Lost Ogle Show: OKC Mayoral Candidate Frank Urbanic

We were happy to welcome right-wing OKC Mayoral Candidate Frank Urbanic to the streaming void for a recent recording of The Lost Ogle Show presented by Patricia’s.

Frank – an attorney and military veteran – first made our radar when he successfully led legal challenges to state and local public health and safety measures during the pandemic, making himself a darling to Oklahoma City’s anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, and everyone else who thinks Fox News is a little too liberal nowadays.

Frank’s efforts apparently caught the bleeding eyes and ears of local racist socialite Crazy Carol Hefner. She helped recruit, back and endorse Frank for his mayoral campaign, only to later drop her support and announce her own candidacy for mayor.

On the podcast, Frank shares the inside scoop on what went on behind the scenes of their breakup, his determined fight to make sure the pandemic continued to run its course through local bars and watering holes, and his thoughts on other local issues he’d like to tackle as mayor.

Give it a listen!

As always, new and old episodes of The Lost Ogle Show are freely available for download wherever you get your podcast.

I’d like to thank Frank for coming on the show, Randy “Mile High” Mitchell for producing it, and Patricia’s for the sponsorship love. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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9 Responses

  1. I wish there was a transcript. I don’t have enough attention span to sit and listen to a podcast of any kind.

  2. I’m sure not going to vote for him, but he was a good sport, and actually seems like a nice enough guy, politics aside. I enjoyed his Carol Hefner stories, sounds like you guys bonded over that.

  3. I missed your podcasts. Welcome back, and Urbanic really presented himself well. Yes, sales taxes are not the most equitable way to tax, and schools and roads may be less glamorous than concert halls and street cars, but would have a bigger long-term effect.

    1. Not Urbanic related but speaking of inequities have we all figured out by now that the guy living in the McApartment will be paying OG&E and ONG almost the same “ineptitude tax” as the guy living in the McMansion, and paying it for the next 25 years?

  4. Power broker with zero interest in basic human rights, not crazy. Achieved financial success because of privilege, thinks it’s just through “hard work”. Militarily deadened to human suffering, so good choice of ship captain/corporate shill.

  5. Look, I’m just a crackpot but can somebody crunch the numbers on how many ex-military, far-right conservatives with corporate interests and anti-human rights ideological leanings Oklahoma has in positions of civic power? I’m too busy stocking up of tin-foil and growing beans to can before they tell me the only produce I can have is vertically grown by Wal-Mart and that I will have to work for a week cleaning Carol Henfer’s mansion and being a live target for her wealthy friends’ brown poor people hunting parties, to afford one can of wax-beans.

  6. If you want people on the streetcars, have a decent bus system that connects to it. At least then you would have some traffic

  7. Actually, I don’t detest him. I won’t vote for him, but I don’t detest him.

  8. Crazy Carol lives in my Rosecreek neighborhood for 3-4 years and has totally infected the community, even to the tune of being banned from the community website.
    Last night she was dressed like an escort on a cruise ship
    Buyer beware!!

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