The Order of Ribs: The Sauciest of Homelands in the Driest of Food Deserts

Like a shimmering mirage of realized sustenance, after years of barren stomachs and dusty pantries, a grocery store has finally returned to NE 36th and, even better, brought a few tasty friends with it.

With the area’s convenience stores and other potato chip outlets a mere blur in the rearview, located at 625 NE 36th is the newest addition to the flat landscape, Homeland. A grocery store that has managed to stick around when so many of its competitors have suckled dust, this newest incarnation has a far more modernized theme, much like the sister store on N. Classen.

The only problem is, much like that place, the prices are considerably higher—I’m talking Whole Foods higher. But, until more competition comes in to start a volatile price war, I guess it’ll have to do and do it well.

Walking in through the sliding doors, pass the scads of pumpkins just waiting to be carved by a madman, I entered the grocery store and into the produce section, which was next to the deli.

Before I could decide which direction to take, I immediately noticed that Leo’s, the venerable Oklahoma City BBQ institution and one of my favorite OKC eats, is here...

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