More Details Emerge from State Rep Jose Cruz “Bathroom Incident”

Last week, we were ninth on the scene, first on the real story, to report that State Rep. Jose Cruz – an up and comer in the Oklahoma Democratic Party – had stepped down due to an inappropriate "bathroom incident" during a New Year's Eve Gathering in Oklahoma City.

Here's what we reported at the time:

On New Year’s Eve, Cruz and his wife attended a little New Year’s Eve mixer with some other local politicos. At one point during the night, Cruz – apparently unbeknownst to his wife and other party attendees – snuck away and made a drunken and very unwanted “advance” on a female lobbyist in a bathroom. I’m putting “advance” in quotes because I honestly have no clue how serious or aggressive the “stupid stuff” was, but it was apparently serious enough for him to step down.

Well, I guess we now officially know how serious his "stupid stuff" was. The answer is "Very."

Yesterday afternoon, Cruz's accusor, Sarah Rivin – a lobbyist with the American Heart Association – came forward to discuss the incident with KFOR reporter / TLO super fan Jessica Bruno. If you want to watch a still-traumatized Sarah attempt to hold back tears as she recounts the events of the night, you can watch the interview here.

If you'd rather go with the less emotionally gripping but still disturbing TLDR, we've acquired the "Victims Timeline of the Events" statement and that Sarah provided to the police and the series of text messages Cruz sent her following the incident. Here's a quick synopsis:

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