Did an improper “friendship” lead to the OSDH leadership exodus?

Through all the chaos and turmoil our state has experienced over the past few years, it's nice to know that some things – like The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) being in shambles – remains the same.

Late Friday afternoon, just minutes after I left town for a little weekend getaway, word hit the Oklahoma social media sphere that Dr. Lance Frye – the good old boy Kevin Stitt hand-picked to lead our state's awful response to the pandemic – had resigned.

In addition to that, it was announced that Jennifer Lepard – a well-known local politico who was the COO of OSDH – had also resigned to accept a job working for Stitt's political rival, and likely Democratic gubernatorial opponent – State School Superintendent Joy Hofmeister.

The news seemed to take the local media herd completely off-guard.

The quick knee-jerk analysis was the resignations had to do with the big news story about the OSDH allowing a non-binary person to change their birth certificate from M to X.

KOCO, The Oklahoman and even noted TLO super-fan Barbara Hoberock all made sure to mention it in their write-ups. Oklahoma Watch's Paul Monies went so far as to directly connect the two in his story lede:

Although the OSDH quickly pushed back on the birth certificate fallout being the cause, it still seems like a pretty good excuse.

Stitt was very salty about the OSDH ruling, and since appeasing and pandering to his Derplahoman brethren on divisive social issues is more important than, say, making sure his state adequately responds to a pandemic, I can see how he could consider something as harmless as someone change a letter on a birth certificate to be a fireable offense.

That being said, the Ogle Mole Network is telling me a different story...

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