Shocker! Oklahoma lawmaker who once paid for abortion votes to restrict abortion…

As you're probably aware, Oklahoma lawmakers and their pal Governor Kevin Stitt recently enacted a variety of new laws that will essentially ban safe and legal abortion in Oklahoma.

It's all part of their pandering pledge to make Oklahoma "the most pro-life state in the nation," unless, of course, you're poor, malnourished, and simply need affordable healthcare and medication. Then you're on your own, libtard sucker!

As Governor Stitt's own personal Cruella Deville pointed out, the anti-abortion legislation was very popular in the cesspool known as the Oklahoma legislature, with over 80% of lawmakers voting in favor of restricting a woman's rights to have authority over her own body.

That includes State Representative Eric Roberts.

On April 5th, he was one of 70 people in the State House to vote in favor of SB612, a draconian masterwork that "will make performing an abortion illegal in the state, with an exception only in the case of a medical emergency."

For some reason, though, he cast this vote despite the fact that he once eagerly paid for a former fling to get an abortion back when he was a young lad enjoying life in his 20s!

In October of 2020, when Roberts was running for State House, we were contacted by two women – Robert's ex-girlfriend and his ex-mistress – who wanted to inform us that despite Roberts's pro-life leanings, he once paid for the mistress to get an abortion while he was still with his girlfriend, only to get busted by the girlfriend when she found the receipt he left lying around.

Because I'm a big fan of pointing out the hypocrisy of pandering politicians, I thought it would be worthy to reshare that very same article today. Check it out in its original entirety below...

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