Louis Fowler suffers serious stroke. He needs our help.

We have some pretty terrible news to share, Moles.

On Sunday, February 6th, our dear friend Louis Fowler – TLO’s long-time food writer and culture critic, and one of the best damn wordsmiths in this state  – suffered a very serious stroke at his home in Oklahoma City.

After about a week in the ICU, Louis has now been moved to a stabilization unit at OUHSC and is facing a long and difficult road to recovery.

I stopped by to see him this past weekend. As with the hemorrhagic stroke that nearly killed him in 2018, there’s some good news and bad news to report.

The Good News: Louis is cognizant and aware of his surroundings, and – at least for now – the ultra life-threatening phase of the stroke appears to have passed. All things considered, he seemed in good enough spirits and relieved to see a friend. I let him know everyone was pulling for him, and as we watched The Office in his hospital room, updated him on what was going on with the world. He gave a big smile and laugh when I told him Crazy Carol Hefner finished third in the mayor’s race.

The Bad News: The stroke occurred in the pons region of Louis’s brain. He has extremely limited movement on the right side of his body, and outside of mustering up a few monotone words and syllables, can’t really speak. He also can’t text or write. The timetable on when, or even if, Louis will fully recover is unknown. He’ll have to undergo intense therapy to gain back his movement and speech, and even with all that, there are no guarantees. From what I’ve gathered, there is a risk that Louis may need long-term care after all this, but right now it’s simply too early to tell.

Obviously, Louis has a long and difficult physical and emotional fight ahead of him. Fortunately, he’s a badass and can take it on.

That being said, he can also use all the financial help and support he can get. As a result, I’ve created the following Go Fund Me. Whether it’s to help him pay medical and rehabilitation bills, or to simply show encouragement and lift his spirits – two things he really needs – you can donate below:

100% of all funds raised via the Go Fund Me will go to help Louis pay his medical, rehab, and living expenses, and hopefully, someday down the road, help get him back in the writing saddle, where he can once again bless us, and this state, with his words, wisdom, and wit.

We wish our pal the best in this fight, and will be there for him each step of the way. As Louis recovers, we’ll continue to share updates on the website and social media.

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29 Responses

  1. Wishing Louis all the best. Thanks for letting us know. Pulling for you, Louis!

  2. Hang in there Louis. You’re tough and I’m sure will face this hurdle with your usual tenacity and humor.

  3. I’m in.

    Give my best wishes to Louis.

    Let’s all do what we can to help our brother.

  4. Count me in. So very sorry to hear this. Sending all the best vibes in the world to Louis. Please keep us updated.

  5. All my best to Louis – one of the best food/restaurant reviewers in the country. Even if he can’t talk about the food, let’s hope he can get to the point so he’ll enjoy it enough to write about it.

  6. Prayers for Louis. Please let him know that people love and care about him. Tell him we asked about his dog too. Does he need anything for his dog? Seriously.

    1. Thanks for asking. Sean is doing good and staying with one of his friends.

  7. Keep fighting Louis, and know that we are fighting with you. We fully expect you to be back on the battlefield soon. In my prayers, Louis.

  8. So very sorry to hear this. I’m wishing him good health and much improvement in the weeks and months ahead!

  9. I’m in too.
    His writing, humor, and outlook are sorely needed.

  10. I’m so sorry to hear this news. Louis, you’re in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  11. I’m in, as well. Best wishes to Louis. Hoping Sean and him will be telling me about food and stuff real soon!!!

  12. Hoping for a fast full recovery, Louis:)) Steven Hawking communicated with no hands;)) Louis will definitely be able to write with one hand tied behind his back;) See you soon superhero!!

  13. Keep on truckin’ Louis. Sending positive mojo to you. Today and everyday. We love you!

  14. Best wishes, Louis.

  15. Is someone taking care of his beloved Sean? Hang in there, Louis❤️

    1. Yes, Sean is safe and well taken care of. 😊

  16. Get well soon

  17. I’m in! Louis we will see you soon reviewing and tempting us with the drooling prose. Please let us know if Sean needs anything too❤️❤️❤️

  18. Get well Louis. We need your voice now more than ever.

  19. This is so sad to hear. It will be a tough & long road for Louis so please keep us updated & let us know how we can help him through the days ahead. My best for recovery.

  20. Should contact all of the restaurants Louis has reviewed over the years and give them the chance to return a small part of what one of his reviews would bring in the door. I know that I personally tried many off the beaten path places I never would have know about had it not been for one of his reviews.

  21. Get well soon. You’re needed.

  22. My prayers and positive energy for our brother Louis. You are resilient and strong! Keep fighting friend!

  23. Agonizing tough times, fortunately Louis is a tough/strong man. Praying he recovers fully. I hope the donations continue.

    Be wonderful if the Pioneer Woman would hit that Gofundme, I know Louis’s writing sold a few more of her cook books.

  24. I really enjoy your writing Louis, not just the food reviews. Reading your articles has brought me little bright spots of joy, actual lols. It’s obvious that you are such a kind and lovely person. While your wit is sharp and your satire cutting; you still notice and believe in good things in the world and in people, even in the darkest of times. That’s a lesson for all and the world is a better place with people like you in it. Also, you look very cuddly.

    1. He does look cuddly, doesn’t he?!

  25. Patrick, you’ve done a great job getting the word out to your readers on how we can help Louis. Now let’s see this positive energy do its job, and see him get healed.

  26. I can’t say it any better than anybody else here,but I hope you get well and back with Sean and back to writing, as soon as possible.

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