she was running for governor. Chad’s laptop had all of the incriminating emails and information on Joy, so they gave Chad some political favors to keep his mouth shut.

  4. Bravo, Stephanie “Aghazadeh” Bice, on all your “votes”. Maybe you can vote to bring Afghani women to Oklahoma to work as maids or be surrogate mothers, maybe wet nurses, for you and your construction and oil bag circle of friends, make them “free”.

  5. I bet. More like the forgiveness cycle for good ol boys is 30-45 seconds. In Oklahoma, you can have a record a mile long and still get a job and make big ol decisions for others, no matter if you have dabble in hard drugs, committed armed assault, helped hide money, you name it, so long as you are who you are. Just show up and run your mouth while being well connected and a good ol boy salesman.

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