What Souvenirs Will Stitt Bring Back From Mexico?

If you’ve been following the further comical misadventures of Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt as of late, you know that he’s currently on a “business trip” to speak with energy executives in Mexico, mostly as a passive-aggressive way to avoid dealing with the Julius Jones issue here at home. Here’s his Tweet that basically says that:

While Stitt’s south of the border, although there’s no way he’s going to leave whatever resort he’s currently booked in, that doesn’t mean that, probably at the airport on the way home, he’s not going to pick up a few cheap souvenirs for himself and the family, paid for using Oklahoma’s taxpayer money, of course.

That idea got me to thinking as to some of the foods, goods, and other trinkets that he might find funny and purchase, mostly because “Americans don’t got this stuff here!” So, here’s a list of a few souvenirs I guarantee he’s going to stuff in his expensive suitcase, if he hasn’t already.


1. Large Comical Sombrero!

It’s like a hat, but larger! Expect this traditional Mexican hat to be broken out and wildly perverted whenever, at the Stitt abode, Mrs. Stitt makes barbecue tacos, barbecue enchiladas, or just barbecue by itself as he “entertains” guests.

2. Rapists, Murderers and Thieves!

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