TLO Opinion Poll: Kevin Stitt vs Joy Hofmeister

Last week, Amber Integrated released the results of a poll that asked who Oklahoma voters support in the gubernatorial race between Republican Governor Kevin Stitt and newly-minted Democratic State School Superintendant Joy Hofmeister.   Here's a blurb:  
Early polling on what a head-to-head gubernatorial matchup between Gov. Kevin Stitt and state schools Superintendent Joy Hofmeister could look like shows Stitt with a comfortable lead.   Of 500 registered voters surveyed this week, 45% said they would vote for Stitt, while 29% said they would support Hofmeister.   Additionally, 4% of those surveyed said they were leaning toward Stitt. Another 4% said the same for Hofmeister.   About 18% were undecided.
Even though the survey found that Kevin Stitt was in the lead, I think the media needs to ask more in-depth polling questions to understand who the people really want for governor.   As a result, we put our own highly scientific poll together to help us to determine Oklahomans' real attitudes towards the two candidates. You can take it and view all the results below!     Who looks better in a facemask?  
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