Cherokee Chief Declares Kevin Stitt an “Enemy of Sovereignty!”

A few years ago, I went to a gathering of the Choctaw Nation that was held downtown to change some legal information but, first, had to sit through various speeches by Chief Batton and his pals. There were free snacks and water, however, so it was all good.

At least it was until it quit being a gathering of Natives and became more of a far-right rally that praised Gov. Kevin Stitt.

At the time, I was mildly irritated. But now, as Stitt has proven himself, to use the words of Cherokee Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr., an “enemy of sovereignty,” would it be disrespectful if I cried out “I told you so!” and got a couple of victorious high-fives from like-minded people?

As many Oklahomans know, Gov. Stitt—an Okie Andrew Jackson and twice as dumb—has been on a statewide crusade against Indigenous people, using every terroristic stereotype to frighten his Fox News worshipping followers regarding the recent McGirt ruling, bending and twisting this loss to aid him in his rumored perverted race to the White House. Emphasis on white.

Well, finally a Native leader got fed up with his shit and, at Monday’s Sovereignty Symposium, stood up to tell the people of Oklahoma—the true people—that Stitt and his good ol’ boys are the aforementioned “enemies of sovereignty,” hopefully a charge that will follow Stitt to the poor house instead of the White House...

From the Oklahoman:

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